Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Year of Haute Couture - August

Well, aren't you all proud of me? I have this post up ON TIME for the 1st day of August. :) (Well, I cheated a little and wrote the post early) but I got it up on time and that is what counts! :D

Okay, onto the new Robert Best creation from his 2013 Haute Couture Barbie calendar. He is the master of Haute Couture and this dress, oh yes, haute couture indeed!

Has it been blistering hot where you live? Yep, here too. So this dress is keeping Barbie cool and fresh.

August - Market Day Barbie (2008)

She is so summer fresh in this short floral print dress with matching hat. She has her straw bag filled with goodies from the market (if you look close enough she has French Bread, flowers, and a bottle of champagne, perfect for a date with Ken!) And the pearls really top off the look. They are so elegant.

Does this Barbie remind you of an earlier version of Barbie going to the market?
The real doll? Yes please!
Oh she is cute! I love the hair and hat the best I think. The bubble skirt is also super cute. This is such a cute doll. Perfect for the month of August! Oh goodness, I just can't get over how cute she is.

She was released as a Gold Label doll in 2005.

From the Barbie Collector Website:

"Barbie® doll looks ready for a picnic in this adorable green floral print bubble dress. A chic straw hat sits atop ash blond hair. Matching sling back sandals and a faux pearl necklace complete the doll’s spring look. And no picnic would be complete without bread, flowers, and a bottle of bubbly, which Barbie® “carries” in an adorable straw tote bag."

Well, what do you think of Market Day Barbie? So adorable.

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Andrea said...

She is gorgeous! It's funny that you compared her dress with the Suburban Shopper Outfit, because that is what I love about the Silkstone fashions: they show the quality and love for detail, that the early Barbie fashions offered. The detailed fashions were what held the fascination of playing with Barbies for me. Love the accessories, especially the French Baguette and champagne bottle. So cute.

Forestminuet said...

The detail is amazing, so true. I loved the shopping bag of Suburban Shopper. The food was so fun to see in the bag. Suburban Shopper was one my mom had but was left at my grandmothers house and was sold at a garage sale years later. :( I wish that some of the regular playline dolls had more detail but I guess that is a collector thing now. The champagne and bread is so super cute. She is one I would like to have just because she reminds me so much of Suburban Shopper and my many times playing with that outfit when I was a child.