Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Ever After High Comic!


It's the moment you all I have been waiting for! :)

A while ago I mentioned that I created an Ever After High comic for a Facebook contest to win either:

1. Cerise Wolf
2. Manny Taur and Iris Clops
3. Any other Ever After High Doll

Well, needless to say I didn't win however I do like what I came up with! The rules were your comic had to star an EAH character but you could use any other dolls or props you wanted, and the comic could be done with photos or drawings. Since I can't draw worth beans this was great for me! Let me know what you think!

*a little backstory. Not everyone might get this and especially if you haven't watched the Ever After High webisodes. Raven doesn't want to follow her destiny and be the Evil Queen. Apple White needs Raven to follow it so she will give her a poison apple later on down the line. Everyone is trying to get Raven to be evil so she will follow her destiny, especially Apple. Apple and Raven are also roommates at EAH. Ashlynn works at a shoe store and LOVES shoes.*

Raven - AGH! I can't find anything to wear to Barbie's party Friday! I want a dress that will "WOW" everyone.
Ashlynn - What-EVER-After Raven! Everyone knows the shoes always steal the show!

Raven - I was just hoping for something a little less EVIL looking.
Apple - Raven, there has got to be something you can wear. Let's see...... 

Apple - Well, it could use some more color. I heard Once Upon A Dress is having a sale. Let's go shopping!
Ashlynn - Don't forget to stop at The Glass Slipper for some SHOOOOES!!!! 

Raven - I LOVE this dress! I hope it will impress everyone. Thanks Apple....
Apple - Uh...Raven...?? 

Raven - ?
Barbie 1 - Hexcellent Dress!
Barbie 2 - Fabelous!
Totally Hair Barbie - Super Cute Rochelle!
Barbie 3 - LOVE!
Rochelle Goyle - I got it at Once Upon A Dress! Don't you love it!

Apple - Well Raven, maybe evil really is the way to go!
Raven - *sigh* A comment like that can only come from you Apple. 

For Ravens dress, I took a Barbie dress and pinned it in the back to fit her. Raven's dress on Rochelle doesn't exactly fit either as Monster High dolls have a skinnier waist than Ever After High dolls. Wouldn't it be fun if they could mix and match? :) So I hope you all like the comic! It was a lot of fun to make. 

Since my birthday is Monday, I took the liberty of buying myself a gift. Here is a piece of it. 

Any guesses? 

Until next time!


Andrea said...

Your comic made me smile, poor Raven. I think you did very good. I bet you had a lot of fun putting it together.

Happy Birthday, Teresa! I think it looks like an evening gown from a Barbie closet.

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks Andrea. I did have a lot of fun putting it together. I thought the idea was creative if I do say so myself! :) You should have seen my room, it was Barbie and craziness everywhere! So fun! I do think the outfit looks super cute on Raven though.

Yes, it's an evening gown...... ;)