Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stacie Is Finally Complete!

I mentioned in my last post that there would be an update to Bathtub Stacie. I know, you all are just dying to know what it is, right? ;)

She got some NEW CLOTHES! But not just any clothes, some real home made clothes just for her!

She really deserved it. After purchasing her like this at the thrift store, she deserved the royal treatment!
She is originally Happy Meal Stacie

Here begins the saga of trying to make Stacie clothes from Barbie-sized patterns. Thankfully it really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

Remember the clothing post of the Barbie fashions that my mother in law made? You can read about it here! (And you really should look because she also has a beautiful mint condition #4 ponytail doll. Just beautiful.) And she MADE all of them from Barbie patterns.

One of the outfits was a fun kimono which to me looked more like a bathrobe because of the soft fleece material.

Well, there is no reason why I can't make Stacie a cute little bathrobe too! Since I finally got my new (new to me) sewing machine that my dad bought at a garage sale, I was ready to bust it out and try it!

So I took out the patterns and started to take a look at what was in store for me.

The kimono is the 4th picture on the leftmost pattern package that reads "advance." SUPER vintage!
I was instructed to read "Barbie's Sewing Book" before I got started. This is a little pamphlet that tells you how to sew (because it's thinking this is the first sewing project of your life so you don't know anything.) Which is good for me because I need all the help I can get! Here are some tidbits from the book.

"Barbie's Sewing Book is a Fun-Book. It will show you that sewing is so easy..and so much fun."

Well, my last project for a dress for me was not so much fun but I'm willing to give it another shot.

"Which design shall you make first? It really doesn't matter because each is a separate adventure, and one is as easy to make as the other."

No. This is incorrect. The kimono is WAY easier than the party dress. I'm sure of it.....

"You will need plenty of elbow room, so clear the table...take the cloth off first...or even a space on a carpetless floor...let's not cut a rug...."

Yes, you don't want the husband mad at you. Or even worse, your landlord.......


Well, we shall see.........

Basically this book tells you how to hem, make different kinds of stitches and how to press and finish the piece. Really informative!

So first I needed a piece of fabric for the bathrobe kimono. My local Wal-Mart has the cotton quilting squares which I figured would be perfect for a Stacie sized kimono. However, because Barbie patterns don't need to be cut on a fold like human clothing, it was more than enough and I even had lots to spare in case something didn't turn out right. How cute is that fabric! Rubber duckies!

I figure the easiest way is to start by cutting the original sized patterns then make it Stacie sized by using bigger seam allowances. Much easier than trying to cut down the pieces and *hoping* they are the right size.

Here I have the front pieces and the sleeves sewn on.

I hold it up to Stacie to get a feel for the size. I think she's getting very excited about her new outfit!

Next I have the sleeves sewn on both the back and the front pieces of the kimono. Almost ready to do the side seams and put it all together!

There is a trim piece that I had to cut out to make the "border" for the front edge of the kimono. You sew the trim all the way around the piece and then fold the other edge to the inside and then sew that in place. I did this incorrectly really. I didn't use a baste stitch for the first part so I had to sew over my original stitch to make the back stay in place. Oh well, live and learn.

I figure now I would try it on for size. If it was still a little big I could go around again and take in more on the sides. It seems to be okay, just a little long still.

I know this is the totally incorrect way to do this but I just cut three inches off the bottom of the fabric, through the stitches and all. Since I was making a hem I guessed that those stitches would keep the ones I cut through from unraveling. I think I'll be okay here!

How about Stacie now! I would have preferred to have it just a tad shorter but it's okay!

The last part was to hem the sleeves and make the sash for the waist. There are also pockets that you could put on. Those were supposed to be done first but since I didn't know how wide the front would be, I couldn't put them on yet. And they are so tiny for this Stacie outfit. So I just put one on. Not sure if I like it but I left it on for now.

And ready for the finished product? Ta-da!

So cute no?

The shoulder seams are not in the right place but that's okay since I am an amateur seamstress. I think I did pretty well for a first try and for not having any idea of how to alter a pattern for a smaller doll! So the towel that we had around her before is now a cute fun bathmat.

I also put her hair up in a ponytail. It's more of a "bathtime" look.

What do you think of Stacie's new bathrobe? Look more like a kimono? Or a robe?

I will say the hardest part of this project was hand sewing the hem on the sleeves. That little tiny stitch was a pain. But needed to be done so I just sat down and did it instead of putting it off. :) So I will say that this project was a major success! I am now inspired to make other dresses for Barbie. But I'm still not sure about the party dress! I don't know if I can get the hang of doing a gathering stitch. Seems hard. Oh well, I have lots of spare fabric to practice on.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Be ready for the Haute Couture Doll of the Month coming up Monday!

Until then!


Andrea said...

Woohoo! You did fantastic for a first time! Altering patterns can be a real PITA. It might not be the professional way you altered it, but hey, it worked well and that is what counts.

Stacie is one lucky doll to be rescued by you. She looks adorable in her kimono robe. That ducky pattern is perfect for her.

Since you were so successful on this project, why not try that party dress? Gathering isn't that hard.

Forestminuet said...

Thanks Andrea! Not to boast but I am pretty proud of this project!

I would love to do the party dress but again, I'm not sure of the stitch. I know it has something to do with making the bobbin stitch really loose then pulling it together to make the gathers. I have the perfect fabric for it too, the pink sparkle that I used for my dress! :)

But who knows, I might get inspired again soon! Lord knows I have enough naked dolls that need some clothes!

Anonymous said...

Lovely!! I wish I could machine sew. Any time you fancy flying a few thousand miles to pop round and show me how, you'll be welcome :)

I particularly like the little pocket. Its a really nice touch and very well done.

Forestminuet said...

Ha! I would love to! But unfortunately wont be out that way any time soon. Bummer. Always a place I wanted to visit though :) im glad you liked the pocket. Im still not sure about it but I think ill keep it. Im sure it will grow on me the more I look at it :)