Monday, February 2, 2015

Christmas Treasures 2014 Post #5

Welcome back!

I am pleased to say that our nursery is finished and painted a nice soft yellow color. (It was a mocha color, not much fun for a baby's room.) But unfortunately the Barbies have been carefully packed and stored. :(

My EAH dolls are still up though! A TV cabinet has to stay in the room (as there is no where to put it) and there is a set of shelves next to the TV opening. All the EAH dolls fit perfectly in there! 

And of course, Enchanted Evening Barbie had to stay up too :)
I'm guessing that a piece of rubber duckie fabric will have to cover this once the baby starts sleeping in there. If my son wants to play with dolls, that's his choice but I'm not going to encourage it. So for now, that's where they are!

And my newest doll for this blog post is in there. In the very back, left hand side of the bottom shelf. Blue dress? Blonde hair? 

It's none other than Thronecoming Blondie Lockes!

If you remember from my original post on her, she is not one of my favorite dolls. In fact, she is probably my least favorite. Her original dress is so so and her character doesn't really inspire me (she's always trying to get people to believe she's a royal.) However, they really jazzed her up for Thronecoming and did a great job!

She has the same makeup with the jewels on the face and straight bangs (the bangs on her first wave doll are a little curled.) 

Her dress naturally plays homage to the three bears and resembles the bodice of her original outfit. Her shoulders are lined in brown fur.

She has electric blue chandelier earrings.

And her corsage is simple white flowers.

Her skirt has bears on it which I think are super cute. The blue overskirt is fastened in the center with a black bow and has a gold bear and blue bow pattern on it. Her underskirt is a sheer layer with a gold dot and bow design over a yellow nylon base layer.

Her purse is a tribute to the three bears, only designed with bows. Three bows of different sizes accent the front of her purse. In this photo, you can also really see the design of the bears and bows on her skirt. 

Naturally the mask would be designed after a bear. 

The shoes honestly are nothing spectacular. Just a simple heel with a yellow bow.

Now her hair definitely needs to be fixed. The buns on either side of her head are great however being in the box leaves the end straight with no design at all.

It *should* look like this:
They should be curled so once I have something large enough to make that curl, we'll have a little hair re-design :)

 As I said, the buns are totally cute though. 

So everyone, do you have Thronecoming Blondie Lockes in your collection? Have any plans to bring her home with you? Do you like her? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time! :)


Andrea said...

Compared to the other girls in the line she is a little plain Jane playing dressup to me. I might add her to the collection on deep discount, but not for full retail price.

I hope you can get a hold on Briar soon.

Teresa Brown said...

I love her promo shot I posted but the actual doll does seem a little sub standard. I got her on discount so I'm happy with it. Even her "Through the Woods" doll does not seem very exciting either. Maybe she's just one of the least favorites that the don't focus on :)

I really want Briar! The play set is still going for about $40 online. Little too spendy for me yet but someday! :)

Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to care much for Goldie except me :) lookswise, she's one of my favourite Royals although I admit that that this version is overshadowed by the other dolls from the same line, who are quite spectacular. I have a first-wave Blondie awaiting deboxing and I love everything about her. I must admit though that I don't watch the webisodes - I always say I'm going to and never get round to it! So I can't comment on her personality. Wanting to prove she's a Royal does sound a bit irritating ...

Teresa Brown said...

You're right, she does get overshadowed. But she is BFF's with Apple and Briar so I think she has the potential to stand out. However I am still waiting for one REALLY spectacular Blondie doll to come out. There is a "Just Sweet" line coming out so maybe they will feature her again. Hoping.... :)

The webisodes are really cute. Although I've been falling behind in watching them. I need to catch up!