Monday, August 5, 2013

The Newbies (and as always, some ID)

Good Day!

I am back from a wonderful weekend of visiting the parents. I always love going back home for a weekend to get a wonderful dose of "Mom's Cooking." Love it!

The weekend before this last one, the hubby was away so I got all the time in the world to go to garage sales. My husband goes with the intention of looking for 'something.' If he doesn't need anything, he doesn't stop at any sales. I try to tell him, "You never go to a yard sale with the intention of buying anything. You see what they have and if you like it, then get it." But he doesn't take that approach. SO...I got to go without him!

And there were a LOT in my area. Every one I stopped at, there were 4 or more signs on the post at the end of the street. Fun!

So I got a few dolls! I almost scored on 2 80's Kens and Barbie's horse but unfortunately someone took those before I got there. Bummer!

Here is what I did get!

I dug and dug and dug through this box of little girls toys and picked up the doll on the right. She was missing a head but I found it in the box too. :) Obviously she is a Fashionista's Swappin' Styles but not sure which one. Glam? She has gold earrings. Her hands and feet are chewed so we will have to get rid of those and replace them. Hair is pretty messy but I have a beautiful Swappin' Styles head to put on her. (With perfect hair because it's going to be impossible to get this hair looking curly again!)

The one on the left threw me through a loop for a while. I knew I had seen her somewhere and she had rooted eyelashes!

Remember this doll from my 25 days of Barbie posts?

Burgundy was a Sears exclusive. She also came in green.
Yep, she is the 2004 Holiday Barbie. I knew I had seen that choker before somewhere! As shown in my pic, she has a little bit of 'war paint' and some fixing up but I'm sure we can get her spic and span in no time!

This doll I am a little frustrated with (which is sad because she's really cute.) She is fully anatomical (except for wrists and ankles) but she is so loose she cannot hold a shape or even sit up.

She has cute sparkly makeup and a kind of braid or twist going across the head before collecting in the ponytail. She also has painted on white ballet slippers. Who is she?

This one is a generic newer bodied doll. I don't know if she will be able to be identified.

And this beauty. Palm Beach Teresa has a friend. Palm Beach Christie! I love how I am getting more and more Christie dolls on my excursions. And no chipping or marks on the painted swimsuit anywhere!

And the fun clothes!

A pink nylon backpack, a purple jacket with sleeve rouching,  pink gingham and lace panties, a chunky sweater, a green tank, gold pleather pants and a pink gym bag. The sweater is the only one that has a genuine Barbie tag.

But take a look at the gym bag. It turns inside out into a little ballet dress!

Someone please help me with this tutu. I cannot get it on a doll because there is no where for her legs to go through! How does she wear this?

I also found one last thing. A little top that was inside out. I was trying to turn it right-side out and realized that it had something stuck in its little sleeves.

It's a shirt for Draculara! I think I might put the hands on my Rochelle Goyle. Two pink is better than one grey right? :)

That's all for now! See you all next time!


Andrea said...

What a great combination, having your mum cook for you and yardsales on top.

If the Fashionista has gold earrings she must be 2010 Swappin' Styles Glam, V4380. Poor Holiday Barbie, what is it that makes kids mutilate their dolls?

The Barbie with the loose joints was part of this series:

The next one is probably a Style or Chic Barbie, one of the cheaper basic dolls.

I can ID four pieces from your clothes loot fot sure:

The gym-bag/skirt belongs to All Stars Barbie and there should be a a opening in the skirt, where you can hide the gym-bag part inside and slip the skirt over the legs. May be there is a hidden snap, along the seam line, where the bag is attached to the skirt.

The golden pants belong to Secret Spells Barbie:

The knit sweater belongs to the skipper from the Winter Holiday Sledding Fun giftset set:$%28KGrHqZHJB!FH6NrroV3BR+8q%284d9Q~~60_57.JPG

The pink vichy/white lace panty belongs to a Fashion Avenue lingerie set:

I guess, the green top might belong to Rollerblade Ken.

Congrats on getting the MH blouse with bonus hands. This is the complete Outfit:

Forestminuet said...

I agree about the Holiday Barbie. She is so beautiful with those rooted eyelashes, why mutilate her? Boo!

Oh my, that Gymnastics Divas commercial is hilarious! What an annoying song! Too funny though, now I know why she is so loose! I may have to do a head swap, I like the face.

The outfits are so cute on the Sledding Sisters. I love that I now have an actual article of Skippers!

I may have to take a closer look at this tutu for All Stars Barbie. It's still getting the better of me. :)

Andrea said...

I have the Gymnastics Diva Raquelle and am facing the same problem. While I love the head, the body ticks me off. Unfortunately Raquelle has a very fair skin tone, so it might take a while to find the perfect body donor. Barbie's regular skin tone should be much easier to find, good for you.