Thursday, August 23, 2012


The latest garage sale non-distressed find. Meet Fashion Photo PJ! With the Steffie head mold! She is beautiful! And she was complete. With the camera and stand, mini-photos and mint box.
The help! The Fashion Photo dolls came with a stand that their feet fit into. It looks to me that their feet fit into some kind of "tube" that holds them there so when you snap the camera, they move around without coming out of the base. My stand is missing that so I can't set PJ up with her stand and camera. See pics below.

I'm thinking some PVC pipe from the local home improvement store would work? Sticking that where her feet should go in the base? What do you think?

~Loving my PJ~


Anonymous said...

PJ is so adorable. I have her too. Actually there is only one clear acrylic piece to her stand that fits into the opening with the toothy wheels and supports her leg. The other foot is just placed into the circle. If you want to replace the missing piece, it should be some sort of rigid tubing, since it has to support the dolls weight.

Forestminuet said...

I will definitely try that. Thank you for the info!