Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Barbie Bubble Gum Shop

I have good news. I am once again among the working folk! I have been unemployed for six months and got offered a job today. Hooray! But this blog will not change! My quest will still continue for thrift store and garage sale dolls that need a good home. But because my income will be a little more substantial, it might mean that once in a while I can buy a brand new Barbie and *gasp* debox her! What fun would that be!

Can you all remember the last time you deboxed a doll? I think mine was either the Jewel Hair Mermaid Teresa or the Bubble Angel Barbie. That was a long time ago!

On to today's post. As I was finding a place to store the R/C Barbie Jeep I have, I ran across this playset.

I did not play with this much because when I got this I was around the age where I was about done with playing with dolls. This was a playset where you mold pieces of bubble gum into different shapes, place them in the bubbles, put a token in the register, press the button and DING! Out comes a bubble gum prize.

Let's open up the box shall we?

On the top we have something that doesn't really belong.

Miscellaneous cardboard shapes from All American Barbie and Camp Barbie, and the instructions for Camp Barbie and Super Talk Barbie.

Oh my, old crusty bubble gum......

Old crusty SPARKLY bubble gum

And apparently they were on closeout!

So these are the molds you use for the gum pieces. Heart...


...and a Barbie! (with ew, residue. Sorry everyone)

 And there is also a stick gum mold.

And you use this press to squeeze the gum into shapes.

Let's try this shall we? :) (Hygiene note, normally I would disinfect this before I used it but it's mine so I think it's okay ;)

Gum added

And press.

See it? Nope, neither do I. I guess I need to use softer gum!

And because I haven't cleaned out the box since I last played with it, here are some examples of the shapes. Here is a horse.

And here is a Barbie shape.

Oh look! Coupons!

See the expiration date on these? LOL!

So let's see what's in the rest of the box. Well, we have these sticks. Apparently you can put the gum shapes on the end of them and make them into a gum-lollipop.

And the tokens to put into the register. One side says Barbie, the other side is a picture of a doll.

And this is called a deflasher. Not sure why but it's what you use to remove the remaining bubble gum from the edges of the molds.

And apparently you use the tumbler you get to coat the gum in powdered sugar. Would that even taste good?
And a doll stand! Score! I think this will be staying out to hold one of my dolls on my shelf.

Okay, now for the main unit.

So now that we have identified all the pieces here's how it works. You mold your bubble gum and place them in the plastic bubbles. Then add to the main unit through the door.

It rolls to the bottom.

Then when you put in a token and press the cash register button (or just push the button without the token) you get the gum prize.

Then the tokens are stored below in a little bin.

So since I haven't played with this in such a long time, let's do a little re-enactment! We will use the lovely Caboodles Barbie. She has a sparkly dress and cute hat and she will be our clerk.

Skipper decides to take a trip to the bubble gum stand.

She puts in her token.

And out comes her prize!

Not a bad little playset. I don't have a place for it and it looks so much cuter when it's filled with bubble gum. Maybe I could get some play-doh? I think it could be a really fun play-doh set. When I do get a place I might put it together again.

The Help! If I were to sell this (which I'm not) is it really worth something? Do playsets have a resale value? I don't have many other playsets but I do have the Barbie and the Rockers stage. I've always wondered if they would be worth anything. What do you all think?

~Having bubble gum fun!~


Andrea said...

I can bet a kid would have lots of fun with this cute playset.

I think there might be collectors for playsets but is hard to name a price, because with collectibles everything is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

The best way to find out, if it has value and get a realistic figure is to check ebay auctions.

You can see for how much your item sold and then estimate an average value.

Hope that helps a little.

Forestminuet said...

Only two on ebay one listed for $9 and the other for $10. One sold for $25. Not a whole lot of them out there!

Andrea said...

I'm so sorry Teresa, for not congratulating you on your new job. That first part of your post must have totally slipped off my mind. I hope your new job turns out great for you and you'll enjoy your work there!

The last doll I deboxed was Fashionista Teresa.

It must be rare somehow, or maybe peaople just preferred to throw it away due to "food" being part of the playset. The only time I ever saw a part of that playset was on a yardsale, but it was just the bare counter.

I scored big time at a fleamarket yesterday: got Free Moving Cara and some 70ies Outfits.

Forestminuet said...

Thanks Andrea! No worries on not saying anything right away. :) I'm pretty happy about it. And I work in the next town over (the town with the really great thrift store). haha

Yeah, I think the food was part of the problem. I know that I did chew some of the purple sparkle bubble gum but my mom didn't want me chewing sugary gums all that often so I think most of the time I just molded it into shapes. I might try some of the play-doh and see if that would be cute. I think it would with the different colors and such.

I just looked up Free Moving Cara. She is so cute and has the Steffie face! That is a definite score for sure! Did you put your clothing online?

I've got a clothing post coming up, hope you will be able to help with the ID!

Andrea said...

Glad you are happy. How cool is that, being able to check out that thrift store more often?

Here is the link to the outfits:

I'll watch out for your clothing post.

Forestminuet said...

ohhh! I love the 70's outfits! Especially the Superstar ones. You definitely found some good stuff! yay!

Limabean said...

If you would be interested in selling your "barbie Bubblegum Shop" please contact me at

Forestminuet said...

Hi Limabean,

If I do decide to sell you will be the first one to know :)