Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who is she? RESOLVED!

8/27/12 - I found out who this Barbie is. When you have a singing Barbie doll, go to YouTube and listen to some vids.

I saw a Barbie that looked like her and even though she was singing in German, the tune was the same. This is Princess Luciana from the movie Barbie and the Island Princess. She sings "A Love That's Always There" from the movie. The arm is hinged so she can hold the cat that came with her. 
So now I am hoping to get her original outfit (and maybe the cat too!)

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VERY distressed Barbie.
Yeah, so I haven't done her hair yet. :)

The help! Who is she? She has one arm that is hinged at the elbow and the jewel on her necklace is a button. She takes three of the small batteries and has a small square on her back above the battery box which makes me think that she might be a fairy Barbie.
The year states 2006 but I don't know if that is the specific year for this doll or if that is just a year for the body mold.

~Who is this lovely lady~


Anonymous said...

The stamp in the back of her Body always refers to the year the body was copyrighted. She must be on the shorter Barbie body, released 2007. The markings in the back of the head always refers to the copyright and first release of the head mold.

Ms. Leo said...

Wow, I didn't know that any of the shorter bodied dolls ( referred to as troll bodies) had hinged arms. I don't thing I saw the singing dolls either. Interesting!