Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shani and Friends? Kira? RESOLVED!

9/3/12 - A big thank you to an anonymous poster who informed me that this is Splash n' Color Kira! Also, the earrings are not her original ones. She came with seashell earrings.
First order of business was to see if her hair still changed color in warm water. Yep, the purple and teal changed to pink and white. And then changed back about 30 seconds after I took it out of the running water. 

It's hard to believe that I did not have a swimsuit. So I dressed her in one of my Sun Sensations Fashions.

And only fitting of her to be displayed with Sun Sensation Ken.

Outfit fits her pretty nicely doesn't it?

~Original Post~

Another garage sale find. When I saw her I immediately thought "Kira". But upon further inspection I think she may be from Mattel's Shani line.

She's beautiful again after I fixed her ratted hair.

As some may know, the Shani line was marketed toward african-american girls. The lineup included Shani, Nichelle, Asha, and Jamal; Shani's boyfriend.

The help! So who is she? Is she truly a Kira or Shani's friend Asha? From what I've found from pictures on the internet, all of the Shani line wore these earrings.

If she truly is from the Shani line, she could only be Asha because her skin tone is lighter than the rest of the dolls. But her eyes resemble Kira, not Asha.

Also this purple and teal streak and the glitter in her hair made me think that she might be one of the "sun" or "beach" Kira's.

But she is not Sun Jewel, Sun Sensation, Sparkle Beach, or Hawaii Kira. She is also not Beach Streak Asha. None of those dolls have this hair scheme. Help!

~The first Kira (or Asha) doll of my collection~


Anonymous said...

She definitely is a Kira. Splash N' Color Kira from 1996. She came in a neon-green and gold bikini. Your dolls earrings are not the original ones. She had gold earrings formed like shells.

Forestminuet said...

THANK YOU! Yay, now I know who she is. Off to find an appropriate bikini for her :)

Ms. Leo said...

I am now wondering if the Christie I found in the thrift store is a Splash N' Color doll too?

Forestminuet said...

She probably is if she has that colored braid. I have never seen another one with the sparkles in the hair though so that's what made it easy to identify.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of other barbies that had these earrings? I have a redhead (probably midge) doll with these silver earrings and a matching ring...

Forestminuet said...

Hello! I actually don't know. I thought the only ones were Shani and Friends before I got this doll. I know that this doll does not have the original earrings so maybe they were a replacement from a Shani. Anyone else have ideas?

Mel Frizell said...

I knew I had seen the Sunsation outfit before!
I got it on a non Barbie. I KNEW it was a real Barbie outfit but could not remember where I had seen it! Now I know!
Thank you!

Teresa Brown said...

Ha Mel! I just mentioned that in the email you sent me before I saw this comment. :)