Tuesday, January 23, 2018

More Goodies!

Welcome back friends!

As I was cruising through the web one day, I stumbled across a picture of this doll.
Holy wow! She is gorgeous! This is the 1996 Midnight Waltz Barbie. She is from the Ballroom Beauties collection. And judging from the prices on eBay, not going for too much. I have this thing for black and white. I love it so much that hubby allowed me to design a room in our house in the black/white/grey theme (the guest bath.) Black and white is just so crisp and elegant. And as much as I love all the color in Barbie's wardrobe, this one is just simply gorgeous. 

Okay, now for the rest of the goodies from the Christmas box! We've discussed books and dolls, now for some....well, you'll see. :)


I have a couple other vintage cases and I love their drawings of vintage fashions on them. The middle ones are "Winter Holiday" and "Busy Morning" (the orange sundress version of "Suburban Shopper.") But don't know the other two. Readers, who are they?

This case also contained the cardboard accessory box holder and had no tears in the vinyl on the inside.

I also got this FABULOUS hatbox case!

I'm not sure what you would store in this one as it's too short to hold a doll. I'm guessing it's a place for CLOTHES!

Included in here are some handmade clothes. Let's take a look!

Black plastic (faux leather) jacket 

Sheer yellow dress with shawl (unfinished top on dress)

Red polka-dot cover-up (short robe)

Purple skirt with red trim and vest

Sea Foam terry vest and blue velour handbag

Pink gingham dress and bloomers. Cute!

An interesting one sleeve dress that will need to be repaired/finished before wear. I do love the mod print!

Black and blue geometric shirt. Maybe for Ken

Two red coats. They are identical except one has the pockets pinned on, obviously intentions of finishing but never got to it! (We all know how that goes.)

Red short party dress

Mustard yellow sheath dress with shawl/scarf

This I think is a sweater dress with a head scarf?

Sun dress which is in desperate need of some repair.

This is a whole jumble of unfinished shirts, skirts, pants and scraps of fabric. I like the print and maybe can come up with something interesting!

And these little trinkets: a baby in a blanket sack, umbrella, dishes and cups, a fuzzy pillow or stool pad and a terry bag with fabric inside of the same print.

Not bad! I am getting quite the collection of OOAK clothes that have the potential to be really cool. Just need TIME and we never have enough of that right?

Also included is this nice little hatbox with no Barbie markings, just a hatbox...

...filled with ACCESSORIES! Let's take a look!

Hangers! And some miscellaneous brushes and mirrors.

Here is some braided cord, misc beaded necklaces, pearl necklace, three pearl drop earrings and a blue tissue with some goodies wrapped inside.

A three strand pearl necklace (Enchanted Evening?) a pearl wrap bracelet, some single pearl earrings and hoop earrings like the ones that were in my ponytail doll that had green ear.

A yellow baby bottle, two rattles and a Barbie pillow.

I was able to identify where the pillow came from as it said "McD's" on the tag
A pink telephone and black record player. I was not able to identify these from any vintage accessories I looked at. Any ideas?

Random baby accessories. Bib, blanket, brush and comb, washcloth.

This is the big pillow that is under the items shown above.

Pack of brushes. Something I have entirely too many of!

Ken! Brown loafers, three black socks and one pair of striped socks. I can't seem to locate these socks anywhere so maybe they are an off brand.

A few pairs of sunglasses (one vintage pair without a lens) and a hair accessory from Totally Hair Barbie

Tennis racquets! Along with some terrycloth towels. 

And lastly, some doll stands which are always appreciated and some vintage 90's books that you get with dolls. 

And that's it for today! I love accessories. I found a box with all my old accessories in it (and got a new box for them) so I'll have to go organize! 

What do you think of the accessories? You are going to LOVE the next post, it's the best one of all! Until then!


Mel Frizell said...

Teresa that is an awesome haul!
I just went through my shelves and weeded out a large tote that are going up for sale.
Now to go through the ones I want to replace those with!
Writing descriptions will keep me busy the rest of the week.
I even have a bag of accessories to go through!

I have too look up those Ball Gown dolls thought Those are gorgeous!

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Mel! Descriptions are half the battle for sure! Can't wait to see what awesome accessories you come up with. love love love accessories!