Sunday, March 10, 2013

Christmas Gift Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday!

I just got back from a wonderful weekend up in the mountains with the hubby. A little cabin out by the lake in a remote area is just what we needed after a stressful week. But now I'm back with another post!

Can you believe that I STILL have a couple last Christmas gifts that I haven't shared with you all? I've been way too excited with other Barbie things that I totally forgot!

Remember back to October. I mentioned that my parents bought these dolls for me for my birthday.

I love "I Love Lucy." I always have and always will. Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance really were the true Queens of Comedy. And I have seen every episode.

Under the tree was a gift bag with an attached card that read "Open Me Last." Well, it definitely was awesome.

Look at these adorable little gems.

Are these NOT the most adorable things you have ever seen? Kelly Club dolls made into Lucy and Ethel. These were a surprise indeed! Apparently my parents saw these on eBay and just had to get them. So cute!

First we have Lucy and Ethel in episode 147 "Lucy Gets a Paris Gown." The back of the boxes describe the episode.

"Even while visiting stylish Paris, the Ricardo's and the Mertz's find hilarious misadventure. Husbands Ricky and Fred play a trick on the wacky redhead and her friend Ethel. Instead of couture ensembles, the boys give their wives their own brand of fashion - burlap potato sack originals!"

This event stems from Lucy and Ethel wanting expensive Jacques Marcel dresses. Some are ridiculous looking so Fred and Ricky "make dresses" for Lucy and Ethel out of burlap. Then later in the episode, two women come into the cafe wearing dresses looking exactly like the ones the husbands made for their wives. With the husbands overjoyed that they had the "originals", the wives were dismayed that they burned them from embarrassment of wearing them in public!
 So, how did Mattel do with these ones? Pretty good I say!

So adorable, I just can't stand it.

I looked and I even saw that they made a full size doll of "Lucy Gets a Paris Gown."
Next we have Episode 89 "Lucy is Envious"

Excerpt: In the "Lucy is Envious" episode, Lucy and Ethel need to make some serious money. They take jobs promoting the movie "Women from Mars" and find themselves dressed as Martians invading the observation deck of the Empire State Building!"

This episode is hilariously funny. Lucy and Ethel need some quick cash after committing to donating to a friends charity. Thinking they were donating only $5, their friend informed them that "five" in fact meant $500! They do the stunt and get the money and when their husbands find out, they dress as martians and "steal" the money from them, scaring Lucy and Ethel just like they scared everyone on top the Empire State Building.
Okay, how about these ones? Very good likeness!

These are so precious and they make a nice addition to my other Lucy doll set.

I would love to get all of the "I Love Lucy" dolls but there are a ton of them! It must have been fun to make dolls for a woman who had many fun costumes and dresses. If I had to choose another one to get it would be this one: Lucy and Ethel Buy The Same Dress.
In this episode, Lucy and Ethel accidentally buy the same dress for a number they are doing in a show. Each thinking the other is going to return the dress, they both show up to the show wearing the same outfit and end up pulling pieces of the dress off of each other until Ricky and Fred pull them both off stage.

Do any of you have dolls based off of popular TV or movie characters?

Until next time!


Andrea said...

The "Lucy" Kelly dolls are so cute. Congrats on getting them! I did see the "Paris Dress" Kellies before, but did not know about the Marsians.

Lucy really is the queen of comedy.

I have a couple of movie and TV based dolls. Let me see, there are the Mattel dolls: Elizabeth Taylor Dolls (Cleopatra, Father of the Bride and the one in the purple gown), The Gone with the Wind dolls, Barbie as Marilyn Monroe (the white and the pink one), Lord of the Rings giftset of Arwen and Aragorn) Twilight Edward, Bella, and Jacob, several Olsen Twins, several HSM dolls, some Hannah Montana Dolls, as well as Clueless dolls, Beverly Hills 90210 dolls and Pink Princess Audrey Hepburn. I almost forgot Julia and Buffy from Family Affair. And from the Non Mattel Section: Fashion Model Claudia Schiffer, Spice Girls and Britney Spears dolls (if singers count as well), several Hannah Montana dolls and Camp Rock dolls.

I should start looking for some Lucy dolls.

Forestminuet said...

Wow Andrea, you have a lot of cool dolls! I would die if I got the Arwen and Aragorn set. The Lord of the Rings is my ultimate favorite. I have various LotR paraphernalia setting up around my house. The Marilyn Monroe would be an awesome one to have too. :)

I've kept my eyes peeled for Lucy dolls when I go to antique shops but I haven't seen any. I have however seen a lot of The X-Files Scully and Mulder dolls. I guess they weren't that popular. I think they're fun though. I wasn't a huge fan of The X-Files but the dolls are cute.