Friday, November 30, 2012

The 25 Days of Barbie!

Well here it is. Today is the first day of my new blog mini-series titled "The 25 Days of Barbie." Here I will showcase my collection of holiday Barbie dolls that I have collected through the years. I had almost exactly 25 of them, one every day until Christmas.

So, let's start this journey!

Day 1: White Winter Wonderland - 1989 Happy Holidays Barbie


I was lucky to pick up this doll at a garage sale a few years ago. From what I can tell, she is very rare and hard to find. I am not pleased with the condition of the box. It's heavily yellowed and cracked to the right of the snowflake on the box (the pictures don't show that but trust me, it's there!) I figured at $20 she was too good to pass up.

If you are unfamiliar with the boxes of the Happy Holidays Barbies, they have plastic tops and bottoms and the cardboard is what keeps it together. It's usually held on with double sided tape. If your dolls are in a hot and/or humid area, that tape is going to deteriorate really quickly. She had been in a storage unit. Most of them are not temperature controlled which I'm sure contributed to the tape giving out. As I picked her up by the top this summer, the bottom fell out. I never glued it back on. :) So I get to show her to you 'deboxed' but not 'deboxed' photos!

Her hair and dress are PERFECT and white as new fallen snow. Her hair is just gorgeous and she does not have any odor or discolorations anywhere.


I am so in love with her! I love the all white with the fir. So very 80's. So very holiday! And she comes with her very own Christmas ornament.

She has a little snowflake in her hair that matches her jewelry.


If you are new to my blog, you will know that the 80's and 90's are my favorite generation of dolls because those are the ones that I grew up with. Her face is so sweet and pretty.

And because the bottom of the box fell out, I got to see that there is a nice picture inside for framing.


Look at that hair and dress. How do they get the hair to do that! I'm convinced that they have never seen "deboxed" hair. Never as floofy and curly as that! But a very beautiful dress when it's all shaped!

The box describes her as "she sparkles like starlight on a holiday night!"


She does. Really. :)

See you tomorrow!

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