Sunday, November 25, 2012


Did everyone have a great thanksgiving? I sure did! Just got all our Christmas lights up today, it's just around the corner!

One of the fun things about playing with Barbie as a child is the amazing world of make-believe. Barbie can wear anything, do anything, and have anything. She can be a mermaid, princess, rocker, movie star, dancer, or singer. Some of the more recent include the president, fashion designer, veternarian, and doctor. One of my favourite make-believe scenarios was to have a huge Barbie slumber party! So naturally this playset became my most loved and played with Barbie accessory.

The Fashion Doll Bedroom Case was the storage for both my Margie and Sandi dolls and they were always dressed in PJ's. (unless it was time for them to go on a date with Ken or out to the ball!) It is similar to a girl's college dorm bedroom and has TONS of stuff for Barbie!

Look at all this goodness!
Let's check out what Barbie can do in her new bedroom. First she has a large assortment of beauty products such as bath oil, hair spray, shampoo, suntan lotion and a hairbrush.


She also has some powder and of course, a phone and mini TV.


And another hairbrush and some tissues.


Here are some of the other things that Barbie can do in her super stellar bedroom. We have some accessories such as necklaces, purses, and belts. A curling iron for the perfect hairstyle, a skateboard, ping pong paddles, hand weights, perfume, visors, shoes, and a little white thing on the left edge of the bed.


It's Barbie's Kitty Cat!

We have even MORE things to do! A walkman, binoculars, hairbands, sunglasses, watches, a hair dryer, mirrors, brushes and combs, hair picks, a purse, camera, frisbee, curlers, and more shoes.


Here to enjoy the bedroom is the lovely Hannah Montana Secret Star Sleep Over doll and the awesome doll wearing the Bedtime Barbie fashion. They are enjoying their new room.


They had to try out the accessories. For the Bedtime Barbie, the star hair picks.


And for Hannah, the hair band.


And a bedroom wouldn't be a bedroom if it didn't have a closet FULL of clothes!


There is just one more thing that Barbie can do in her new bedroom. Go snorkeling! Here is the lovely Princess Merliah from Barbie in A Mermaid's Tale to demonstrate.


She is ready for the water.


I chose her because the flippers stay on better with those dolls that have the huge beach feet!


So there is Barbie's super fabulous bedroom, perfect for playtime and make-believe!

Also, my mom bought me a doll! She has always got me the Halloween Barbies so here is the one from this year. The Halloween Haunt Doll.


I love her spider web dress and pink streaked hair. One thing that bugged me is that they gave her a cardboard broom. If she's a witch she needs an authentic broom. But that's just me. ;)


But I still love her. Of all the holiday dolls, the Halloween dolls come a close second to the Christmas dolls.

So there is the fun post for today! I love playtime, don't you? Bring back memories? I hope so!


Starting December 1st, I am going to put together a mini-series. A new post and a new doll every day! It's going to be so fun, I can't wait! Just 6 more days till the first one. I hope I'll see you back.

~Barbie's bedroom is WAY cooler than my college dorm bedroom ever was!~


Andrea said...

Not only great, I had myself a pretty little pre Christmas at the fleamarket on Saturday, lol.

I scored big time, a couple of dolls and even better lots of clothes and shoes.

Here is the link to my loot:

That sleepover trunk is cool. Lots of play potential.

Halloween Haunt Barbie is very pretty, congrats on getting her. No, it's not only you - I'm totally with you on those cheapo cardboard accessories. It sucks.

Forestminuet said...

Oh my goodness Andrea! Congrats on those finds! WOW you really scored! I love the little raincoat and umbrella set, that is so adorable. I love how you got lots of boots in that shoe set. I love Barbie boots. I see the boots from the Lights and Lace Barbie. Do you have her?

The dress on the Rapunzel looks familiar ;) lol. Also you have the dress that I have only in blue (the one with the silver beads around the waist. Cute!

I see that you also collect Monster High dolls. Some of them are really cute, especially ones with the fun colored hair. 4 of them, that's awesome!

Andrea said...

So far I only got the outfit, backpack and now the boots of Lights and Lace Barbie. So hopefully I will find her soon.

The blue dress is from a 2006 Fashion Fever Barbie with the shorter body, the purple version came with a 2007 Fashion Fever Barbie with articulated arms and wrists.

The Monster High dolls are so unique as a concept. Yes the fun hair colors are so cool, I can hardly resist any doll with that feature.

Forestminuet said...

I'm sure you will! I'm glad you found the boots because as you know, shoes tend to get lost easily. :) There were also some lace pieces that went on her legs to sit at the top of the boots. Again, small pieces so I hope you can get a complete set of those too. Did your outfit come with the light belt? Mine doesn't work anymore, I'll have to see about changing the battery. I think it's still the original one from the 80's! haha.

I've been seeing "Stardoll" in the stores mainly Wal-Mart. What do you think of them? I thought they were okay but I prefer Barbie. I was thinking I might get some for the clothes. Do you know if they have the same body size as a Barbie? Would Monster High clothes fit my Stacie or Skippers?

Andrea said...

Yes I have her light belt too, but I will have to look for the lace thingies. I almost immediately take out batteries from dolls and accessories to prevent possible leakage, that might ruin my toys.

The Stardoll's clothes should fit bellybutton body Barbies an Model Muse bodies too. So far I haven't met one in person, lol, but their faces look interesting. They might be potential head transplant candidates.

I don't think Monster High clothes will fit Stacie or Skipper, as the monsters are much slimmer. Some of the stretchy Bratz tops fit both. The pants of Bratz fit on Skippers legs, but their waistline is not high enough to really fit well. Works if you put a longer top on the doll that covers her hips.

Linn said...

Hi Teresa! I'm having a great time reading your blog!
I just unpacked my load of Barbies from storage and am having so much fun googling and reading about the dolls and clothes and furniture sets; I get so excited when I find the exact thing I have! Such as the red shorts and shirt with a white stripe in this post
My image:
I was wondering if you knew anything about the set? When it's from, if it has a name, and are there any accessories/shoes to go with it?
I look forward to your reply

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Lynn! So glad you found my blog. Welcome! It is fun to find others with the same sets you have.

I honestly have no idea where that set comes from. When I got this case and playset, my mom bought me a ton of new clothes to put in it so honestly I don't know. To tell you the truth, I am horrible at clothing/doll ID but I have many many others who are fabulous at this kind of thing. What I can do though, is on my next blog post (which I will put up in the next day or two) I can show the picture of your doll and see if anyone can give us an ID of it. With your permission of course! I always put a pair of plain white sneakers with it.

Talk to you soon!

Linn said...

Sorry for the late reply, I forgot where I had bookmarked your page! Sure please, go ahead and post it! ^_^ I cant wait

Teresa Brown said...

And Lynn, sorry for MY late reply! I'm going to post your pic on my next post coming up!