Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Barbie Craft, part 2

Well, I finally found a time where the oven was not being taken up for mass quantities of zucchini bread so I could finally finish my Barbie Shrinky Dinks craft!

If you missed it, you can find how I acquired these Shrinky Dinks in my Part 1 post here!

Here we go!

I spent a good amount of time a few weeks ago picking out colors for my dolls. There is a rough side and a shiny side, you can use any kind of colored pencils and/or permanent markers for the coloring. (Crayola markers, washable or not DO rub off so for this you will want to use Sharpies.)

I had a hard time picking out colors but I think I did pretty good. I did copy the schemes for a few of the pieces, mainly the poodle and the Barbie Ponytail silhouette.

All ready to go!
(Note: clicking on the pictures will enlarge them) 

After coloring you put them on a baking sheet rough side up.

And let's check sizes before we bake. You can see that one of the larger pieces is about 3 1/2 inches tall, one of the accessories is about 1 1/2 inches tall.

Time to go into the oven! I couldn't get pictures of the shrinking process because our oven has a grill through the window so I couldn't get a good focus. This entire process took about 2 minutes tops. 

They curl up (almost to the point where they fold in half) then flatten back out. Voila!

The shrinky dinks!

WOW, that is drastic! I had forgotten how small they actually get. Cuteness! Let's check just how small they got!

Our large Barbie shrunk 2 whole inches, she is now 1 1/2 inches tall. The accessory shrunk to a tiny 1/2 inch. 

These are the perfect size to make the charm bracelets out of. 

I don't know if I will make the bracelets or not. I might run a pretty ribbon through the top of them and hang them from my Barbie shelf. Don't know yet! I think they turned out good and I'm glad I used the colors that I did. 

I remember when my brother and I did these when we were kids. We had some that were "The Ghostbusters" and we played and played with them. (I think most of the time we had fun throwing them AT each other but that's besides the point.... ;)

If you get the chance to do these with your kids (or just by yourself like I did!) they are a ton of fun. And the bracelet kit you get with this would be awesome for a little girl.

Friends, have any other fun crafty ideas I can use for these shrinky dinks? Let me know in the comments!

Coming up next post....the Ever After High comic!

Until then!


Andrea said...

Your pendants turned out super cute. I wonder if the scraps of the shrinky dink foils could be used to make pendants for Barbie as well.

Teresa Brown said...

The interesting thing about this kit is you didn't have to do any cutting. They all came pre-cut. I remember having to cut them out myself when I did them back in the day. Or else every last scrap would have been used to make shrinky dinks. I think Pinterest had a pin about making your own although I don't know how seeing as how they are plastic.... :)

Andrea said...

Yes, I've seen some posts claiming you can use the plastic of food containers. But I'm too chicken, to try it. You never know if they develop toxic fumes.

Teresa Brown said...

food containers? Yuck! Probably give off BPA's or something like that... I'm not trying that one, lol. Maybe I'll find some "real" shrinky dinks online and see if I can get them that way. (The SAFE way!)