Saturday, June 22, 2013

Barbie Baththime

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've been so tired, I feel like Bedtime Barbie ready to crawl into my snuggly Starlight Bed. :) But I'm here today!

And this marks the 100th blog post! Celebrate!!

Remember last time I busted out the My Little Pony bathtub and gave it to Stacie.

Well, Andrea informed me that there was a Barbie bathtub featured in the 90's. So this post will be about the former Barbie bathtubs that have been featured through the years!

First, let's see the tub from the 90's. I think this is it, the Barbie Bubblin' Shower.
Obviously the point of this one is to make tons of bubbles!

So let's see what the back of the box says. You add bubble solution to the tub, flip the switch and watch as millions of bubbles float through the air. It also has a vanity so she can get pretty! And everything stores in the vanity seat! (Meaning there are tiny accessories and we love those right?)
Well, that's fun isn't it? Who doesn't like bubbles? Next I found this tub from the 70's. With luxury bath bubbles and a hand shower that really works! Looks like this one also has a stool and vanity attached.
Now we have a collection of tubs that feature the title of "Beauty Bath." First this one from the late 70's or early 80's. This one I think is a spin-off of the tub listed above. Just in a different color.
Now we have the Pink Sparkles Beauty Bath and the Pink Roses Beauty Bath. I think these are also a spin-off of each other but i'm not sure which one came first. Both also have a shower that really works!
Now we come into the newer ones with the Glam Bathroom and the Glam Bathtub. These are cute but as I have found out, they are doing away with tiny accessories and putting in paper or sticker accessories. Not fun. But I think that these come with a few so that's good.
And I have to ask. Is it just me or does anyone else think that it's really odd that they included a toilet? I like the vanity because that is fun after a bath to get all prettied up. But do they really think that she is going to sit on a toilet? I'm just not sure about that.

We also have some bathtime dolls that came out!

How about the cuteness that is Bathtime Fun Kelly? She is so adorable with her little tub. (I've also seen this one called Shelly.)
Now Bathtime Fun Barbie. You can create tons of looks for her using the colored foam she came with. Her skirt is a craft foam type material so it washes right off so you can create anything you can imagine!
There's a Skipper too! She is cute.
Now we have Foam 'n Color Barbies. You can put foam in her hair for some awesome color change action!
She had her own tub for ultra bathtime fun!
And last but certainly not least, Bath Magic Barbie.
This Barbie is unique because she has foam objects you can attach to her skirt. Where are the foam things? In the capsules! Did anyone else ever have those? I remember getting a train set and the zodiac signs in those capsules. The capsule dissolves in warm water making a foam object appear like magic! They were the best toys ever. I also got that skirt from the thrift store last summer. Maybe I'll put together Bath Magic Barbie someday.

And maybe someone can answer this. Didn't she have additional capsules you could buy separately so you could attach more foam objects to her?

So everyone, did any of you have any bath sets or want any? Did I miss any tubs you can think of? It would be fun to have one but I'm still holding out for a Barbie pool. :)

I'll have an update to Bathtub Stacie next time!

Until then!


Andrea said...

Congrats ob your 100th posting, Teresa!

You found a lot of cute bathrooms. The one I meant was the same type like the MLP tub, just bigger and in pink. There was a little chest attached with a button to pump the water into the shower and the legs were rubber balls. I can't remember the name of it and I didn't find a pic on google, sorry.

There are quite a few bathroom furniture sets in my collection:

I have the green Beauty Bath, the set is from 1976 and the doll looks like a 1975 Free Moving Barbie. The pink bath version is from the 80's.

Here are some pics of my bathroom furniture:$%28KGrHqFHJBkE-fbpSHq8BPyLSTS4Fg~~60_12.JPG

What I love about this tub is the foam cover, looks really cute with a doll.

This set is from around 2007. I just got the sink and the shower so far, still searching for the tub and toilet.

This is from 2010, found it on a fleamarket and couldn't resist.

This is my favourite at the moment. There is another Version of it that comes with the toilet, minus the tub. I hope I can find the toilet at the fleamarket soon.

I didn't have any of the foam bath play dolls, but I had that Foam n' Color Barbie Bathtub Fun playset a long time ago. This is no bathroom, more like a platform you could fix over the tub to pretend it was a public pool with a diving board, slide and shower.

Forestminuet said...

Thanks Andrea! The 100th post kind of snuck up on me!

I wish I could find that tub with the rubber ball legs. That would be cute.

oh my gosh, LOVE that tub! It is so cute! Now that is one I would like to have. Maybe someday I can find one at a flea market.

I like the one from 2007! The dog in front cracks me up. The shower idea is really neat, seems we have a lot of tubs with shower heads but no shower stalls per se. Neat idea!

Now the 2010 one is super cute! I like the vanity and the shower stall idea again. I'm like you, I would not be able to resist.

With the Foam 'n Color bathtime fun, I was thinking it was a barbie tub but that makes more sense connecting it to your OWN tub. I should have realized that judging by the size of the slide and backdrop, haha.

I also saw this one that I didn't add to the post. Bath Boutique Barbie. Love the terrycloth robe!

Andrea said...

Now that is one bath themed doll I have. :D She was a fleamarket find so she came without her outfit, but I'm a sucker for Mackie faced dolls. I would love to find her robe though.

Forestminuet said...

She is very beautiful! I think she would go great with the Stacie and the tub. I should see about picking her up. Ebay has some in expensive ones. (And some VERY expensive ones too!) But I think you should place a bid on this item: :D :D :D