Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This one is throwing me through a loop RESOLVED!

9/8/12 - Yay! Found out who she was! The 2004 Birthday Wishes Barbie. With the Mackie head mold, not the Goddess mold that I thought before.
So first off I fixed her hair.

Then I knew I had a beautiful aqua colored dress. For Christmas one year when I was a kid my parents went to Costco and bought these really fancy dresses for Barbie (They are not Genuine Barbie fashions.) Beautiful isn't it? It matched her necklace perfectly and was really the only dress I had that matched.

Ah, love her :)

~Original Post~

 Beautiful Goddess head mold, red hair.

The Help! Who is she? A wonderful anonymous poster helped me on a couple of these, maybe they have ideas of this one? I'm running out of search ideas on Google and can't find her anywhere. She has on a three strand aqua pearl necklace. I thought she was one of the birthstone dolls but she didn't match any. Also note the hair style. I'm thinking she might be from one of Barbie's new movies. (Fairytopia Mermadia, The Island Princess, The Glittering Castle, etc.).

Also she does not have pierced ears. The hole in her right ear was from something weird that was shoved through her earlobe. I bought her from a yard sale and she was very distressed and very dirty.

~Fixing her up, making her pretty again, what is her name~


Andrea said...

Birthstone was pretty close. She is Birthday Wishes Barbie 2004. What a lucky find. Congrats, she is so gorgeous. Sorry for being anonymus before, but I still have to catch that whole blogging thing and how everything works, lol.

Andrea said...

By the way, she is sporting the Mackie mold. Her neck should be marked 1991, the Goddess is marked 1998.

Forestminuet said...

Hi Andrea! Boy I am glad you found my blog :D She does have the year 1991 on the head mold and I have wanted a Mackie head mold for a while. Thank you so much for helping me with these! You are awesome and so knowledgeable! :D

Andrea said...

Thank you, I'm glad I could help you.

That agua dress is a perfect replacement for her original dress and you did a very good job restoring her hairstyle.

That is what I love about yardsale or thrift dolls. You not only get a new doll for small change, but you also get playtime restoring her beauty topped off by the rewarding feeling of accomplishment, when it worked out.

Somehow the dolls I have to work on mean much more to me, than the new and boxed dolls I bought. May be silly, but that is how I feel.

Forestminuet said...

It's not silly at all! You know, I feel the same way. Have you seen Toy Story 3? It reminds me of the beginning of the movie where the toys are dying to come out of the toy box to be played with. These dolls have been loved and played with (which is awesome!) but then they are either stored or thrown in the garages sale bin waiting to come out and be pretty again :)It's also fun to look through all my old clothes and see and remember what I have. So much fun!

Andrea said...

That is exactly what I feel sometimes, when I go through doll bins. It is almost as if the doll is begging to be taken home and to be saved.

Same here, I also love to go through my childhood clothing trunks and it's always a nice trip back on memory lane.