Thursday, November 1, 2012

Barbie Slumber Party!

Sorry for the delay in posting. Life has been a little crazy. I'm sure you all know how that goes. But I am finally here and ready to post up more Barbie goodness!

You're invited to a slumber party!

I love this little display. I added the Hannah Montana Secret Star Sleep Over doll and I decided to dress a doll up in the Barbie Slumber Party Fashion. But who is she?

The fuzzy slippers are so cute.

Also meet Bedtime Barbie from 1995. I got her when I was little.

She is still in really good condition. She has a soft body so you could sleep with her but I never did. That is because she has her own bed.

The Barbie Starlight Bed. Anyone remember this? I wanted it so bad and was so excited when I got it for Christmas one year. It was only for the Bedtime Barbie.

She too has cute fuzzy slippers. Love them!

Time for my weekly thrift store goodies. Not much this week!

A small wedge boot

A sparkly purple and teal skirt.

A red sequined top. I think this is the top for the Hannah Montana Holiday Pop Star doll.

Silver harem pants.

And...a doll!

She is definitely not Skipper but maybe Stacie? I do have to tell you that there were A TON of Kelly dolls in the mix. I would have taken them but I don't have ANY clothes for them! I'm having a hard enough time getting clothes for my poor Skipper dolls and now Miss Stacie (?) needs some too. I guess it's time to get out the sewing machine. :)

I took a lot of time last weekend washing doll hair. Here is how they turned out! All are very nice!

Generation Girl Tori. I can't get her nose clean. But her hair looks good and I dressed her in kind of a beach outfit with the blue myscene shorts I got last week.

Spot Scene Barbie. My mom got her for me and her lipstick was almost completely worn off. I tried to color in her lips a little with a marker. It looks better in person. But her teeth are not white so I think it makes it look a little funny.

And now Spot Scene Teresa. Dressed her in the gold shirt I got last week and these sparkle jeans I found this week at the thrift store. Added some white pumps.

Flower Power Teresa's hair turned out beautiful. I dressed her in a pretty pink Genuine Barbie 90's fashion.

I gave her some pink square toe pumps.

Isn't this the cutest? One of the purses that was included with my Day to Night Barbie goodies from eBay.

Sophie turned out gorgeous.

Her hair is so soft and silky. Love her!

I have determined that this is the real "Barbie Loves Buzz" doll. Because her hair definitely goes in the direction of a side ponytail. Too bad the pretty long hair has been cut. But I dressed her in this shiny Fashionista dress.

Added some silver open toe heels.

I decided to make this ballerina Barbie into a beautiful ice skater. I still need to do her hair.

I think the outfit fits her quite well. She doesn't quite have enough on the top to fill it out because she is a newer Barbie but I think it looks okay.

Love the blue ice skates.

I dressed Drew in the Candy Glam outfit.

And then here is Ken.

So now all my dolls have been dressed. I have some in a box that I haven't done anything with yet so maybe I can get them out and post them up here this weekend.

And yes, if anyone can let me know if she is a Stacie it would be much appreciated!!

~Hair stylin' and dressin' :) ~


Andrea said...

What a sweet sleepover diorama. So cute! I have that bed too. I bought it on a fleamarket years ago and I just love it. I always had a soft spot for canopy beds.

The doll in the Slumber Party fashion has 1994 Riviera Fun Barbie's Earrings, but the face doesn't match. She is much paler than 1989 Gold Coast Barbie. May she is one of the Fashion Play Barbies. Sorry, I can't be of more help.

The single wedge boot is from 2009 Fashionista Cutie from the first Fashionista wave.

The sparkly skirt is from a Mermaid Princess Barbie that came with an armoire and etxra clothing, around 2004-2005. I couldn't find a pic on the net, but this is the top to the skirt:$%28KGrHqV,!qUE-Z!4mcLQBPr4e!GZK!~~60_57.JPG

The silver harem pants might belong to the Swan Lake Prince Daniel Ken.

She is a Stacie, 1993 Happy Meal Stacie. Here is a pic of her boxed:

So sad, that Tory's nose won't clean up. Did you try Clearasil cream? just put a blob on the nose and let her sit in the sun (nude, or the clothes will fade from sunlight). As long as the cream is not in direct contact with the face paint, you can leave it on for a long time.

It also depends, what caused the stain and how long it is on the head. Hard to believe, but ballpoint pen ink takes like forever to vanish, while marker resolves practicly overnight.

Just keep trying - she is such a lovely doll. The outfit you chose for her is spot on.

