Monday, March 4, 2013

Thrift Store Mad Grab

Okay, okay, so maybe it wasn't a mad grab but it was a grab indeed!

First, a little info. I stopped going to the thrift store some time ago. I had done cleared them out of Barbies. No matter how much I dug I could not find any more doll stuff. Not even shoes were to be found down in the depths of the bin. I couldn't even find any more jeans there that I liked (I bought two pairs of designer jeans for $4 each, holla!) I figured that after Christmas, parents would be cleaning out their kid's old toys to make room for all the new ones they received as gifts. However, I still wasn't finding any dolls.

Until today.

I don't know, maybe it was too soon after Christmas when I looked before and didn't find anything. But! Today was the day!

One reason l love the thrift store I go to is because it's like an episode of Hoarders. Without the stepping on and over things and there is "some" organization. I love to get in and dig through and find treasures that others may have missed. I love Hoarders, I'm totally obsessed with that show. I always find out when it's on (much to the chagrin of my husband) and then scream for one more episode when he wants to watch the game. I will sit for a solid 8 hours to watch Hoarders. I love the happy endings.

Okay, I digress.

The Dolls!

See what I mean by "Mad Grab?" A whole lot of naked ones but I do have to say that most of them are old body style meaning that my vintage 80's fashions will work nicely on these dolls! YAY! See any in there you recognize? I'm sure you do. :) Which means that I do need your help with some identification!

Let's inspect these a little closer.

First these lovlies. I know the one on the left is a Disney doll. The other two have a regular "Barbie" newer style body (maybe a smidge taller?) I'm thinking maybe a MyScene doll? Or Stardoll?

 photo IMG_8348_zpsbdd41c6b.jpg

The one with the dark hair has this on her left ankle.

 photo IMG_8351_zps5efc6303.jpg

This doll on the left is a Mattel doll, the other is Kid Kore or something like that. The one on the left has a old style ship wheel necklace. The other one, I just could not resist the curly hair! Still in really great shape!

 photo IMG_8352_zpse65c8222.jpg

Oh my Goodness! Two favs from my childhood! "Margie" and Sandi! Margie is wearing the top from the Princess Bride Barbie and a little tennis skirt.

 photo IMG_8353_zps23952456.jpg

You'll remember that my very very very first doll was a doll that I thought looked like my Aunt Gloria so I named her "Margie".  My doll is wearing my mom's Sew-Free Fashion Fun dress in "Patio Party."

Next we have some very interesting talking dolls. The first one is Mattel. The other is not. The one on the left is quite strange. When pushed her button, she made some animal noises (I honestly thought the battery was going dead but nope!) And then she screams "Is this some kind of joke?!" Then "Toodles!" Then "You are so dedicated, just like me." Then she starts singing some Spanish song, complete with "Arriba!" and something about "shooting for the stars." ANY idea of who she is?

Now, the other doll sounds like the "Super Talk" Barbie and says Barbie things like "Let's Dance" and "Let's go get a soda."

 photo IMG_8354_zpsdad5bafa.jpg

The one on the right is another Gift Giving Barbie which I now have three of (one from my childhood and two that I bought at the thrift store. But I'm not complaining! Old style bodies!)
Anyone want to take a stab of the lovely one on the left? The one in the middle will need some hair work. It's very stiff like it was a doll that was not supposed to have her hair taken out.

Now these are mostly generic dolls except the one on the left needs to go to my pool post. She has a tan! Can anyone identify?

 photo IMG_8356_zps159b691e.jpg

Aww, Barbie and Teresa, BFF forever. But the one on the left, we love her right?

 photo IMG_8357_zpse43b8317.jpg


I'm sure you all know who these little sparkly ones are. The blue one however may need a little help to not look like she is being suffocated. Maybe a skirt and hair-do will help. I have the pink one in near perfect condition that I bought at a garage sale (with wings!) And get this, I have the purple one still boxed. (I'll have to show her to you all sometime.)

