Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cute Faux-Fur Tops RESOLVED!

8/28/12 - Okay, kind of a funny story.....

When I first saw these tops I knew they looked really familiar. Blue for Teresa, Pink for Barbie, and I knew they were from a more recent Barbie (recent as within the last 10 or so years).

Through various Google searches such as "faux-fur Barbie tops", "floral tops", "floral faux-fur tops", I was coming up empty. So I posted it here thinking maybe someone could help.

I have a doll with the goddess head mold and red hair and was trying to search for this doll online. I tried searching some names of Mattel dolls and I tried the name "Kayla". I didn't find the doll I was looking for. But this is what I did find.
Photo from search "Mattel Kayla dolls"

There she is!

After I saw this pic and found out she was the "Really Rosy" doll I kept thinking to myself that I had those boots somewhere and/or I had those boots at one point in my life.

After looking in a tub of my NRFB dolls, I found her.

I had my very own Really Rosy Kayla doll! With the box but no wrist tag. Funny story of how I got her. You can read it here!

Looking at the back of the box I also discovered that the blue top I have belonged to the Christie doll. There was no Teresa doll in this set. It also shows Kayla with white fur. Maybe they changed to purple mid-production? 

So in my garage sale doll finds, I had a Barbie that had the same body and hands as Kayla. So I put the pink fur top on her. Also her face mostly resembeled the Barbie on the back of the box.

Now I needed something for the bottom. I tried on a pair of jeans that didn't really fit well so I thought I would dress her in the pink skirt from the 1964 Satin n' Rose Fashion Pak #1161. I have another doll wearing the shirt, jacket, pants, and shoes so now I have a doll to showcase the skirt!

When skirts were made to be worn around the waist. Dress it up with cute pink mary-janes. Awesome. :)

Next up: Finding a Christie doll for the blue top. :)

~Original Post~

In my distressed Barbie finds, I also look for clothes. I have these two adorable faux-fur tops with a floral print. I know the pink is for Barbie and the purple and blue is for Teresa.

The help! I remember seeing these dolls in the store within the last few years. Any idea on what the name of these dolls were? And these tops don't seem to fit the "old" dolls very well (before Barbie was redesigned to have a smaller chest). Most of my dolls are from the 90's before the redesign so I guess I will have to get one of the newer Barbie's when I display them.

~Cute tops, would love to put them on a doll!~


Anonymous said...

You can never figure out what happens between Mattel promo pics and the actual doll release, lol.

Sometimes it's just a different color of fur and sometimes whole outfits change, or even head molds.

There is almost always some kind of variation possible.

There are three dolls on your box, but actually there were four dolls in this line: Barbie, Christie, Kayla / brunette and Lea with black hair. I'm still missing Christie in my collection.

Forestminuet said...

Interesting. Again, like you said, you never know what happens between the promo pics and the doll release! In this case, an entirely new doll!

Ms. Leo said...

You guys are right about the promo pictures. I am surprised that they did a Kayla and a Lea in the same line. Normally you see a Lea or a Kayla.