Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ladies Night Part 2

Let's meet the rest of the lovelies from our Ladies Night!

This pretty blonde with articulated legs and one arm straight, one arm bent. Unfortunately someone gave her a nose job!

This one is really pretty and has some pretty blonde hair in great condition. Her lips are a little larger than most Barbies but very pretty makeup colors. Same as the last doll, one arm straight, one arm bent with articulated legs.

We know who she is! Tinkerbell!

So I found out last time who the little Kelly was (thanks Andrea!) She goes with the Skipper I posted last time from the Sisters Skateboard! package. (I have her little helmet too, so cute.) But who is the other girl? And is she Stacie? Chelsea? I can never keep the two straight.

She has very pretty red hair. My Scene doll?

This has got to be a Fashionista. Lovely brunette with articulated arms, wrists and legs.

She looks a little different than your general Barbie. Is she from a different line or something? She is not articulated.

Another pretty brunette. She is not articulated either but she has flat beach feet.

Oh my, this Fashionista had a very bad bang trim. She is a Swappin' Styles.

This pretty Ariel doll loves the water! You press her seashell and her tail lights up. Fun!

The only old style body of the entire bunch. A Christie! She has bent arms and is wearing painted on purple ballet slippers.

Oh, isn't she just the cutest? So now, which one is this? If this one is Stacie than the other might be Chelsea. Or is this one Chelsea? I don't think this is her original dress though. But she's super adorable!

Another pretty blonde (she is clothed though, just wearing a low cut top!) She has straight arms and non articulated legs.

This one also had a haircut but it's not bad though. Looks like windswept hair! Maybe would need a little fixing up but all in all it seems pretty even in the back. She is non articulated, one arm straight, one arm bent. Her knees do not bend at all! She has flat beach feet.

One last final shot of the ladies at their awesome waterfall party. :) Tune in later and we will get into the fashions that I got! Until next time!


Andrea said...

Hi, Teresa! Sorry, I have been MIA, but real life got in the way.

I think the girl with the nose job is the one who came originally with the b/w-pink dress. I think she is from around 2010, Puppy Potty Training or something similar.

Just a wild guess on the second one, she might be one of the recent riding Barbies.

I think the little one is still a Kelly, who vecame Chelsea with the first Barbie Sisters sets. It's just Mattel trying to confuse playline collectors again. :DD
Looks like Kelly is wearing Chelsea's outfit, while Chelsea is wearing the outfit of a Stacie.

The My Scene looks like 2003 Chilling Out Chelsea with a haircut.

The brunette Fashionista is 2010 Sporty.

The next one might be a cheaper Chic Barbie, sometime around 2008 Mattel changed their bodies. Not to the doll's advantage, I think. The worst change to the Chic bodies are the "paddle" hands.

The brunette with beach feet is 2010 Barbie in A Mermaid Tale Beach Teresa.

Boy, that Fashionista got under the lawn mower, yikes. She might be a Glam, though.

That Ariel looks very cute, what a fun toy for a little girl.

Christie might be a My First Barbie, but I really can't nail which one, sorry.

The little one is a Stacie and I think the Chelsea from the 4th pic is wearing her outfit, as it looks pretty loose on Chelsea.

The next blonde might be another Chic Barbie. They all are unarticulated nowadays.

She probably is another Beach doll, but I can't place her, sorry. Weird though for a Beach doll to have one bent arm.

Great final picture.

Forestminuet said...

Hey there! It's totally okay, I know how it goes when life happens!

I am so excited to now place these dolls. thank you SOOO much!! :) I love my little Stacie's and Chelsea's. :D