Monday, September 24, 2012

Wardrobe Extravanganza!

Every once in a while, I go through and look down the Barbie aisle at the store just to see what's new. I was not very impressed with Wal-Mart's selection of dolls. They had a few "I Can Be..." and just two of the new "The Princess and the Pop Star" dolls. The Barbies were done after about a half of an aisle.

This weekend I went to Target to look for a birthday gift for my niece. I was astounded by the entire aisle and a half of Barbies! Not only did they have more "I Can Be..." than I could have dreamed of, they also had Fashionistas, Barbie Basics, The Tim Gunn doll and fashions and twice as many "The Princess and the Pop Star" dolls. Even The Princess and the Pop Star fashions! They also had a very cute halloween doll (Target Exclusive) and and this Barbie.
Sydney Opera House Barbie Doll. Do want! I had a very hard time not bringing her home with me. But at a retail of almost $40, I had to wait. I did not know they had "Dolls of the World Landmark Collection" but I want them all. So pretty! But now I know that Target is the place for Barbie!

Enough rambling and making my wish list. :) This post is one big help! topic! Just clothing ID. As some of you may know, I love dolls in their original clothing. My mom bought me some clothes so I'm wondering if some are actually for a Barbie doll. If they are Genuine Barbie I will specify in the post. Here goes!

First I will need three members from the audience. Since I don't know which body mold these clothes will fit I will need one old, one new, and one Ken. These ones volunteered first.

My First Ken, Wet 'n Wild Teresa, and Really Rosy Kayla. These are the clothes that my mom bought for me at a garage sale. Look how neatly they are packaged.

The first we will try is a little skirt and sheer top ensemble. No tags.

I am a little concerned about the shirt since it's sheer. Does it go under something? The top fit better on Teresa because she filled it out more than Kayla. However, the skirt on Teresa was a little too big in the waist because it's made for a doll with hips. 

Next is a peasant top and skirt with grapes. No tags.

This outfit fit Teresa better because she fills out the top more than Kayla. I did try it on Kayla and it fit too but looked better on Teresa.

Next is a Barbie logo outfit with a handbag. There is a tag that says "Fashion Avenue Barbie."

If you feel the pants they are flocked and it was really hard to get them on either of the dolls. The shirt fits better on a smaller chested doll like Kayla. However, the pants are not fastened. I couldn't even get them fastened on the Teresa. I had such a hard time getting them on her but they are super cute, no? I ran a google search for Fashion Avenue and could not find this particular outfit.

A little striped top and arabian pant combo. No tags.

I chose Kayla for this outfit because her hips filled out the pants better. On Teresa they looked somewhat sloppy. The top looks fine on either.

A cute little Springtime dress I'm guessing off of an Easter doll. There is a Genuine Barbie tag.

Definitely fit better on the Kayla.

Funny that there are three bottoms and two tops of this swimsuit. But I knew exactly what doll they were for because I have her. Surf City Barbie!

This last dress is beautiful but a little odd. No tags.

It fits Teresa good but the top is off.

The top closes but it fits underneath the boobs instead of covering them. It looks like a piece of starched lace that was converted into a nice top. And it would be a nice top if it covered her. When you pull it up the bottom pooches out and doesn't lay flat. Not sure about this one!

Lastly in the pile there is a Ken outfit. No tags.

The pants fit like a dream but the coat seems a little large. Not sure if it's for a Ken or not.

Here are some other random pieces to identify.

Pink velvet coat, no tags.

Genuine Barbie pink princess dress. I have to repair it a little at the top but it's beautiful.

Again, another piece that I have the doll for. The skirt for Halloween Maskerade Barbie! Wish I had the top too!

Genuine Barbie mod dress.

Three swimsuits that I need to repair the straps on. None have tags.

 A top that is not long enough to be a dress. No tags. 

A Barbie logo tank.

The outfit that came on my Fashion Fever Drew doll when I got her. Skirt says Genuine Barbie, top has no tag.

