Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Season is Changing...

So my thrift store finds were not as plentiful as they were the past couple of weeks. I saw a couple of Bratz dolls but I'm not really into those. Not to mention that they have really tiny bodies! I would never have any clothes to fit those! But I still got a few things that were pretty neat.

Since it's fall outside, Barbie needs some coats right? She must because that really is all I found today at the store!

Both the black and the red coats are Genuine Barbie. They also are identical in style. On the left there is a silver cami top and at the top left is a little hoodie and shirt combo.

It's cute so I thought I might put it on one of my Skipper dolls.

There are also a couple of other coats I found today.

None of them have any tags. But they looked like they would fit a Barbie so I picked them up too.

Also today I dug and dug. To be quite honest, I was digging for the mates of the boots that I found last week for the Barbie and The Three Musketeers dolls. But I walked away with some singles and a couple of pairs! Nice!

And a pair of pink cat-eye sunglasses.

I couldn't pass this up.

Cute little coin purse. In addition I also got a Scattergories dice, a small tub of play-doh, a topsy turvy tomato planter and a cute apple print Clinique bag. All for the going price of $2. It seems that's the only price I ever pay when I go in there! (Hey, I'm not complaining) :D

I think I am going to put the black and leopard print coat with the Maskerade Party Barbie skirt I have and make her a leopard theme outfit. I'll also see what other outfits I can come up with and post them up!

~Shopping has never been so much fun~


Andrea said...

Great clothing haul.

The silvery top escapes me right now.

The coats are 90ies. The leopard one should be from around 1994.

The pink shirt and the aqua hoodie belong to Teresa & Cat Mika, so you just need the shoes now to complete her outfit.

The gold coat looks great, but it does not ring a bell here.

The aqua jacket belongs to 1991 Western Stampin' Fun Barbie.

The white Hoodie is unknown to me.

Forestminuet said...

Nice! I'm glad I went back and dug a little more. I loved those pants from the Teresa and Mika set but didn't have a shirt to go with them. Now I do! Good thing I have a bunch of dolls to put them on :)