Friday, February 2, 2018

Male Revue

HA! I couldn't resist the title :)

Welcome back! Now that my vintage festival is complete I have some time for a little crafting. While I was searching in my garage, I found a box that I just glanced in when I got it and then promptly forgot about. 

I got this box from my dad (garage sale find) and I got it when we moved out of our first house. Because I got it right when we moved, it got stored in our rental house garage. Not a whole lot of our stuff was unpacked there, we were there for only 10 months while our new house was being built. Now that we are in our new permanent house, I'm getting the chance to look through things. And blog post about them!

In the box was the doll stands that I recovered with fabric for my vintage dolls. And some male dolls! There is one that I for sure don't know who it is. I'm sure you all can help me out with that!

First, a generic Ken!

And then this newer Ken (I think?)

And then another newer Ken (maybe?) Doesn't look like a Ken I've seen

And this one is definitely not a Ken. A plus about him is he's fully articulated including the ankles. Maybe a One Direction doll or something?

There was one lone Female doll in the group. She is from the Dollar Tree and she has such a fair complexion. She's not a terrible looking doll. But her arms are SO skinny!

 And I got a bag of clothes! Some are Genuine Barbie and some are not. 

First we have a Flamenco-Type dress. I searched for some of the Dolls of the World but could not find this exact one. There is no tag but I do love the colors. 

A boa that is that crinkly fabric. Looks to be 80's.

Handmade Hawaiian Shirt. Would be a fun one for Ken.

Polka-Dot dress. I think this one is handmade too. But super cute!

Some type of plastic pants with fringe. Reminds me of chaps but they are full pants.

A yellow frilly dress. Looks like a Halloween style. There was quite a few non-Barbie Halloween props in the clothing bag so i'm thinking it's Halloween.

Purple Arabian pants and some tights. I can always use those!

Ken! Here are a couple of suit jackets and a shirt. 

More suit jackets. The grey and black have a tag that reads "A Genuine Ken Fashion." The black jacket goes with one of our Ken's shown above. 

And orange dress with a Hawaiian print orange skirt. 

Pants and a skirt. The pink ones are a soft satiny material. No tags but look too perfect to be homemade. 

Stiff white satin skirt. This one does have a tag that reads "A Genuine Barbie Fashion."

Couple of tops and a pair of hot pink pants. 

Odds and ends: Shirt, Apron, Striped Capris, Halter Dress

More odds and ends: a jumpsuit, dress, red homemade satin dress and a heart bib.

And some REAL for sure odds and ends! A couple of shoes and a boot that don't have mates, a pair of Ken shoes, a bag of sequins (looks like from a Paint and Dazzle Barbie) a quiver, a red phone receiver and a random Ken head!

I also went to Wal-Mart yesterday looking for some of the new Care Bears fashions. They didn't have any but did have more of the Hello Kitty fashions. They did have more of the Little Twin Stars outfits so I picked up this top.

How cute is this? I'll have to find a cute pair of jeans to go with this one. Love it. 

So friends, have any ideas of who my male dolls are? (Besides the obvious Ken ones?) Or where the clothes are from? Find any new fun fashions lately? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


BlackKitty said...

Ooh man, I usually skim these posts and pass by the comment section but this time I just had to say something about that FAB rainbow dress! I don't even like colourful things but that is so cool!
I had a Ken like the second one (with the big toothy grin), it was quite a generic sculpt in the 90s. Mine even had the same hair and it was just a bridegroom Ken in a fake white shirt and black trousers one-piece suit. The next doll could be Justin Bieber maybe? I don't know if they were articulated but the face looks familiar.

Anonymous said...

I don't know any of these Kens and lookalikes, but the articulated one is very interesting! I agree with Black Kitty about the rainbow dress, it's lovely! I also like the pink tartan top a lot :-).

Anonymous said...

The crinkly boa is from Crystal Barbie (1983) and the little bib with the heart on it is from a baby My Little Pony from the 80's (I have no idea which one).

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Black Kitty! The rainbow dress is so awesome. I think that one will need to go on a doll. Complete with a cornucopia headdress like the Chiquita Banana girl. Most of my generic Ken's are a bridegroom too, all dressed in a tux!

Hi Millicent! I liked the pink tartan top too. I have the perfect fashionista for it to go on. Buried at the moment but she'll come out someday. Yes, the articulated one is awesome. His body looks bigger than a Ken but i'm sure the outfits will fit.

Hi Anonymous! Thanks for the ID on the crinkly boa! I have a ton of MLP fashions and I believe I have the one with the bib. That was my first thought too!

Anonymous said...

The quiver is from She-Ra's only male friend, Bow.

Treesa said...

The head mold used for the first Ken doll seemed very familiar. So I checked my one reference book and I'm fairly confidant that it's the Hispanic head mold. This mold was only used on a handful of dolls in the early 1980s. Judging by the dolls coloring, I'm leaning towards him being a 1983 Hawaiian Ken. This would explain the Hawaiian shirt that came with the lot. If you plan to try looking up pictures online to verify this, keep in mind that there was also a 1978 Hawaiian Ken that uses a different head mold.
Also, I'm pretty sure the Flamenco-type dress was an extra fashion that was made for Mattel's Marie Osmond doll.
Signed, Treesa

Teresa Brown said...

WOW, thank you SO much Anonymous and Treesa! I just looked up the Ken doll and it's a dead match for the 1983 Hawaiian Ken with Hispanic head mold. And also got the photo for the Marie Osmond doll! There was a hat that came with the dress. Too bad that didn't come with the clothing lot!

Andrea said...

The Flamenco dress and the yellow frilly dress might be outfits for Marie Osmond.

The crinkly fabric boa belongs to Crystal Barbie's original outfit.

The pink pants and the skirt belong to Pretty in Pink Barbie's original outfit.

The plaid corsage belongs to a late Fashion Fever Barbie, she hadn't FF on her box anymore, but also no particular name. She came with a microphone, so she must have had a Country singer theme.

The pink jeans is from one of the Head to Toe Glam Fashionistas.

Odds and ends:

The striped Capris belong to a pet grooming Barbie around 2010 and the floral Dress looks like a Best Buy Fashion.