Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fashions Galore Part 1

Now onto the fun fashions that are on these dolls (plus more!) This will be a two part post, first we will start on the fashions that the dolls are clothed in.

My mom picked out these fashions as she didn't want naked Barbies laying around. :) We had more than enough clothes that all of them had something to wear! (Except the old style Christie but we'll get to her in a minute.)

Note: If you would like to see larger images, you can click on the pictures and it will bring them up larger. 

First, the beautiful Skipper. Original pants as she is from the Sisters Skateboard! playset. Since I seem to have the worst time finding clothes for my Skippers (and they don't sell any in the stores anymore) I had to make do with a super cute top that I'm pretty sure is for Barbie. But this shirt looks good on her and SO cute! I love the fur around the sleeves! Who is it from?

What was really awesome about the digs I scored for these dolls is that they came with shoes and a lot of them had their mates! I love when I have pairs of shoes, so fun. These boots look fabulous with this dress. I may keep them on her! Little knee-high edgy boots with a super sweet pink dress.

In the first Ladies night post I found out that the one doll with the big face and super fluffy brown hair was a Moxie Girlz doll. I looked around online and found out she was the Magic Snow Sophina doll. This is her sweater. But what about the skirt?

Cutie patootie girls. We know about the Kelly but what about the other two? However in looking at the Sisters Skateboard set, I don't think that the Kelly came with those silver tights. Can anyone confirm?

This dress looks good on her!

I had to get a picture of the lovely Dentist Teresa. Not her original shoes but I have some teal ones that match. LOVE her!

Not sure if this outfit goes together but it sure looks like it does! (Or my mom is just really good at putting outfits together!)

Here is the My Scene doll. Pretty dress and boa. Probably doesn't go together but again, looks like it very well could!

Here is the cuteness that is Magic Snow Sophina. Unfortunately Moxie Girlz have the peg leg which means that if you lose a shoe, peg leg sticks out like a sore thumb. Not sure about this outfit though! Check the shirt, says "I'm Fabulous." Ha!

Cute Tinkerbell in her original dress. She also comes with a green feather boa that is missing quite a few of its feathers unfortunately.

The Barbie from last time who looked like she was topless. If you look at the waterfall pic, she is one of the dolls that is standing. This is because when she sat down, the top slid down because it's a bodysuit. I love the outfit but wondering which doll it's from? (And the wind blew and gave her that nice windswept look which made for an awesome hair picture.)

Okay, so lets talk about Christie. There was not one outfit that fit an old body style. And this one was no exception. I had a hard time trying to keep this one up but it's the one that I could finagle so she would still be decent. It's torn on the side so it will have to be repaired if I am to put it on a doll again. You can see her purple ballet slippers!

So so so so cute outfit! Not sure if the red shoes go with it but they match! This is just adorable. The shirt has little snowflakes on it and the skirt has the little hangy snowballs off the waist.

This is a pretty ice blue dress. It also needs a little repair but I love the color so I might put it on a doll.

Here is the doll with non-bendable legs. I think the pants are from the Pink-B gift set. The shirt is cute and check the super cute sandals!

Looks are deceiving. The lower half of this Swappin' Styles left arm is missing! And because of its tattered condition, anyone recognize the dress?

Doesn't quite look the same does it? Snowflakes are broken, silver thread pulled out of the bodice, side of bodice torn. Yikes.

More Pink-B fashions.

Can someone explain to me what these clothes are? Does the face mean something? To me it looks almost Japanese. Was it just a fun line that Mattel brought out?

Beautiful Ariel. The plastic fin makes me think that she was designed for water. It was still pretty light outside so you are unable to see the light up tail. It has pictures of Flounder and Sebastian in it.

And lastly, we had one male that was not at the ladies party because, well, no boys allowed! He is larger than a normal Ken. Who is he?

There are many more clothes that are not on dolls so I'll put those in the next post. See you later!


Anonymous said...

Hello from Poland ;-)). Awesome dolls, especially Skipper;-)). Greetings

Forestminuet said...

Hello Barbierella! Thanks for stopping by! I too love the Skipper. I have a few of the 80's and 90's Skippers, it's kind of fun to have a new one.

Hope to see you again soon!


Anonymous said...

Ah, I see the dress you were talking about - maybe! Anyway, I know some of your fashions ... The pink dress that Chelsea is wearing with the writing on it and the pink jumpsuit that stops at the knee are from the same fashion pack, I think it was a 2009 one but I'm not sure, I've got it somewhere. The purple layered dress and the blue shiny dress worn by the Myscene doll are also both from Barbie fashion packs, again the same one I think. Nice find - theyre relatively new and you can still find the fashion packs new for sale some places :)

Anonymous said...

Ps. The jacket worn over the purple layered dress with the purple fur at the cuffs is from the same fashion pack as Chelsea's dress and the jumpsuit - and the frilly shirt worn with the trousers from the pinkb set is a LIV top ... And your boy doll is a Myscene although I don't know much about them so I don't know which one ... :)

Forestminuet said...

ahhh, thank you thank you thank you!! That helps so much. I am terrible at clothes ID so this helps!

I'll have to research the boy doll. I don't have any clothes to fit though! I think he's bigger than a Ken.

Andrea said...

Skippers Shirt is from this 2010 Fashionista Closet:$%28KGrHqJHJEoE88d-ioFgBPZmgikdL!~~60_57.JPG

The boots belong to her original outfit. This is the dress she wore:

The dress belongs to 1995 My First Tea Party Barbie and I think your Christie fits the profile for the AA version:$T2eC16J,!%29EE9s2ufV-wBR-BjPSIIw~~60_57.JPG

The skirt belongs to Barbie & Fashions set from 2008 or 2009.
Couldn't find a pic, though.

The tights belong to the little Kelly, she is part of a 2009 Holiday giftset with Barbie. The dress the larger Kelly/Chelsea is wearing looks lije it belongs to Stacie, as it looks really loose on Chelsea.

Here are other Fashionista Closets, that you have parts of:

Peg legs suck, but maybe you can use Bratz boots for her, if you find some at your thrift store?

I have the exact striped pants. Mine came with a yellow T-shirt with a pink rose in a heart frame motive.

I can't place Christie's dress though.

The pink Snowflake is from the 2009 Pink Holiday Barbie & Kelly Giftset:$T2eC16VHJI!E9qSO8wtlBRbuGz82k!~~60_57.JPG

Here we have the little Kelly and her silver tights as well. Looks like Miss nose job might be the Barbie from the set.

The blue and silver dress looks like a clone Fashion.

I think the blouse belongs to one of the Princess and the Pop Star dolls.

What a pity for Holiday Barbie's dress.

Andrea said...

The boy is a My Scene guy. Looks like My Scene Goes Hollywood Ryan Riddley to me.

Forestminuet said...

Thanks so much Andrea! Yay, all my readers are such a big help!!