Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Year of Haute Couture - June

Yep, it's that time again! Time for the new Haute Couture Barbie of the Month by one of our favorite designers, Robert Best! Sorry for the late-ness of this! But it's here now right? :)

I also added a list of all the previous posts that I've done for The Year of Haute Couture. If you missed them you can get them here!





Wait till you see this one. lovelovelove

June - The Siren Barbie Doll (2007)

I dare to you find one person who does not love pink and black together. This doll is absolutely stunning. The black, the pink ruffles, and yes...the pink gloves! The hair in a sleek ponytail is perfect to show off the plunging neckline and sparkling jewelry. A fur stole completes the gorgeous evening look.

Ready for the actual doll!
Someone, please tell me you have her! I will be so excited for you because this is one of the most gorgeous dolls I've seen. The RED hair! So beautiful. And I love how they designed the ruffles in the doll version. As you know, sometimes it's hard to recreate what is in a sketch but I think they did excellent with this. I would like to see her without the stole so I can get a good look at those pretty gloves. I love her! She was issued as a Gold Label Silkstone doll.

Excerpt from
"Awards night is here, and there's a red-headed stunner making waves on the red carpet and beyond! Another gorgeous creation from designer Robert Best, The Siren Barbie® doll is every bit the enchantress, heating up the silver screen with cascading red curls and a hypnotic gaze. In a strapless black mermaid gown that recalls the glamour of old Hollywood, our sizzling starlet is the picture of perfection and mystique. This red-hot beauty may be up for Best Actress, but she deserves accolades for supreme style too!"

Supreme style indeed! Know who else has supreme style with a similar dress (and red hair?)
Do you all love The Siren Barbie as much as I do?

I got a few new dolls this weekend that I will have the chance to show you next time. You better put your ID hats on again because I'll need a little help with a couple of them!

Until next time!


Andrea said...

I am so drooling over this doll and her dress. Wish I had her, sigh.

I think Robert Best got his inspiration for this one from Cristobal Balenciaga. Here is Balenciaga's vintage 1951 dress:

Actually I think the Best Design looks more sophisticated with the full length skirt.

Forestminuet said...

I too love the sophistication of the full length skirt. Although the Balenciaga dress is beautiful too. I would love to have a vintage dress like that. So pretty.

Wish I had this doll too!