Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fashion Fanfare and "Who is she?"

I have to admit, my parents were very generous when my brother and I were young. We had all the toys that anyone could ever ask for. I had the most Barbies out of any of my friends so it was the best time having them come over to my house and play dolls together. We even made clothes for them. :)

Even though I had more Barbies than a girl could ever ask for, there was one that I desperately wanted but never got.
Oh, I loved Dance Club Barbie. I think the main reason I liked her is because she wore cute socks with black heels! Maybe I'll pick her up one day on eBay. I don't care if I have her in the box or deboxed. I still love her!

So when I go to these thrift stores, many of the dolls are nude. So now that I have some clothes, It's time to play dress up. Let's start the fashion show!

So the first week I got the pants for the Barbie and Tanner Play Set. The second week I got the top. I don't have a doll with long enough hair that I can style like the original so I chose this adorable doll with bangs.

So cute. I love this outfit. The little doggie on the shirt is adorable. Did you know that the dog (Tanner) that came with Barbie actually pooped? Too funny!

Remember this fun mod outfit from last time?

This is a Barbie Fashion Avenue Metro Fashion "Funky in Philly." I just had to display this one.

I was missing a couple pieces of accessories. Instead of purple shoes, I chose some pink wedges.

The other accessory was black cat eye sunglasses. I thought I had black but I didn't so I added some pink ones instead.

Remember the jacket from last time with the leopard print trim? I added the skirt to it from Masquerade Party Barbie.

Not bad, not bad. Any idea which Barbie this is? I do have to be honest, her eyes are kind of creepy.

This is Princess Luciana from Barbie as the Island Princess. It was really hard to find a dress to match her necklace. So I bought this one a couple of weeks ago.

I was informed that this was a dress from Disney's Rapunzel. Well, look what I found when I went to the store the other day.

It doesn't fit Princess Luciana as well as it does Rapunzel from Tangled. But it matches her necklace! Also, when I think of islands I think of Hawaii. So to tame a portion of her unruly hair, I put a flower in it.

As I was google searching yesterday, I found out who this girl was.

She is Cher from the Clueless dolls. I dressed her in a beautiful wedding gown because she was wearing pearl earrings.

This gown is from the collection of dresses that I got when I was a kid. Some of my dolls are already wearing them. My Birthday Wishes Barbie and Teresa from Barbie of Swan Lake. Also I added one other doll to the set.

The 2007 Happy Holidays Barbie. She had gold jewelry so she needed a gold dress. Perfect.

Here's the group so far. I can't wait to add the other two when I find dolls for the outfits.

Meet Working Woman Barbie. She talks!

Since she's a working woman, she needed a business outfit. Since I had the blazer from Day to Night Barbie, I dressed her in that. But I didn't have a professional skirt! I'll have to look for one or make one for her. But this works for now.

I can't wait to display her when I get the perfect outfit. I also need to fix the snap on the jacket so it will stay closed (and won't show the see-thru shirt underneath.)

The Help! First, who is the Barbie wearing the leopard outfit above?

And, who is this doll?

She must be a veterinarian since she has the stethoscope and a panda bear shirt. The stethoscope is sewn into the shirt and rubber banded to her chest as well.

I tried searching but nothing!

~Outfits are coming together nicely!~


Andrea said...

Dance Club Barbie looks so cute, her look reminds me a little of Madonna.

Lol, looks like I mixed up Barbie and Teresa, but you are right, it's Barbie's outfit. Hip Barbie looks very nice in this.

The leopard skirt works with the coat. The doll is a 1982 My First Barbie. Boy, she really has weird eyes, makes you wonder how many girls had nightmares from her creepy stare.

This is her in her original hairstyle and outfit:

Rapunzel's dress is a little more peasantry than Luciana's original dress, but it looks nice on her.

Cher is lovely and she looks just perfect in that lovely wedding dress. She is one of the dolls that eluded me so far, but I have her redheaded friend Amber.

Perfect choice for Happy Holiday Barbie too. I think I have that same dress somewhere in my stash, lol.

Working Girl Barbie looks like she could be working for cosmetics company. Nice pink corporate look.

Your second mystery girl is 2008 I Can Be Zoo Doctor Barbie, she came with a cute playset.

Forestminuet said...

Zoo Doctor! I can't believe that google searches did not pick that up as "Barbie Veterinarian" :) The boots! I have ONE and was wondering who they went to because they say "Barbie" on the bottom. I hope I can find a mate someday. I don't really have many shoes to match.

Yeah, you would think that "My First Barbie" would have a little sweeter look rather than wide creepy eyes! I am for sure that the hair has been cut so I can't restyle. Darn.

I wasn't aware that Teresa with Tanner wore a different outfit. When I searched the first time I thought they were the same.

I too think Dance Club Barbie looks like Madonna which is one of the reasons that I liked her so much. Who else can pull off socks with pumps besides Madonna and Barbie? :D

I love Cher. She has a sweet face. I can't wait to get the set of dresses on my shelf. That's fun that you have the same gold dress!