Friday, March 1, 2013

The Year of Haute Couture - March

Okay, here it is, March 1st and time for a new Barbie from the Haute Couture Calendar!

March - Delphine Barbie Doll (2000)

Ohhh, I love the blue, don't you? We don't see a lot of this blue I don't think! It's definitely fitting for a March dress. Springtime blue with pink flowers. It looks like it has a bow on the back. Robert Best really did awesome with this one.

Ready for the real doll?
Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous! I like how they added the fur stole and the hair and eyes reminiscent of the 1960's. And I love the gathering at the waist. So very pretty.

Here is what the Barbie Collector site says about this doll:
"Delphine Barbie® doll embodies the ultimate expression of style and elegance in a strapless evening gown in pale turquoise taffeta with a dramatic bow, draped train, and delicate pink flower accents. Her white faux fur stole lined in pink satin gives her stunning ensemble the final glamorous touch."

I honestly didn't even notice the inside of the stole. So fitting with the bracelet and the flowers. Also upon closer inspection of the dress, does it seem that there is two colors of blue? The dress then the wrap-around part? Or is it just me?

So friends, what do you think of Delphine Barbie?

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Andrea said...

She is to die for! When she was released I was sold the second I saw her and I never did regret that purchase. She is so much more stunning in person.

Actually the fabricof the dress is just one shade of blue, but in the picture the folds and the lighting create the illusion of two shades.

Forestminuet said...

You have her? That is awesome! She is so beautiful. Good to know that the fabric is one shade. I think that two shades of blue would have been pretty but sometimes two colors with a dress like this takes away from its elegance. One blue is much more fitting.

I am so excited you have her and are happy with the purchase :)