A Genuine Barbie dress. The material is kind of a nylon. Seems like it would resist spills or stains?

Another Genuine Barbie dress. I love this one!

Red party dress, no tags.

Two skirts and a pair of shorts. The red floral one is actually has built in underwear. All have no tags.

An adorable hat with cherries on the lining.

A pair of shorts and a skirt. No tags on the shorts, the skirt is Genuine Barbie.

Genuine Barbie PJ's. I wonder if the teddy bear goes with?

Three pairs of pants. The jeans on the bottom are even a little small on a Skipper so I'm wondering if they are Barbie at all. They have little plastic zipper teeth on the back for decoration. All have no tags.

Genuine Barbie lingerie. However, the bra is not big enough to cover the doll (even a Skipper!)

Sparkly Genuine Barbie Valentine dress. Which doll is it from? :)

Genuine Barbie stain floral dress.

SO cute! Genuine Barbie pink dress with cow-print skirt.

Genuine Barbie felt Christmas Dress.

This dress has a tag that says "Disney Store Exclusive Princess." Any idea which princess it belongs to?

Genuine Barbie cute pink dress. Fits a 90's doll perfectly.

And a flowy and sparkly purple and sliver dress. Really pretty but no tags!

Any help, as always, is very much appreciated. I love trying to figure out what dolls these clothes are from but my google searches for these items are coming up empty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~Let's put together some outfits!~


Andrea said...

OK, so already typed it all in, when the anti virus decided to update NOW - and froze my system. What a bummer.

The sheer top is part of a 2001 Fashion Avenue "Shopping in Shinjuku". It was actually worn over a shirt, probaly to make it less daring. No idea on the skirt though.

No idea on the next one either. I just noticed, that there is a similar skirt in a Fashion Avenue Outfit, but the FA skirt is light blue.

The patterned pants with the Barbie shirt is a 2001 Fashion Avenue Outfit "Funky in Philly" - missing: purple Mary-Janes and black cat-eye sunglasses.

No idea on the - well what shall I call them? - short harem pants. The striped top is from a 1999 multi outfit Denim Giftpack.

The pink floral dress belongs to 2000 Pretty Flowers Barbie, the blonde one. There is also a brunette in purple, redhead in blue and AA Barbie in yellow.

The black sheer scarf belongs to 2000 Fashion Avenue #28119 "Premiere in New York".

Andrea said...

The blue sheer scarf and the skirt belong to 2000 Fashion Avenue # 28134 "Evening Bouquet". Missing a knit top with floral detail.

The lace corsage belongs to 2000 Princess Bride Barbie. It is too wide for Barbie, because it was worn over Princess Brides Wedding Dress.

Dessert Storm Ken's Jacket doesn't have a hoodie attached, so these are more likely both GI Joe or some other action figures combat clothes.

No idea where the pink coat comes from.

The pink princess dress belongs to 2004 Princess Anneliese from the Barbie movie "Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper".

I think I saw the pink dress with the purple belt in one of the multi outfit sets from around 2000.

Andrea said...

No idea on the yellow bathing suit. The purple swirl patterned bikini top belongs to 2002 Rio de Janeiro Barbie and the red bathing suit belongs to a 2007 High School Musical Gabriella - it should fit your Skippers, because the HSM dolls share the same body type.

No idea on the pink ruffled top.

I have that Barbie logo tank top, but no clue at all where it belongs to - I found mine in a fleamarket lot.

The white blouse is from a 2005 Fashion Fever Mannequin Fashion. Missing jeans and a brown plastic belt. The skirt is a 2005 Fashion Fever Separate.

The next three dresses are from various Multi Fashion Giftsets from the late 90ies to early 2000nds.

Flower panty belongs to a underwear Fashion Line early 2000nds. The neon swirly outfit could belong to a jeans line of outfits from the late 80ies to early 90ies. No idea so far on the flower skirt, but built in underwear comes in a lot of the Barbie fashions of this decade.

