Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Only 3 days!

Hey all. Only three more days till my mini-series starts! Saturday December 1st is the day. I do hope you'll join me for this fun and exciting time featuring a different doll every day. Stay tuned!

Absolutely NO thrift store goodies this week! I think I've pretty much cleaned them out of Barbie goods. I'll have to check other stores to see if I can get anything good.

So today I'll post a couple pics of a doll that I remembered I had stored at my mom's house. She is not a Barbie but a Sandi doll. I kept her in this nice case and the box reads "Magic Moments."


As some of you know, I am a sucker for dolls with long hair. Love them and the longer the hair the better! I'm not sure what is up with her left earring. It seems to be missing the teardrop. I'll have to check it out and make sure it's not in the box somewhere. She was stored for a long time. But now she is home with me and out of the stuffy attic. She is much happier, can you tell? ;)


I love her dress though. The black and sparkle do make for a Magic Moment.

That's all for today. See you all Saturday!

 ~Barbie Frenzy!~


Andrea said...

Sandi's face reminds me a bit of the Hannah Montana dolls. Her dress is cute and her hair must be about the same length as Ultra Hair Barbie's.

Hope you find the missing teardrop to her earring.

Forestminuet said...

You know, she does kind of look like a Hannah Montana! I never thought of that.

Yeah, her hair is about that length. The longest hair I have is Jewel Hair Mermaid Teresa. So long it drags the floor!

Andrea said...

The Jewel Hair Mermaid dolls were so lovely and you could change them into regular clothes. Big plus against todays mermaid dolls with their static fishtails. Some do have very cute faces though, that make my brain switch into "Frankendolly" mode.

Forestminuet said...

Frankendolly mode! Love it! haha

I liked the Jewel Hair Mermaid because you can take the tail off and her outfit basically becomes a dress. (Not that she can move her legs in that tight skirt/tail). I'm with you and don't really care for the static fishtails either. To me, mermaid outfits are just for pretend and to have fun. Static tails...nah. :)