Friday, January 12, 2018

My Holiday Star

Hello Friends!

Time for the first installment of the 2017 Christmas treasures! 

And, as always, we have the fabulous 2017 Holiday Barbie!

And her box is friendly so we can get some fabulous boxed and deboxed photos!

However, you cannot pull her out of the top, you have to slide her out of the bottom because of these tabs. If you slit the tape at the top the box will NOT stay closed. I had to re-tape it.

After the disappointment of the dolls last year, we are given this glitzy beauty.

I am glad they gave her jewelry this year, not just a bracelet. Her hair is "Holiday Barbie Hard."

She also has a beautiful multi-color blonde do.

Her dress is shiny red (perfect for the holiday) and has a slit up the front. It shows off her gold strappy sandals.

Also this Barbie is outfitted with a big star.

Since i'm not fully deboxing her, I'm guessing that the star is held on by these loops in the back of the dress.

She comes with a certificate of authenticity and a doll stand.

The back of the box reads:
"As the year comes to a close, celebrate the occasions that made you smile, the dreams that moved you and wishes that made you hopeful. Every joyful moment in life becomes a sparkling memory in our hearts. Barbie is adorned with a gleaming star to commemorate all those wondrous moments. May your 2017 Holiday Barbie keepsake inspire you to dream bigger, to live boldly and always shine brightly."

As with last years dolls, the different dolls come with different hairstyles and arm positions.

I am pleased with the doll this year. Last year was so lackluster but I'm glad that they brought more glitz and glamour to the holiday dolls. Checking the Amazon reviews, the one star reviews were for damaged boxes so that's a good sign. 

I do want to mention, this is the type of fabric where it will snag SO EASILY with normal play. I foresee a bunch of these dresses, snagged and torn sitting in a thrift store bin in 1 or 2 years. It is very very thin with no lining.

Also, Mattel! this is the FOURTH year in a row where we've had a red dress (not counting the other two colors from last year.) And the 5th year back we had silver and white and then the year before that (2012) the dress was also red. 2011 was green. Let's bring back more green! The green holiday dolls are so sophisticated looking! could give us another MACKIE holiday doll. I'm still holding out hope on this one...

So, was Holiday Barbie under your tree this year? Let me know in the comments!

More goodness coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Lovely doll, and the other two variations are great too! I love the hair-do and the earrings of your blonde beauty :-).

Mel Frizell said...

I did not get one. I am still waiting for them to go on clearance. The smug mouth just bugs me. Otherwise they are beautiful dolls.

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Millicent. She is very pretty. I like the other ones too. :) I like how they have different hair styles especially on the Teresa mold!

Hi Mel! They will be discount pretty quick I'm sure. I've grown accustomed to that mouth, they've been on the dolls for a few years now (except the blonde doll last year.) The AA doll from last year was VERY smug in my opinion, lol!