Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thrift Store Goodies

I finally took a pic of the toy section of the thrift store just to show you what I go through every week.

Okay, so maybe it doesn't look so bad in the pic but it's a chore to dig through. However, I really don't mind! I love to dig and I've scored some awesome goods. Look to the left, there is a Barbie house and behind that a yellow toy box. I didn't buy the house because it didn't have any pieces and was super heavy. Since it's $1 per pound, I didn't bother (and I have no where to put it.) But when I looked in the toy box, I found some treasures!

More clothes! I like clothes, running out of places for them but whatever, they're fun! Most of them are not Genuine Barbie and there was *I think* a MyScene doll. She had plastic hair with a wig (kind of like the vintage My Favorite Barbie) so I'm hoping that these clothes are not for her. However they might be. (Andrea, you can let me know) hehe :D

Three skirts. Cute no?

Two jackets. The pink one looks a little big for Barbie.

I like the gold jacket but apparently so did a little girl named "Carolyn"

Two little tops and a dress.

The top on the right has a tag that reads "Spin Master." Ring a bell to anyone?

If you click on this pic, I believe you can see a larger image
Two little dresses. I know where they are from :)

This is an interesting but cute outfit. Kind of looks like pajamas.

Some more little tops

Some pants. I'm pretty sure the hat was for the big head doll that I didn't buy in the trunk. Maybe the blue pants too. I think the red penguin pants go with the red shirt shown above.

Two robes. The left one says "HM."

A mod dress. Reminds me of Cher.

This is the ONLY clothing marked with a Genuine Barbie tag. Who's it from?

Also got some Ken clothes this time around! Maybe the tuxedo/pant combo is from a My First Ken? The orange shirt has an eagle on it and underneath it says "Ken."

This looks like it's for a baby doll. Remember the sets where you and your baby had the same nightgowns? This looks like something along those lines.

Accessories! A cute hawaiian print rolling bag (for my Jet Set Paris Barbie!) and also a hat box trunk, big tooth comb, purse, another weird long purse and what looks like a Barbie ski.

Bustform? I'm not really sure. It doesn't have a stand but a hole in the bottom so you could have one I guess. And what's with the back? I'm confused by this one!

You will be pleased to know that I also scored some dolls! Yay!

A modern Ken. I think I will dress him in the orange shirt above with the cargo pants I had in a previous post.

A very beautiful AA doll. I love her!

Who is this tan beauty?

A dirty Teresa doll. I really don't dig the white lipstick on dolls. Who is the dress from? A Fashionista?

And lastly, this one

At first glance, she kind of looked like a Cinderella. But get a load of the shoes.

So cute. They don't come off really well so that's the reason they were still on the doll. Also, her legs are really bendy.

A close up of her sweet face. (Wild hair but that can be fixed.)

I'm excited by these finds! Not sure on the clothes. They are all dirty so I have some laundry to do this weekend! I think my favorite of the group is the AA doll. I honestly didn't look for any shoes this week. I didn't want to dig that hard.

Also, in a couple previous posts, I've mentioned a purchase I made that I can't wait to post about. I don't have the item because it accidentally got sent to my old workplace. I had a friend pick it up for me and now I just have to get it from her. Once I do, the post will go up! So excited to get it and show it to you.

Until next time!

~My Barbies have as many clothes as Ken does in Toy Story 3~ :)


Andrea said...

Boy, what a loot. That toy bin looks like you have to dig real deep to find Barbie stuff.

The denim skirts are so cute, but I don't have a clue who they might belong to. They are not My Scene clothes for sure.

The pink jacket is from a smoking outfit set for Ken from 2010 and the gold jacket belongs to one of the playalong Hannah Montana dolls.

The "Spinmaster" shirt belongs to on of their Liv dolls - big headed and wigged dolls with inset eyes, but fully articulated. They stopped producing them earlier this year. No clue on the white shirt, but it may be Liv as well. The dress is a 2010 carded Barbie Fashion R4277.

The pajamas are also from a playalong Hannah Montana doll and the pink HM robe goes with them. Missing black furry slippers and a purple pillow with Hannah Montana print. No clue on the second robe.

