Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Mother Lode

So today's thrift store run proved to be very fruitful. My husband just mentioned that we will need a bigger house for all my dolls. Probably so honey, probably so. :) But when you see these, you just can't pass them up! However, no vintage finds today. That's okay though!

When I walked up to the counter the clerk asked me how I was doing today. I told her I was awesome. She then said "That's because you are at ReGroup." Indeed because here is what I walked away with.

Heads! I found a base for one of them but didn't find another base but I picked it up anyway. I figured they might be some kind of happy meal toy.

Nope. They are for this doll. Fashionista's Swappin' Heads.

And like last time, as always, the hair will take a little work.

1990's face mold doll. Oh boy she needs a bath.

This is a very pretty Teresa doll. Her head is quite loose though.

This one is going to take a bit of clean-up as well. Someone loved her as they drew a heart on her tummy and the word LOVE on her back!

She's got some kind of shell in her hair and a blue streak. A Mermaid Tale doll? Or Fairytopia Mermadia?

This one is cute.

She even has the sunglasses still attached to her head. That is a definite score!

I almost hyperventilated when I saw this one. Barbie Loves Buzz! I wanted this one so bad! Too bad she is missing the pants and shoes. She will do for now until I can get one new in the box. In fact, I would love to have all the Toy Story dolls. I have Toy Story Tour Guide Barbie and Barbie and Ken in Hawaiian Vacation. Now her!

Another random doll. Not sure who she is. Only hinged knees, left arm straight, right arm bent. No colored hair streaks.

 And who is this lady?

She's super cute, got that shy, coy look because she's looking off to the left. Any ideas?

Oh my, who is this?

I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be a mask or what. That's really the only idea I had for it considering the location on her head.

She also has a single pink streak in her hair.

Okay, this one. I was considering not buying her because she doesn't have the fins. She is a true mermaid doll with no legs.

I searched all the Barbie in a Mermaid Tale dolls and all the Mermaid Fantasy dolls and could not find one that looked like her.

This is a cute little Fashionista. At least I think she's a Fashionista. Aren't all of those dolls fully anatomical?

I think she's awesome but not sure if that is an earring in her ear or what.

I'm not sure if this is an actual Snow White doll because her dress does not close in the back. Her body mold says "1966 Mattel" so maybe she could be a donor body for my 1960's mod head mold. Think that would work?

Okay, and I had to get her.

The Princess and the Frog Tiana doll. She is the "Just One Kiss" Princess doll. When you bring the frog up to her face, her head turns to kiss it and she speaks.

Watch this video to see what she does. I only got her to fully work once as my batteries are starting to go. She is only missing one glove but that's okay with me. Love!

And finally, a random Kira head.

Now for the clothes. The only one I could find marked with a "Genuine Barbie" tag were the green board shorts at the bottom of the pic. Not sure why I got the boots. I could not find mates for any of them. I was really trying hard to look for another purple one so I could put it with the "Barbie Loves Buzz" doll.

This has got to be a Barbie dress though. It's just so pretty that it has to be!

Now someone enlighten me on these. I know the yellow is a skirt for a Belle doll. But what about the capes?

Are they actually capes or maybe skirts for a doll? They have velcro closures.

And last but certainly not least, I had to buy this little guy.

At $1 per pound I got all the dolls and clothes and two board games for $2. I love this place! And these dolls were certainly not there last week. If they had I would have gotten them! There is some very good stuff to be found at this store.

The Help! It's kind of spread out in the post. Mainly just doll and clothes ID's. I haven't had time to look for much of them yet but any help would be SO SO appreciated. :)

~New thrift store dolls is like Christmas every week!~


Andrea said...

Wow, great score again. Congrats on your lovely finds!

This one I have NRFB, Happy Holiday Barbie 1997:

The blonde 90's mold doll is Glitter Beach Barbie, she has her original jewelry.

The redhead with the aqua streaks and the blonde with the pink streaks are both dolls from the "Barbie and the Musketeers" movie.
The blonde is Corinne and the redhead is Aramina. The cape/skirts belong to them and you found one boot for each.

The one with bangs and the pink earrings is Glam Jet Barbie, 2010:

It is pretty hard to ID the new Barbie dolls, since they are almost identical. The one with the hinged knees is most likely one of the horse riding dolls from the last 2 or 3 years.

The brunette girl with the side glance is Raquelle from the movie "A Fairy Secret":

The Mermaid is a 2008 Splash & Style Mermaid:

The brunette is a Fashionista, she is Wave 2 Sporty, but her dress belongs to the first Swappin' Styles Fashionista Sassy. That thing in her ear looks like a pretty chewed up remaining of her original creole earrings.

Snow White looks like the first Basic Snow White, but her dress is from Jewel Princess Snow White, who is on the shorter Barbie body - that is the reason for the dress not closing.

The Kira head looks like Tropical Miko from 1985.

I just love Tiana, she is so cute talking to her frog prince.

Andrea said...

The purple princess dress belongs to Disney Rapunzel.

The short purple and pink dress is the original dress of your "A Fairy Secret" Raquelle.

The white lace shirt is part of a Fashion Avenue fashion. It came with a pink fleece jumper and matching hat, white lace tights.

The pink jacket with white lapels belongs to Day to Night Barbie.

The cargo pants belong to Teresa from the Teresa & Mika playset.

The yellow skirt looks like the first Snow White skirt to me.

Just saw that Troll - I had some of those as a teen, they are so cute.

Forestminuet said...

Oh my gosh Andrea. You are SO knowledgeable! My word, I should put on pics of my other clothes that I need an ID on!

As I was trying to ID some dolls this morning I did find out that I had two Barbie Musketeers dolls. The one has her mask broken and I thought it was a seashell at first! One boot, can you believe that luck? LOL

I also found out that the purple dress was off a Swappin' Styles doll but now I know who she really is!

I just restyled the hair of the Barbie Loves Buzz and that is not the original doll. She did not have hinged legs and her hair is way short. I might put it on a different doll because the legs are super loose and she doesn't stand up well. At least I got the outfit!

THAT'S who the Teresa is! (which is not really a Teresa.) I thought her jewelery looked familiar. I too have her NRFB but I have the blonde!

I know, I love Tiana. So super cute. I love when she says "I just do NOT kiss frogs!"

Forestminuet said...

Nope, my Happy Holidays 1997 is a brunette too. All my others are blonde though!

Andrea said...

Hm, when her legs are super loose, maybe she is a doll that came with a bicycle.

Lucky, you got her dress. I found the nude doll last year and am still hunting for her outfit, lol. Finding the doll will be much easier.

Just go ahead with the outfits you need an ID on, I'll gladly help.

One boot each is not as bad as it sounds, lol, now you just have to hunt for one more of each. I always snatch up single shoes as well and keep them in a box. That proved to be very wise, since I was able to match a lot of them with later single shoe finds. Good Luck in getting the other boots.

Mel Frizell said...

The one you said this about "1990's face mold doll.", for some reason reminds me of Ellie Mae Clampett!

Teresa Brown said...

HA! You know, I never thought of that before. She does have a striking resemblance to Ellie Mae Clampett!