Monday, February 9, 2015

Christmas Treasures 2014 Post #6


We are almost done with the Christmas goodies posts! The next two will each feature 2 dolls (and then I have an additional gift to show you) and then we can get on with my new additions (you are going to LOVE them by the way!)

I got a box with 4 dolls in it. I was excited when I saw just who they were!

It's Stacie!

Anyone know which year she is from?

I love Barbie's sisters. I don't have too many of them but can't resist them when I see them (especially when they are distressed and sitting in a toy bin at the thrift store!)

She is so cute with this outfit. The hat really does it for me. I think it's super adorable!

But just a pet peeve of mine...I hate when they pose dolls with their arm up. I don't know why but it does. Anyone with me here?

She wears the most adorable shoes! Simple ballet flats with tulle bows and purple roll socks with pink piping. (And a bag to match the outfit!)

She comes with an extra outfit in the same print top and solid pink leggings with lace.

I did not know this but the box tells me that Stacie can share her clothes with Barbie! Is that why I cannot find many Stacie clothes out there? Because they just share them? 

I did try to dress this Stacie in Barbie clothes but it did not work out so well.

So I made her an adorable bathrobe and gave her this My Little Pony bathtub to be displayed with.

You might recall when I purchased a *VERY* distressed Happy Meal Stacie from 1993 at the thrift store a while ago. Well, I got a pristine one for Christmas!

And there they go with their arm up again!

Beautiful hair, beautiful smile, adorable outfit!

I love the leggings. She also has a McDonalds logo on her sweatshirt and blue socks. Her shoes were too far down in the box and I couldn't get a good photo.

She comes with her own Happy Meal. And this is not cheap cardboard accessories. These are actual, tiny accessories. LOVE those!

There is even a small cardboard box with surprise jewelry for you! I want to get inside and see what it is!

The back of the box features a maze to get to the McDonalds!

For now, these Stacie's will stay boxed. I think I might keep them there too. I might take the first one out. It would be cute to display Barbie and Stacie together in their matching outfits!

So friends, do you have either of these beautiful Stacie dolls in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Until the next time!


Andrea said...

Congrats on these two lovely girls. The one arm up looks weired on some dolls, I agree. That's probably meant as a wave to the kids "Pick Me", lol.

Both cuties reside here as well. I was just getting back into collecting Barbie, when the McD sets were released and I got the first Stacie a little later on a fleamarket, deboxed but complete.

My only pet peeve with Stacie and Todd is the fact that there are close to none clothing sets for them. What did Mattel think? Even Kelly had a extensive wardrobe to chose from.

barbiebeauties said...

Hi :) I'm completely with you on the "one arm up" pose - in fact, I saw some of the new "Princess Power" Barbies at the shops yesterday who were posed like this and I was thinking how rubbish it looked!

Stacey's clothes - no, as far as I'm aware, Stacey can't wear Barbie, or even Skipper's clothes normally. This line, the "Sharin Sisters" had clothes that were cleverly designed to be shared by the different size dolls. I find that usually, the modern Chelsea size dolls can wear Shelly/ Kelly size clothes but as I don't have any Stacey dolls I've never experimented much with them.

I do have a Tod, and I love him. I'd use him a lot more if I had some nice clothes and shoes for him - I suppose I could make the clothes but shoes are really tough - even if I could find some to fit they would probably be from a girl doll so they wouldn't suit him :( I have him in a pair of orange boots at the moment, I don't even know what doll they're from. They don't fit all that well. I'd love to find him something better.

Congrats on you Newbie BTW! She looks so great in that box - the steps!! <3

Teresa Brown said...

Andrea - The "Pick Me" is a cute idea. I haven't seen it recently though. Maybe it's "old fashioned" haha. I agree about the clothes, especially with Todd. He certainly can't wear Ken clothes right? I can't even find Skipper fashion packs anymore. Grr!

Barbielea - Okay, I take back the "old fashioned" remark I said above. New dolls with this in-box pose? Yikes! Maybe it's because of the "Princess Power" theme? I am getting so aggravated at the lack of fashions for dolls now! It seems as though to get a really outstanding fashion you have to buy an entirely new doll. Part of the fun for me as a kid was getting ONE doll then a bunch of clothes for it. You know, hanging all the clothes on little hangers and such. What's the deal now? And poor Todd, no clothing choices for him it seems!

I do have to ask, why is the new Playline called "Princess Power"? To me it sounds too much like She-Ra, Princess OF Power. I guess that is a little before the time of girls now though, ha!

Andrea said...

The clothes were exactly what hooked me on Barbie back in my childhood. Maybe the lack of nice and decently priced and nice clothing is one of the reasons, why girls are giving up Barbie so soon nowadays.

There are no fashion packs for poor Skipper, she is stuck in her stock clothes forever unless we sew her some to change.

The Princess Power dolls look, like they have some superhero theme.