Andrea said...

I like the way you redressed the dolls.

Even though it is wide in the bust, the outfit works well for the ballerina. After all if she would be really skating, she has to be able to move, lol.

Sophie is so cute. Somehow the "glass" eyed dolls are infiltrating my doll population too. I scored Abbie dolls at our local dollar store. No hint on the manufacturer on the box. They are big headed, but somehow they reminded me of the Takara Jenny dolls, the Japanese Barbie. They are articulated too, so that was a definite selling point with me.

Here is a link to my loot:

Forestminuet said...

When I was little, I wanted a canopy bed so bad so I too have a soft spot for them! I want to ask you, when you bought your bed was the lace yellowed? I tried soaking it in oxy clean to no avail. What would you use?

Stacie is so cute! I can't wait to fix up her hair. And find some clothes for her.

I didn't try the Clearasil cream yet. It almost seems like it's showing through from the inside of the vinyl. But I'll try it....if I can find some sun. It's been pretty doom and gloom here these days! I love the little shorts but they are way too big for her. But the shirt comes low enough that you can see them from under the shirt while not showing that they are actually around her hips. :)I'll try and get that spot cleared up somehow.

I love your Abbie dolls! So cool that you found them at the dollar store. I'll have to see if they have them at the one here.

Andrea said...

I used a mild bleach on the lace of my bed, it whitened it a little, but the color is still off-white. You could try chlorix, but do water it down a little and don't leave the lace in it for a long time and rinse out very, very well. It can make some fabrics disintegrate, expecially the delicate ones. Good luck with your lace.

On the clearasil creme: I had a doll with ballpoint-pen marks sitting in our bathroom window for a whole year and just yesterday, when I wanted to renew her "mask" they were gone at last.

If you cant find a sunny spot for Tory, just sit her in a well heated area.

Forestminuet said...

A year? Oh my goodness! Wow it does take a long time. I have some windows that produce some pretty good heat, I'll have to try it.

I'll also try the bleach. I have some mild bleach that should do the trick.

I tried to look for some Stacie clothes at the store today and they didn't have any! They had Stacie dolls. Maybe a larger toy store would have a bigger selection. They didn't change her body style in recent years did they? I would hate to buy and outfit and have it not fit properly.

Andrea said...

Good luck on finding a Stacie Outfit, they seem to be pretty rare. I only once saw one in a store. Of course I bought it right away. According to the pic on the back of the card there were four outfits in that series, but that was back in the 90s - never saw a Stacie outfit again in a store. Obviously the stores only stock up on Barbie clothes.

Good Luck also on poor Tory's nose. Oh, another option for her nose might be the magic eraser. A friend of mine was lucky removing newspaper print off her doll's face.

barbielea said...

Hi! Love your blog, looks like you have so much fun doing it. Very impressed with Andrea's ability to identify dolls too, I could answer some of your questions but she leaves me standing! Can I borrow her please?? :)

I might be able to help in a small way. Regarding clothes for your Stacie - if you don't mind them not being Mattel and you can find some that are, er, appropriate, some Bratz clothes will fit Stacie. I have even managed to squeeze my Skipper into the odd Bratz outfit. The dresses are best, as they are most forgiving round the waist.

Best wishes. I will call back, as I think you are building up a great resource for identifying Barbies here. Keep having fun! :)

Forestminuet said...

Hello barbielea and welcome! I know, Andrea is wonderful isn't she? :) She has helped me so much with everything!

Thanks for the suggestions for clothes for my Stacie. I don't have a problem with them not being Mattel. I just love cute dolls and clothes! (You can see in another post that I also have a Liv doll in my collection because she is just so cute!) I think I might have a pair of Bratz jeans somewhere in my collection. I'll have to try them out. Thank again for the tip!

Please do stop by again, I have tons of fun with this and love sharing with other doll lovers! :)

Sheena Boisvert said...

I am going crazy trying to find a photo or even some sort of acknowledgement that a barbie I had when I was little existed! I don't know if it was a Barbie or just an outfit someone purchased for me but what I do remember was that she had fuzzy blueish-green slippers and maybe a pillow. I know this description is vague but maybe someone will know what I'm talking about!

Forestminuet said...

Hello Sheena and welcome to the blog!

Gosh, I am so bad with doll ID for sure. I know that Slumber Party Barbie (a soft bodied doll) came with slippers and blue PJ's and I think a pillow. I think the slippers are white though.

I hope someone can help out! Does anyone know?