Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome to My Barbie Blog!

So I've decided to blog! This blog will be anything and everything about my Barbie collection. But Barbie collectors and connoisseurs, I need your help! Read on to find out.

To start: how I got started in the wonderful world of Barbara Millicent Roberts. From my mother! What mother doesn't tell her little girl about Barbie. My mom grew up in the day and age where you could go down to the local store, trade in your old doll, pay $1.50 and get the new and improved Twist n' Turn Barbie. I know right! The first pieces of my collection came from her 1960's vintage fashions.

My childhood: Barbie was a huge part of my life! My brother and I would play together, I was always the Barbies, he was always his action figures. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet the Barbies, Captain Planet meets the Barbies, Ghostbusters meet the Barbies, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers meet the Barbies. Children of the 80's we were!

The now: I finally moved a cabinet into my office to display all my de-boxed Barbies. They are played with but I took IMMACULATE care of my Barbies. NEVER cut their hair. NEVER got water on them. NEVER played with them in the sandbox or outside. They were always in their original clothes when I stored them. I have always wanted to display the NRFB Barbies that I have neatly and carefully stored. But what about the de-boxed ones that are stored never to be seen or played with again (since I'm 30 with no children of my own?) Not happening here!

Details on Barbies here in future posts

Where I need help: What better way to display some of my mom's vintage fashions than on an actual doll itself! I know that the dolls are not from the 1960's so therefore do not have the proper head mold. But what I like to do is go to garage sales or secondhand stores, buy distressed Barbies (or Teresa, or Kira, or Midge or ???) and clean them up, fix their hair and display them. From what I've seen Barbie bust forms are somewhat pricey and I think putting the clothes on a doll is much better!

So I buy Barbies and clothes and sometimes I need a little help figuring out which doll is which or which clothes went on which doll. These will not be one-of-a-kind dolls or clothes. Most of them are generic which may be why I'm having a hard time locating them. There will be a few posts today about dolls and clothes so keep reading and thanks for looking!

~Teresa (so excited to have a doll named after me, however I have blond hair like Barbie) :)~


jayric said...

Nice to read your story how you started loving barbie, iam barbie collector too. Iam reading your blog several years now! Just continue doll blogging, we are a lots!

shazza said...

Hi Teresa,

Im now following your blog.

I too grew up playing with Barbies, I was around 3 when I got my first Barbie (Dreamtime Barbie) I still have her and all my other childhood Barbies.

I started collecting when I was 13, im now 32 and still collecting. I look forward to following your posts on your blog :)

Happy New Year to you :)

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Shazza! Thanks for following! I'm now 35 and will be a collector till i'm old and grey :) It's fun!