The hat looks cute, nut I am clueless on this one.

Andrea said...

The shorts and the skirt most likely ar from on of those multi outfit Fashion Giftpacks. I have top made from the shorts fabric, and I still have to find out about that one too.

The PJ's are for one of the soft bodied "Sleep"-Barbies. I don't know, if the teddy bear came with it, but the color matches - the pink PJ pants from the next picture definitely belong to this top.

No clue on the long jeans. I also have the one with the zipper detail. This one might be Bratz or Moxie Girlz.

No clue on the mega cute bikini either, sorry.

The sparkly Valentines dress belongs to 2001 Valentine Wishes Barbie.

The flowery dress looks like on that came in various fabrics on 2000 Springtime Party Barbie. This is her:

The next on belongs to 2001 Spot Scene Barbie.

The green x-mas dress looks like 2000 Holiday Surprise Barbie's, but then it would have to be longer. Is it possible, that someone shortened it?

The Disney exclusive dress belongs to Disney Exclusive Ballerina Pocahontas, sorry can't give you a release date on her.

Next one is most likely once again from on of the billions of multi outfit giftpacks.

The last one is from a 2008 Fashion Fever Barbie with wristjoints.

Forestminuet said...

Awww! I've had the same thing happen! I've also lost entire papers because my thumb hit my laptop touchpad and highlighted everything then deleted it. Sorry you had to type it in again.

I KNEW you would know where these come from! I know, it's virtually impossible to identify everything because of the tons and tons of fashion paks. For the Funky in Philly, I think I have some purple mary janes and I know I have black sunglasses. :)

I have the Princess Bride Barbie NRFB. I don't remember her wearing that lace top. Maybe mine is post 2000. Nope, just checked. Mine is white! It's strange though, mine is not like another top but actually sewn into the dress. The Lace stops at the side seams. So mine must be post 2000 for sure.

Just checked the christmas barbie, no her dress was not shortened. It could have been but someone would have to of been an awesome seamstress because that is one tiny (and straight!) hemline.

Thank you and thank you again! I love it!

Forestminuet said...

Also, I am absolutely in love with Spot Scene Barbie. :D So cute!

Andrea said...

You're welcome, glad I could help.

So there were more than one version of the Princess Bride, interesting. I wasn't aware, that Mattel made a basic version of her too. So she was like the starter of the Princess Collection.

Mine has the blue lace corsage, and under that she is wearing the same bridal dress as yours. Your doll wears a pink tiara and has a pink mirror, My doll has both items in silver.

I took some quick pics for you:

The Spot Scene dolls are very cute. I hope I can find Christie someday.

Forestminuet said...

Yes, the tiara and mirror with mine are pink. Strange how they change things in production, isn't it? :) From looking at your pictures, the writing of "Princess Bride" is different than on my box. I don't know, yours looks more sparkly and regal than mine. I like the blue, it really gives it that "princess" look I think.

Do you have all the Spot Scene dolls except for the Christie? I hate when I'm only missing one doll from the set. But it makes it super exciting when you can collect them all :)

Forestminuet said...

Okay, wait. Look at picture #4 that you took. It looks like the blue lace comes off to reveal white lace? So she can change from the "princess" to "princess bride"? Did they just do away with that in later productions? So confusing! haha

Andrea said...

I don't know if they made changes in production, but in the US there is often an basic version of dolls available. Like the Island Princess Barbie: there was the singing doll with the huge peacock collar to her blue dress, but they also sold a version without the singing mechanism and without the collar. But yes, Mattel is trying hard to make it as difficult as possible to identify their playline dolls.

Yes, I have Barbie and Teresa. I found both on fleamarkets, but so far Christie stays elusive. I don't always want all dolls from a set, but it sure looks good when they are all together. It depends mostly on my liking the doll. But hey, I'm easy to please, since I'm just a sucker for cute dolls.

Forestminuet said...

I'm also a sucker for cute dolls. And the Spot Scene ones are WAY cute!