Friday, January 26, 2018


Welcome Back!

There was one last thing in the box that I received for Christmas. Just one....little...thing....

A garment box.

What usually comes in garment boxes.....?


Yes, I did get some fabulous clothes for the girls. Let's see! 

First we have Barbie Baby-Sits #953. It is almost near complete!

This set has the items that were added in 1965. The white christening gown, white bonnet, blue baby sitters manual, the formula recipe and the pink bunting. The items I am missing are from the original set (alarm clock, glasses, soda bottle, pretzel box, telephone list, telephone, books, book strap and the apron.)

Judging from this picture I found online, it appears that the 1965 version was somewhat of an "add on" pack so they don't come all together. Considering I don't have any of the small accessories that came with the original, it is quite possible that the collector only had this add on pack. (via eBay)
I can't believe that the book and formula recipe are in mint condition! Baby bottle and nappies are so adorable. But can you believe that formula recipe? Did our mom's actually feed us that? :) I was a formula fed baby but not with corn syrup and bananas!

Now we have Barbie-Q #962! How cute is this?

Comes with the hat and everything! This set is in perfect condition! If I ever make a backyard scene in my crafting escapades, then I will definitely have to put this on a doll. 

Check out the TINY ACCESSORIES! I can't get over that potholder. It's so cute and tiny. It has the rolling pin, the spatula, spoon, and knife. This is a complete set even with the shoes!

This is Bride's Dream #947. It also came with the flowers and gloves.

The satin has not yellowed at all and is in excellent mint condition!

The flowers need a little help but that's to be expected. There is really no way to clean them and keep them intact I'm afraid. 

This is two shirts and the skirt from Busy Gal #981. Needs the belt, hat and portfolio. But doubt I'm going to find that! One of the tops is a little more dingy than the other. 

Ah yes, one of my all time favorites. Enchanted Evening #983. I received this one a couple years ago with my vintage clothing. The one I got last year didn't have the correct stole. This one does. 

And also look! Comes with the three strand choker and the triple pearl drop earrings!

Friday Night Date #979. This set is COMPLETE! And with shoes!

Just look at that little tray with the orange fizzy drinks. Even with their straws!

There are no felt pieces missing from the corduroy dress. So cute!

This is the complete set of Let's Dance #978. And it came with 2 of the dress!

This even came with the pearl drop necklace which can be hard to find in good condition. And I had to just now double check, it did also come with the white purse. It is covered by the dress in the picture. 

This is a partial of Picnic Set #967. No accessories.

But remember what I got a couple years ago.

There is my accessories! However not the fishing pole which is okay. But the hat is in mint condition and the wedges are different but I usually don't display my vintage dolls with shoes anyway. Now I have the checkered shirt!

It looks like the pants are a little different but I think the new photo with the shirt are the original pants from the set. The other jeans could have been from a fashion pak in 1963. They seem to have slightly different stitching. (via eBay)

This is cute! Raincoat #949. Also known as Stormy Weather. This is the coat only. The other items (hat, belt, umbrella and boots) can be harder to find. But I have a lot of boots that would work with this! And the coat is in clean condition!

Resort Set #963. I got the striped top in my vintage lot a couple of years ago. Shorts need a wash but other than that, in good condition! Need the white hat, cork wedges and charm bracelet (which probably will never have.)

Ah, beautiful. Solo in the Spotlight #982. This is no where near complete but awesome to have the original. The fabric is in very good condition but the red rose at the bottom is missing. 

Remember that I have her. A reproduction but I have one nonetheless! (via etsy)
One of our favorites! Suburban Shopper #969. Dress only. My mom had this one in her collection. One of the outfits that was left at my Grandmother's house (and then later sold unbeknownst to my Grandmother by my crazy ex-aunt.) I remember playing with it and the adorable shopping bag. 

Dress needs a little freshening up but that stain would come out very easily, I know it! 

How about this little gem? This is Sweater Girl #976. One I had never heard of before. Came with the sweater and shell and two pencil skirts. 

This one has all the buttons intact on the sweater

This ensemble came with some awesome accessories like a bowl with balls of yard and knitting needles, scissors and a book titled "How to Knit by Barbie"
 After my own heart. Sweet Dreams #973. Complete! My mom also had this one. I have the top and the shoes, the other pieces were in my grandmothers collection. I remember playing with the clock!

This ensemble even has the ribbon for the hair. All I have to do is put a jump ring on it and we are good to go! And none of the elastic has disintegrated in the shorts too. Score!

Theater Date #959. This is the 1963 version as it contains the hat. AND the green shoes!

I also received this one a couple of years ago but only the jacket and skirt. Now I have the complete set!

I think I almost cried when I saw this one.

The Wedding Day Set #972 from 1959. This set was replaced by Bride's Dream in 1963 but the veil and flowers stayed the same. This did not come with the white short gloves or the garter. 

While the fabric is pristine and the glitter is intact, there is one small tear in the lace at the top of the bodice. I will have to be very careful if I put this on a doll someday. 

Veil is in excellent condition!

And lastly we have Winter Holiday #975. Near complete! Came with two of the hooded shirt and as you can easily see, one is in mint condition with the strings and the other seems to have some rust from the zipper. Wonder how that happened?

The jacket is super stiff. I might have to take a blow dryer to it so I can get it to bend a little. As of right now, it's not very pliable. 

And how cute is this! The bag! 

The only things that are missing from this set are the gloves, the belt for the jacket and the cork wedges. Now I want to ask, why does one wear cork wedges to a WINTER holiday? And with FOOTED tights?

I can't be the only one to think this looks a little ridiculous right? I mean they made boots for Stormy Weather, wouldn't be that hard to make winter footwear I would think?
Well, that is all for now! Hope you had fun looking at these fashions. Which ones would you like to see on my dolls? Let me know in the comments! 

All my information came from the Fashion Doll Guide website. It's been my holy grail lately. 

New post coming up in a few days. Stay tuned!


Barb the Evil Genius said...

If Barbie was in Malibu, she doesn't really need winter boots, although the cork wedges and tights is still a weird look. She'd need something a lot warmer if she was in Willows, WI!

Congratulations, you got a lot of gems there. It'd be interesting to compare Barbie Babysits with the new Babysitter Skipper and Friends. :)

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Barb! I've seen some of those new Babysitters and Friends! They are pretty cute, I think that some come with highchairs!

Yeah, if they were FOOTLESS tights, that would make more sense and would be a perfect look for a night out in Malibu. In WI, you'd need a snowsuit! Heard there's been a bit of snow lately!