Sunday, February 22, 2015

Christmas Treasures 2014 Post #8


A couple of posts ago I talked about a couple of Stacie dolls that I received for Christmas and how ridiculous it was that they had one arm up in the box. 

Like this.

One of my commenters said how this could be stated as a "Pick me! Pick me!" to little girls in the store, which I think is a cute idea.  

Another said that the new Barbie "Princess Power" doll has the arm up too. I honestly thought that this was a thing of the past. 

I bring you proof that nope, the one arm up is NOT gone yet!

And not having seen the new Princess Power doll, I took a cruise through the toy aisle and photographed my findings. 

Here is Barbie in her new role of the Princess Super Hero. Cute doll but man, no top? It seems like more and more dolls are coming with this "permanently dressed" business. But yes, the arm up. I guess because a sign of "power" is to have the arm up? 

Her cape magically changes to a skirt going from super hero to princess.  

More of my findings. 

Two Fashionista Dolls who have the arm up.

A Barbie Style doll with the raised arm. (Maybe to show off the purse?)

And a Barbie Style "In The Spotlight" again, arm up.

So I was incorrect. Mattel has not done away with the arm up thing. Maybe they are going for a Vanna White impersonation? To show off their fashions? Or maybe they are waving?

I guess we will never know ;)

My last gift for Christmas was another Barbie item. Remember back to my Thronecoming posts. The sale at Target was "Buy 2 get one free" and I needed the last three Thronecoming dolls. Unfortunately they were out of Apple White. So I chose this Barbie item instead!

The Sisters Tiki Hut!

I do apologize for not having more photos of this cute set. It got packed away in the shuffle of changing my "Barbie Room" to "Nursery."

One reason why I wanted this set was 1. I have a Tiki Bar on my deck. Grass roof and everything! We love having Tiki Parties in the summer. And 2. I don't nearly have enough Skippers. I love when playsets come with a doll so this was no exception!

First, here is what I love about it. ACCESSORIES! There are sunglasses, snorkel and fins, bottles of suntan lotion, drinks, a couple of chairs with a surfboard back, an MP3 player for Skipper and more! Unfortunately the back of the Tiki Bar is printed cardboard. I would rather it be plastic and stickers but I can deal.

I do love the Skipper doll. However I do wish that she came articulated. She can't sit on the chairs (without her legs sticking straight out) and it makes it hard if you want to pose her arm with her volleyball. 

I love how the volleyball says "Barbie." :) Again, probably to save on plastic pieces, one end of the volleyball net came with a stand and the other end connects to the Tiki Bar itself. Not too much of a gripe for me, I can display it that way. Also the volleyball is connected to the plastic net by string. Again, not a huge issue for me. 

Unfortunately, this set came with a couple of mishaps.

First, there was some awful sticky junk in my dolls hair. It seemed like it was glue from the box and it had to be cut out. You can't tell where I cut but it irked me a little. 

Second, take a look at this stock photo of the Sisters Tiki Hut.

See what's missing? 

The Pineapple.

My tiki hut was missing the pineapple drink dispenser!

I contacted Mattel hoping they had a replacement part that they could send me. The lady exclaimed "Well, you can't have a Tiki Hut without a pineapple!" Unfortunately they did not have a part so they sent me a claim voucher and reimbursed me for the entire price of the product. Now that is great customer service!

I wish I had the pineapple but it does not warrant me buying an entirely new playset (what would I do with 2 tiki huts?) So this gives me something else to purchase. I have until May to use the voucher. Wonder what I could get with it! Any ideas? :)

Friends, do you have the Sisters Tiki Hut? Like it or don't like it? Let me know what you think in the comments! 

Until next time!


Andrea said...

Haha, I have that Style doll holding up her bag and haven't even noticed the one-arm-up pose. I have to admit though it looks a little more realistic on her, due to the way she is holding her bag.

That permanent clothes stuff is ridiculous. It's a fashion doll - which should mean that you can change her fashions. I think those are totally limiting the play possibilities and not enhancing them at all. Changing fashions is a playful way of training a child's motoric skills.

I love that Tiki set, so cute. Bummer, that Skipper is a "Stiffie" and that the pineapple dispenser was missing, but who knows maybe it shows up at your thrift shop. The fact that the shelf for the dispenser is missing as well, makes me wonder if it even was produced. I might be a sucker for that set when it shows up in our stores - with the dispenser, of course.

That glue gunk is exactly what makes me prefer thrift and fleamarket dolls at the moment. That stuff is not from the box glue, it is that totally gross stuff they use to glue the hair inside the heads. It is seeping out through the plug holes, which is totally ruining some dolls. And they are wondering why sales are sagging? Rant over.

It's great they gave you a refund. I hope you can find Apple White soon.

April Baker said...

I always thought the one arm up was to show articulation.

I had plans to buy the Princess Power doll until I saw the permanent top. I HATE that.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at that very same Barbie in the Spotlight at Target yesteday. Never noticed that many of them have their arm up! I was looking for a totally articulated Barbie but only saw ones that either had articulated elbows and wrists with straight legs or knees and ankles articulated but straight arms. Did not see any of the fashionistas in your pictures.

At Toys R Us also yesterday, (can you tell I was in the mood to shop for dolls?) I saw a couple of Barbie accessory packages and the doll included did not have any articulation. The prices were $25 - $29 so I assume they used a basic doll to keep their costs down.

I saw what I thought was a totally articulated Barbie at my local WalMart a few weeks ago but she wasn't there last week unless they put her in the clearance aisle and I didn't see her when I quickly looked there. She was wearing a white, sparkly short dress like a ballerina or something but now I can't even find that doll on the internet. She had a cute face.

You would love our local Goodwill. They always have a small bin of Barbies, always nude as the saleslady commented sadly when I purchased one this Summer. I have gotten some cute ones there and I don't mind the no clothes issue because I redress them in clothes I make. I agree with Andrea about getting them there because you can check them over for smells, hair product, etc.

Teresa F.

Teresa Brown said...

Andrea - I'm sure this set will be at a thrift store....sans pieces. But who knows, might get lucky with the pineapple! Yeah, the style Barbie does look natural showing off her cute handbag :). I guess you could always put clothes on over the painted on stuff but sometimes I think it would show through if you have a sundress or something. And i'm not impressed with the fashion packs now days either so that is a bummer too. And I do have Apple White! :) Yay

April - I guess that would work to show articulation. Never thought of that either. And yes, HATE the permanent clothes!!! Especially if the top is embossed like on some ballerina tops. Doesn't give much to the imagination for dress up at all.

Hi Teresa! I've too noticed that some of these accessory packs come with generic dolls. However they should really think this through though. You include CHAIRS in your accessory pack (such as in the tiki hut) and then give you a stiffie Skipper. You'd think that someone would at least make her with bendable knees! I guess not though! I've passed up dolls at the thrift store because of chewed limbs, etc. I always wash them so the hair is not much of a factor for me but honestly, this is the first doll I have received that has had gunk in her hair as a brand new doll. Kind of frustrating!