Friday, February 20, 2015

Christmas Treasures 2014 Post #7

I love that I get a nice long lunch break. Because this post is being written then! Baby has been taking a lot of my free time (getting the nursery situated and such) so blogging has been on the back burner. But I'm back for now! :)

I can't believe I am nearing the end of my Christmas posts! It's taken me a while to get through them. 

One more after this then I can tell you all about my awesome new additions :)

As I mentioned last time, I got 2 other dolls in the box with my Stacies. They are not more Stacie's. I actually got more "firsts" for my collection! This Christmas was a year of firsts. 

I got my first Midge...and I got my first Courtney!

This is Babysitter Courtney from 1990. And she is a cutie! (And apparently Everyone's Favorite Babysitter, haha) She is also Skippers Best Friend.

She has an adorable smile and looks like the older Skippers that I grew up with. And that baby? So so cute!

And did everyone catch what it said on the box in the first picture? In the little white box at the top? "Cute little baby and lots of fun play pieces"? YES!

I can imagine what comes in the box by looking at the back. Since I haven't taken her out yet I'll have to go by this. What fun all these accessories are!

I'm thinking that Skipper comes with some accessories and then Courtney has the rest. Maybe I can pick up the Skipper someday! And I'm guessing that there is a playset that has the bassinet, toybox and swing. These are so cute and I'm really glad that I have a Courtney to add to my collection. 

In the comments a couple of us were discussing Todd. Well, here he is!

This is the 1992 Party 'n Play Todd, twin brother of Stacie. 

Todd is adorable and I love his little outfit. Definitely dressed in an ultra-90's fashion!

Todd comes dressed for the party but he also has his "play" outfit for his soccer match! Cute!

He also comes with his own soccer ball.

The back of the box has a little story about Party 'n Play Todd and Stacie. She plays soccer too!

I'm so excited about these two additions to my collection. Do you have Party 'n Play Todd and Babysitter Courtney? Or maybe you have Party 'n Play Stacie and Babysitter Skipper! Let me know in the comments!

The VERY LAST post of Christmas goodies will be coming soon. Stay tuned!


Andrea said...

You got really great dolls for Christmas.

Courtney is one of my favorites. I have the Babysitter Skipper from this line. There weren't so many accessories though, just the blanket, the doll for the baby, the bottle and the rattle - so I guess all the others in the picture went with the playset.

Party & Play Stacie and Todd are both living here, as well. It's great, that they both came with extra outfits.

Teresa Brown said...

I love them both! They are just so cute. I'd like to get the playset I'll have to do some more research to see what the name of it is called. I'm sure "Babysitter" something. And I do think that the babies that came with Skipper and Courtney are different so that's a nice feature. Thanks for letting me know what's in the accessories bag. :)