The pink and white top belongs to 2000 Picture Pockets Barbie, it is missing a heart shaped vinyl pocket where the loose thread is. The red shirt with the sequins belongs to 2008 Candy Glam Summer. No clue on the other two tops, sorry.

The red pants are from a holiday doll, Christmas Morning Barbie if I recall her Name correctly. No clue on the blue pants and the hat.

White dress belongs to 2004 Boo-tiful Halloween Barbie, missing a transparent white cape.

The tagged top belongs to the AA doll you found. She's 2005 beach line Cali Girl Christie and she is wearing her original necklace.

Andrea said...

The shirt with the eagle is a recent Ken Fashion, I will have to look that up in my files. The tuxedo/pants combo is not from a my first Ken, but rather from a Groom Ken or from an outfit set. The shorts belong to the Ken doll you found, he is from one of the recent beach lines, but I will have to search for his real name.

Lol, those nightgowns are also for Barbies, problem: Barbie almost always "drowns" in them.

The hat box came with various dolls, as well as with outfit sets, so if it does not have a sticker or pattern, it is impossible to identify. The Hawaiian print rolling Bag belongs to the 2005 Cali Girl Hawaiian Resort Hotel playset. No clue on the rest.

The bust form is a Harumika Mannequin - you guessed it: missing it's stand. The slot in the back is for pushing fabric into it, to create an outfit. They came with different fabrics and a small push stick. Nice display prop.

The tanned beauty is 2005 Cali Girl Hawaiian Hair Summer.

Dirty Teresa is Spot Scene Teresa. I also don't like the pale pink lipstick on tanned dolls very much. Her dress is a 2011 carded Barbie fashion R4276.

With the pink legs I'd say she is a Ballerina Barbie. Cinderella is quite possible, there is a line of Princess Ballerinas as well. The shoes are very cute and they also belong to 2008 Candy Glam Summer.

Forestminuet said...

Andrea, look at this

So the pink Ken jacket is actually part of the tuxedo :) I don't really like it, I may keep it in the clothes box :)

I looked up the Hannah Montana doll and it's called the Secret Star Sleep Over (I think). Super cute set, I wonder if the PJ's would fit a Barbie. It's a cute set, wish I had the black fuzzy slippers, they are adorable. Makes sense that the HM on the robe would mean Hannah Montana.

Candy Glam Summer is so cute. I think the skirt with the red trim might go to her. I think I'll dress the tanned Hawaiian Hair Summer in that outfit. Such adorable shoes!

You know, maybe it was a Liv doll that I left in the toy box. I thought it was a myscene. It had a big head and a wig so that's where some of those clothes came from. Maybe they will fit my Skipper. Poor girl needs some clothes that fit :)

Yeah, I love the Christie. :) Again, thanks for all the help!

Andrea said...

You're welcome, glad I could help you.

So you scored a complete Fashionista Ken Outfit. Yeah, I don't know what they were thinking at Mattel - a baby pink tuxedo jacket, lol. It most likely won't fit the older Ken dolls anyhow, since the newer ones have smaller shoulders.

If it really was a Liv doll, you should have snatched her for her articulated body and put a Barbie head on it. Her body size is more like Barbie than Skipper.

If you have a hard time getting the Candy Glam shoes off the Ballerina Barbie, try holding her feet under hot water for a few seconds. This makes the vinyl soft and it should be easier.

Forestminuet said...

I just took a closer look at the shoes for Candy Glam Summer. They are slit in the back so they slip on and off with ease. Funny that I didn't notice that!

If the Liv doll is still there, I'll definitely pick her up. I honestly got a quick glance at her face and didn't even notice if her body was articulated. It would be awesome to have some more articulated bodies.

Juanro el xulo said...

The Ken is Ken in a mermaid Tale I HAVE HIM! the tanned pretty is Surf's up Summer and some people confused her with cali girl hawaiian hair summer I HAVE HER too! The ken pants are the Beach party ken ones.

Teresa Brown said...

Oh thank you! That certainly helps! I wish that the summer doll didn't have cut hair. I may have to clean it up a little bit and style it real cute. I'll have to research that though. I'm not familiar with styling short hair! But thanks so much for the help with the ID's! And thanks for visiting the blog! :)