Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two New Outfits and More On Miss Stacie

Well friends, last night I went shopping! Are you all super excited? :)

Well, I was determined to get an outfit for Miss Rochelle Goyle, my one and only Monster High cutie. And I created a post having you post links to some super cute outfits that I could use for Rochelle Goyle. I wanted to stay with a pink theme because she has pink hair but I am super impatient and did not want to wait if I ordered one by mail. So I wandered down to Target and found something for Draculara that would look cute on Rochelle.

What do you all think of Rochelle Goyle now?

She is just the cutest. Little pink skulls and crossbones on the dress, lace, and a ton of pink! I wasn't too keen on the hat but I might keep it on her for now.

Maybe not too keen on the hat but I LOVE the shoes!

I'm still on the lookout for a Create A Monster pack where I can get her another hand and some wings. I may just have to buy the boy gargoyle pack but I'm holding out that someone on eBay will have a pair of wings soon though. :) But in the meantime, Rochelle Goyle looks cute on my shelf next to my Cool Lookz Trendy and Bendy Barbie and my Liv It's My Nature Sophie doll.

Okay, so the title of the post says TWO new outfits. Now that my ghoul has a new outfit it was time to get one for Barbie too!

There had been one I had been eying for a while now. I just never picked it up. Here is her new I Can Be outfit.

Space Barbie!

I think I've mentioned in a few posts that there are certain things that I go crazy for when it comes to Barbie.

1. Old body style
2. LONG long hair
3. Pink Hair
4. Ball Gowns
5. Astronaut Barbies

True fact about me: when I was younger, my dream job was to work at NASA ground control in Houston. Unfortunately my analytical/mathematical side of my brain was lacking big time. I didn't have high enough grades to really pursue a career in sciences. But I can admire Barbie in that role can't I? :)

While I love this outfit, there are a couple things that I would have changed about it. 3/4 sleeves on a space suit? I would have done long sleeves and gloves.

But the boots! Oh my goodness the boots are cute! They are made for a high heel foot so they stay on real well, especially now since I have her pant legs tucked inside.

The last thing that irked me. I love accessories. Love them! The tiny pieces really do it for me actually. So I was disappointed when they didn't give us a plastic flag, it's cardboard. Come to think of it, I took these pictures last night and it has disappeared on me since then. Paper pieces don't last. But it does add to the outfit.

Helmet woes. :( Why did they not want us to see Barbie's face? I am wondering why they felt the need to tint the helmet? It is in two halves which is a nice design but it's also hard to get her hair in there without sticking out the sides. I had trouble but I finally got it.

So for now I think I will leave the helmet off. (you can even see some of her hair that I didn't get in the helmet!)

The back is inscribed with the Barbie logo. Nice.

And last but certainly not least. I mentioned Stacie too. As you may know, my Stacie came to me by means of the thrift store. She needed a makeover (which took me entirely too long to accomplish) and she needed some clothes. Well, the sewing creative juices seem to be dried up for now so she won't be getting any, anytime soon.

Well, this weekend I pulled out my 'My Little Pony' box. Did any of you collect these as well? I have tons. Like, this many!

A sea of rainbow hair. I loved these things.

I also had a few playsets. One of the ones I had (which was one of my favorites) was the Rub-A-Dub Tub.

Remember how I love accessories? One thing about My Little Pony is they had more accessories than you could count. All the tiny little pieces. Look at the soap! Cute!

Is this not the cutest playset you've ever seen? The shower curtain! Love!

While I would love to display my ponies again, we just don't have the room. So I decided to give it to Stacie.

I wrapped the towel around her and secured it with a safety pin. I'll get a piece of actual terrycloth later but for now, it's cute.

Here she is just relaxin' in the tub with her rubber duckie.

So what do you think? Like Stacie in the tub, don't like it? Or about the two outfits? Let me know in the comments!

I'll have the next post in a couple of days. It will be featuring Camp Teresa and the vehicle I gave her years ago!

Until then!


Andrea said...

Draculaura's dress looks so cute on Rochelle and the shoes are lovely. Hope you get her spare parts soon.

I kinda like the space outfit, except for those short arms. The helmet looks much better than the 90's helmet, that looked more like a glass bauble. The boots are super cute. Accessories are catching my attention as well as yours and paper accessories are not my thing either - too one dimensional to be interesting and getting lost too easily.

Andrea said...

No MLP collection here, but yours is really impressive.

Stacie looks perfect in the MLP bathtub. I think there was a similar bathtub for Barbie in the 90's.

Forestminuet said...

Was there a Barbie tub? I must look! I think the tub was so cute and I couldn't bear to put it back in the box of MLP stuff.

I have another astronaut Barbie but I don't remember what her helmet looked like. I don't think I ever put it on her to be honest. She had hair that was curled under on each side, it was too cute to put a helmet on it. :)

I am really jonesing for her spare parts. Poor thing looks so un-complete, but much better with an outfit!!

Anonymous said...

She's got clothes! And she looks great. Good luck finding her arms. I think that in years to come, armless Monster Highs are going to be a very common feature on the second-hand market (no pun intended). I think I'm going to start hoarding my unused CAM arms and hands for just such an eventuality ...

I love Barbie's space outfit. That's a great shot of her wearing the helmet! Whoaa I like how you casually threw in the HUGE MLP collection too ... wow. I always thought they were cute but I never had any. I don't dare think about it for fear of branching off in yet another direction!!

Forestminuet said...

I am having a fear of branching off into Monster High. So cute and fun! Yeah, I have a feeling that the arms and hands are going to be no where to be found. I might buy a CAM pack to have some different colored hands. That's the point of CAM right? Mix and match? :)

MLP was before my Barbie obsession really started when I was a kid. MLP didn't have a ton of tiny accessories so they were easier for a little girl to play with. I still collected though and anytime I find old ones I will pick them up. (I don't like the new MLP with the anime eyes though.) I love the rainbow hair! Reminds me of troll dolls, ha!