Friday, March 15, 2013

Barbie's Super Fab 80's Casual Wear

So in between trying to make my second dress for Hawaii, I had time to give some Barbies a bath!

Now that's A TON of Barbie's in the tub!

I scrubbed the bodies (a lot from my last thrift store run were very dirty) I washed hair, I conditioned hair. And I even ran a pick through the hair with minimal pull out! Success!

I was so excited with this last thrift store grab because almost all the dolls I got were with the old body style. All of the fashions I played with from my childhood are for that body type. And as you know, the old clothes just do not fit on the new bodies that well!

So, now that I had enough dolls, I pulled out this box.

Barbie Casual Wear! Look at the label on the front of this box. "JCPenney Catalog Division." Does JCPenney even have a catalog anymore? In my hometown we had a JCPenney Catalog store. You would order it from the catalog and pick it up at the store. They even had a very small selection of clothes. Sometimes you could find something good. But I got this for Christmas one year back in the late 80's. I never dressed up my dolls in these clothes very often but now it's time to show them off!

Here is a quick look at the box contents. Shoes still in the plastic bag. I was so particular about my dolls and clothes.

And here is the group! The fab 6 in the SUPER fab 80's casual wear.

I put this sparkle hair beauty in this "Barbie Club" crop top with wild print shorts and white sneakers. I even fluffed out her bangs 80's style. More height the better right?

This next one I put in a yellow and blue ensemble with ruffles, stripes, and polka dots and blue sneakers. Adorable!

Next we have another piece in the casual wear which doesn't really fit the theme. But it's still casual nonetheless! Barbie in a pink snow suit with ski boots. (The head of this doll fell off so putting her in a high necked piece was ideal.)

I'm not sure how she is supposed to stand in these boots as they seem to tilt forward. At the thrift store sometime ago, I found ONE pink ski. If only I had found two I could have added them to her!

Now we have this long haired cutie in pearl earrings wearing this blue sundress with a bow at the side and blue sneakers.

The light purple eyeshadow and nude lips made a perfect choice for this purple and pink shorts and shirt combo with hot pink sneakers.

Teresa goes Jazzercise!

I just love the 80's workout wear. Isn't this the best? I love the legwarmers. So super cute!

So there you have it, the Barbie Casual Wear ensemble! Do you like it?

I also did some other clean up on some other dolls. My my, Miss Stacie looks SO much better without the hat and a hair clean up!

I can't wait to make some clothes for her and display her on my shelf.

Remember this doll I got from the thrift store last week?

This poor cutie. She got a makeover (or in a fight with some scissors, one of the two.) I was going to research and try my hand at re-rooting until I remembered that I had these fabulous wigs from my mom's collection.

So this Barbie is going vintage!

This doll is wearing the dress from the 1961 Orange Blossom Wedding Ensemble. Read about it on the Fashion Doll Guide here.

I added some brown open toe heels (which I believe go to my Sew Free Fashion Fun "Day in Town" outfit) and I added a cute furry leopard print purse. Like?

The wig looks perfect from the back.

I think it's a good look for her!

Until next time!


Andrea said...

Your tub looks like a public pool, lol. Don't you just love how good they turn out after a bath and spa treatment?

Wow, you took really good care of your doll clothes and shoes. They look very cute in those clothes. I love that pink and white workout set.

Love the vintage look on the bad hair day girl. So cute. The wigs were a great idea. May be if you shave off what's left of her original hair, the fit of the wig will improve.

Forestminuet said...

Yes, they turn out so lovely. They had a nice bubble bath and were excited with their new clothes! :)
I did notice that the hair was sticking out from under the wig so I may take your advice and shave the rest of it. Im secretly hoping that I can get another couple of bad hair day dolls for the other two wigs I have! I love the wigs. I didnt like playing with them when I was little but I love them now :)

Anonymous said...

They look great! And I love your eighties clothes, I think that Club Barbie teeshirt is my favourite, very pop punk

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

I'm trying to identify a dress (no tag but probably Barbie) that looks a bit like the blue and white polka dot and stripes outfit in your pictures: You don't happen to know anything more about it? Any help appreciated!

Teresa Brown said...

Hey there! I'm so sorry I didn't reply sooner. I reply to every comment in a timely fashion but this one got past me.

It looks very familiar but I don't know. Andrea is really the best at ID's. I'll ask her next time I see a comment on a newer blog post. I'll reply to you here at this post. We'll get it figured out! :)