Oh my, the one on the left had a haircut! I think for her sake I may have to try my hand at rerooting. Anyone recognize the swimsuit? And the middle Barbie wearing a China Barbie dress. There is no tag that says if it's Genuine Barbie or not but it doesn't close in the back very well. The one on the right has glitter in her hair.

 photo IMG_8359_zps58197782.jpg

And now for this one. I couldn't resist. Okay Monster High collectors, who is she?

I absolutely could not resist the pink hair! But this poor girl, she is missing a hand. The hands seemed so delicate that I would find it hard for them to stay on with rough play. I couldn't find it in the section so it must have come off a while ago and got lost. Anyone know what to do?

Well, I also started the task of trying to cover the Barbie shoes to match mine. Want to see how far I got?

 photo IMG_8334_zps17272ff0.jpg

Yep. That's how far I got. I picked out the shoes I wanted to use. I am going to use the pink and white one in the back. I was going to use the red and blue but thought they might be fun if I decide to create a patriotic barbie.

Unfortunately the Barbie projects are going to have to be on hold for the time being. I need to finish my other dress that I am sewing for Hawaii!

If any of you could help with the identification of some of these dolls it would be AWESOME!

Until next time!


Andrea said...

What a haul! Congrats on your loot.

1st Pic:
2010 Disney Rapunzel from the movie "Tangled"
2003 My Scene Chilling Out Barbie
2005 My Scene Club Birthday Nolee

2nd Pic:
1992 Sun Sensations Jazzie
No idea on the Kid Core doll though

The Mattel talker is 2007 HSM Sharpay, I literally jumped when I first made mine "talk". No idea on the other one, sorry.

The one with the stiff hair is 2003 Cool Lookz Trendy n' Bendy Barbie. The stiffness comes from her stylable "hair"-fibres. She is sort of a modern Quick Curl doll.

The lovely one on the left looks like 2008 N4849 Country Barbie, she was one of the post Fashion Fever dolls that didn't have a name on their boxes and were marked "Trend Assortment" in toy stores.

The one for your pool set looks like 1991 Hawaiian Fun Barbie.
I can't see enough details in the eyes of the other two in that pic, sorry.

The Happy Holiday Barbie is a wonderful find, congrats again. I'm so glad you rescued her.

How great, you have a boxed Glitter Fairy! Mine are all fleamarket finds, due to me not being very much into fairies when the were released.

The swim suit is from 1991 Hawaiian Fun Kira. The China dress looks vaguely familliar, I think it either came on a Spice Girls doll or some Janay & Friends doll.
On the dolls: I just can't recognize enough details in their eyes for making even a wild guess. Sorry, dear.

Poor little Monster High doll is Rochelle Goyle. May be you could get one of those Create-a-Monster sets to give her new underarms and a hand. Those dolls are really too fragile for the rough play of smaller children.

Good luck on pimpin' the shoes.

Forestminuet said...

Thanks so much Andrea! I knew you could ID those. :)

Sun Sensations Jazzie, I have the perfect Sun Sensations Fashion!

Sharpay made me jump too. She has some odd phrases. I'll have to see if I can find a fun outfit (and put some tape over her speaker so she isn't so loud!)

I'll have to take a look at the Trendy n' Bendy doll. Her hair is severely matted so she might take some work. Then I can bend her hair into some nice spiral curls. That will be fun.

Poor Rochelle Goyle! I'll have to look into one of those Create-a-Monster sets. She is very cute and with the full articulation, would look cute sitting on my shelf next to my Liv Sophie doll.

Thanks again! :)

Sherran said...

I used to have the Glitter Fairy in blue! My mom told me it was because she ate a lot of bluberries. I used to be obsessed with it! Thanks Teresa!

Forestminuet said...

It does look that way Sherran! The pink and purple one look fine it's just the blue one needs to be a different color I think. Maybe an aqua would have been a better color?

Sherran said...

I think so too. The blue looks a little too hazy on my doll. an aqua or light teal would have been gorgeous.