Friday, January 5, 2018

Merry Christmas...By Me!

Welcome Friends! I hope you had a very merry holiday season. I just got the last of my Christmas items put away and now it's time to get baby's room set up. But not before I get a blog post in!

I say Merry Christmas By Me because these next few items I took the liberty of buying myself because, sometimes you just can't pass them up! 

I bought this little box at Michael's with a gift card I got for my birthday in October. On clearance at $3.99, I decided to give it a shot. I'm definitely not a blind box person but all of them were so cute so I got one. 

Barbie Funko Pop mystery minis. So, which one did I get?

So cute. She makes a great addition to my desk!

I bought this girl after Christmas. I saw a bunch of the roller skate dolls but as I dug through to the back, I saw ONE of her. 

Barbie Video Game Hero doll! I've had my eye on her but at $24.99 each, that was a little too pricey for my taste. After Christmas she was on clearance for $12.99. A quick check on Amazon showed about the same price and she was in my cart. 

I read somewhere that the best time to buy toys is in January? That's when they have the lowest prices. Who knew? :)

My son has been having a LOT of fun with this dolly. After I got her hair brushed, she was ready for photos. 

She is a doll that has a sweet face. And I love her shirt!

I think my favorite part about her though is her jeggings. The little emojis on them are adorable. And they look super comfy. I want a pair!

They also have printed pockets on the back! I did have to trim some stray ends from her hair. It looks much better now!

Pink sneakers complete the look.

She comes with some accessories too! These are what my son calls "phone-ears." HA!

She also comes with some pixelated characters from the movie and two "power-ups" that look like they came straight from Mario Bros.

And, a tablet for gaming. 

Last but not least, I watched a YouTube review on the super super cute Hello Kitty Fashion packs. I just had to get one!

When I saw this one I had to have it. The Little Twin Stars was my favorite Sanrio character when I was a little girl. I went to Wal-Mart and searched and searched. I found the LAST one! How cute is this?

Let's use Video Game Hero Barbie as our model.

Oh so cute. The shirt has a Velcro in back and wide sleeves. And the Little Twin Stars on the front! Also comes with a purple star necklace.

A printed skirt and it goes perfect with the pink sneakers. Also a little bow purse! That print on the skirt brings me back :)

Before I end this post, I did want to mention one thing. 

Remember how I keep talking about Ever After High about how they should make the shoes in people sizes?

Look at these shoes by Katy Perry! She got the hint. These look like directly from one of our fabulous Wonderlandians from Ever After High! A domino heel? SO AWESOME. She also has some other ones with decorative heels, you gotta check it out.

That is all for today! Do you have Video Game Hero Barbie in your collection? Planning on getting any of the Hello Kitty fashion packs for your dolls? Let me know in the comments!

Next post will be pretty photo heavy so as soon as I get those pictures taken, I'll post them! Until then!


Anonymous said...

I love the t-shirt and the "phone-ears" (that's a great word actually :-D ). Cute doll with great accessories! I'm so looking forward to see the Hello Kitty clothes appearing in our stores! I looked them up on Amazon and they were rather expensive there! You chose a lovely set :-).

Mel Frizell said...

Good Morning Teresa!
I do not have this doll, but I do have the one on her shirt!
I have mulled the HK sets, have not bought one yet.
I have many dolls to write up from Christmas.
Finally over my winter yuck so hopefully in a few days!

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Millicent! I checked them on Amazon too. Super outrageous! I just love it and I hope they show up there for you soon!

Hi Mel! Was just going to email and see how you were. :) Can't wait to see what new dolly sets you got for Christmas! I'm getting over the yuck too. It's been brutal this year. I do recommend the HK sets. And from the review I watched on YouTube, they can fit the curvy Barbie as well! Hugs!