Saturday, June 8, 2013

New dolls and "who is she?"

I hope everyone is ready for this wonderful weekend! Summer is definitely upon us (at least where I live.) It's been in the 80's outside and I've been soaking up on my vitamin D every afternoon driving home from work in a convertible. Love it!

I visited my parents this last weekend and they are always getting me new dolls. I think I remember telling you that my dad as a booth in a local antique store so when he goes to drop off new product, he takes a gander at the new stuff that comes in for other people's booths. Surprisingly there are a lot of dolls that come in. Since my dad deals in antiques, he has a lot of knowledge of how things should be priced based on box condition, discoloration and fading, etc. So if the price is right based on condition, he will usually pick some up for me. And then there are some that pass through garage sales that just need to be rescued! You know how that goes!

First, the boxed dolls I received.

Here we have the special edition Navy Barbie! I remember when this doll came out. I love how Mattel made Barbie serve in the armed forces. Those men and women deserve all the support they can get.

Unfortunately the box is not doll or 'deboxed' friendly so I am unable to slip the casing out and fix her tie and hat. It's going to drive me crazy. Oh well I guess!

The box states that she has an extra pair of pants and shoes! I knew she had heels but didn't know what the other pair would be. Upon further inspection, I tilted the box so I could see the bag of goodies and they are a pair of black flats. Just in case anyone else was wondering like me. :)

She is so cute on the back of the box! It reads: "All ashore! What an exciting day! The ship is back from the sea with the crew 'manning the rail.' Using her charts (maps) and sextant, Petty Officer Barbie has accurately plotted the ship's course to get it into port exactly on time. Barbie is wearing the official uniform for the enlisted women in the U.S. Navy. Authentic insignia and campaign ribbons on her jumper blouse indicate that she is a petty officer first class and quartermaster, has been in the Navy 8 years and earned many honors, and knows everything about her ship from stem to stern. Navy Barbie is proud to serve her country while enjoying an exciting and challenging career."

I love how they made her insignia real and accurate and I also love her with her little charts! Cute!

Next we have one of my favorites growing up. All American Barbie! Can you believe that I remember the commercial for this doll? The announcer said "Barbie! With a double pair of Reebok's! Oh wow!" Those were the days. I was so excited when my mom and I found her on clearance. We just moved into a new house and my mom was doing a lot of work cleaning and preparing for the move in. My brother and I had to entertain ourselves for a while so for our good behavior she bought each of us a new toy. She was $8. :)

I absolutely loved her vest with "American" icons on it such as shoes, a baseball bat and ice cream cones. She has beautiful crimped hair and the tie dye socks are sweet! Unfortunately the box is severely crushed but that's okay because now I have 2!

Also if you've never checked out the shoes, this is a unique style that I've never seen on any other doll. The shoe is a regular Barbie sneaker and they made sort of a casing to go around the shoe to make it look like hi-tops. I think it's a unique idea! My Barbie mostly loved to wear her pink ones (of course) so they get a little dirty on the bottom because of the cloth. I don't think that matters too much though. She is one of my favorites.

Now for the ID's! This dark skinned doll with both light and blonde hair highlights needed to be rescued from a garage sale of a person who smoked. I washed her up and my mom washed her dress which is super super cute by the way! I know she is a beach doll (with a newer body style.) But who is she?

This one I don't think is a Fashionista because she does not have jointed arms and legs. She is very rigid so maybe I'll give her a limb change. I also hate the one bent arm and one straight arm. It seems so unnatural. She has a cute outfit though. Is she from one of the Barbie movies?

And the last one. By typing in "wheelchair Barbie" it brought up that this was Becky, I'm the School Photographer doll.
She has really cute features. She did need some dusting so I cleaned her up and now she's ready to take pictures! (But I still need to give her a camera.) She came still tied in the wheelchair so I'm not sure if you are supposed to untie her waist and feet or leave them where they are. I would think that this doll would be kind of contradicting the point of being in a wheelchair if you could take her out and make her stand on her own. Does anyone have this doll and has taken her out of the chair?

She does have jointed elbows though which I'm guessing were necessary for her both taking pictures and pushing her wheelchair. Ah, I like getting new friends of Barbie. I love her outfit too because it reminds me of what I wore in High School. Jeans, sneakers, and a T and overshirts. :) She has beautiful strawberry blonde hair which is in really good condition. Judging by where the dust was on this doll, she looked like she has been displayed and not played with a ton. She is beautiful.

Well that's it for today! My husband has gone to Alaska for a fishing vacation so it gives me time to dig in and bring out some stuff for Barbie that hasn't been out in a very long time! I'm also going to work on photographing Camp Barbie and her gift that I gave to her when I was a child. It's mentioned in THIS post! So stay tuned!

Do you have any of these dolls?

Until next time!


Sherran said...

I have the first doll! If i remember correctly she was a part of the Cali girl collection. I think it is barbie as I had Leah and Teresa too!

Andrea said...

I am so happy for you getting these great dolls, especially Navy Barbie and Becky! You don't find those too often.

Guilty on four of them :D I have Navy Barbie's African American sister, Weekend Barbie, School Photographer Becky and California Beach Barbie.

The first ID case is Cali Girl Barbie from the very first Cali Girl line of beach dolls around 2004.

Your second ID case might be the Tory doll from the movie "The Princess and the Pop Star", not sure on her but the clothing looks similar. Her dress and shoes are totally cute.

I don't get that one bent and one straight arm thing on playline dolls either. While it looks great on model muse bodies, it is a real PITA dressing a doll with permanently bent arms. I bet a lot of little girls are not happy with that. The most ridiculous arm combination on a playline doll comes with I Can Be Bride Barbie: she has one permanently bent arm and one Fashionista arm with ellbow and wrist joint.

Forestminuet said...

Thanks Sherran and Andrea! I have been acquiring a ton of Cali Girl dolls in my thrift/garage sale finds. I may have to make a beach scene since I have a ton of beach dolls...complete with HAWAIIAN sand! (I always make sure I bring back a nice supply when I come back home ;)

The second is from the Princess and the Pop Star but I think she is Kaysha or Kiera or something like that. When I looked at these dolls in the stores, they had a "singing" doll then they had a generic playline doll. She is the generic and is supposed to come with a guitar.

I'm glad you have Navy Barbie and Becky too! I love the Becky. She is so pretty. That is interesting that All-American was also marketed as Weekend Barbie. I never knew that!

What is up with I Can Be Bride Barbie? That is the most ridiculous arm combo. I would for sure change that right away. :)

Andrea said...

All American Barbie was named Weekend Barbie for the European market and her hi-tops were marked Adidas instead of Reebok.