Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mail Order Item and Some Research

Two things before I cut to the chase in this post. Laundry day for Barbie! Told you all I was going to. :)

Second. Last night I was searching Google images for the 2005 Cali Girl Christie so I could find pics of the shorts she wears with the top I have. I was not getting success so I added the word "aloha" in the search (since her shirt has Hawaiian flowers on it.) Whatever you do, DON'T add aloha to the search. Just. don't. do. it. (Apparently there is a porn star who's name is Aloha Christie. Yeah. No.)

Okay! Onto more friendly matters!

So I mentioned that I ordered a couple things and I got package one of two today. (My friend has the other package so I have to wait for that one.) But this one came to my house.

Remember Working Woman Barbie wearing the Day to Night jacket?

Remember when I found one Day to Night shoe at the thrift store?

Well, here is my purchase!


It's a little blurry but you get the idea.
Day to Night Barbie accessories! When I found the Day to Night shoe at the thrift store, I had not yet won this auction. I was secretly hoping and wishing and praying that I would win this. And I did! You can't ask for a better selection of pieces than this.

And here she is!

It was a pain to get that briefcase to stay on her hand.
The briefcase is flawless. No scratches or scuffs. Just general marks from storage or light play.

What's in the briefcase? All the essentials needed for work and a night on the town.

Now, Night!

The shoes are the best part.

And her top has very little snags and strings that have come undone. This type of fabric is so notorious for snagging with play.

And the super cute purse.

Oh my goodness, I am in love! She definitely ranks up there with my favourite Barbies of all time. I am so super excited with how this doll fits the 1984 Day to Night Set.

It is by no means complete yet. Still need some day items: the hat, scarf and purse. On eBay I saw a few hats by themselves so I think I'll wait. I mainly wanted the skirt and shoe. How lucky that I had one shoe from the thrift store! But completing outfits is one of my favorite things about buying Barbies!

The seller also threw in some extra goodies. What a nice seller!

Didn't Barbie have some Lee Jeans fashions? This must be where the bag came from.

I also did a little research on Liv dolls and the doll that I left behind at the thrift store was a Liv. Here she is.

She is the Sophie Liv It's My Nature Doll. If she's there I'll pick her up for the articulated body. (She also had a wig.)

Until next time!


Andrea said...

Lol, your Barbie laundry day looks just like mine. Only difference here I'm sorting the clothes by color first, after I had a hot pink piece unintentionally dying a lot of white clothes light pink due to color bleeding into the water. The same can happen with dark purple and red clothes. Oh, and never ever try to wash the Barbie jackets and skirts that look like "pleather", because they tend to disintegrate. The "pleather" surface will start to peel off and you are left with the under fabric. I learned that one the hard way.

Congrats on your auction win. Nothing can beat compleating an outfit or a doll - especially that quickly. She really looks great in that outfit. I'm not shure though how long the shoes will survive her feet. She is a 90s doll, so she has much larger feet than the original 80s Day to Night Barbie.

Yeah, brocade and sheer fabrics are mostly beyond repair nowadays - partly thanks to Mattel for replacing snaps by velcro closures. Considering the age it is in very good shape.

There were multi fashion sets with Lee fashions, I think around the mid 90s. The leopard bag belongs to a Fashion Avenue Outfit for Barbie and Kelly - denim coats with leopard collars for both. A very cute set.

You scored Sophie's original outfit:

Model Muse has nothing to do with Liv dolls. The Mattel body the outfit is displayed on for the pic is called Model Muse or MM body. The Models in Location collector line were the first dolls with this body type.

Now I'm curious what is in that other package.

Forestminuet said...

So the model muse was a misleading eBay post! This is the exact wording of the post


I did not know about Model Muse body types!

Oh I didn't even think of the bleeding of dark clothes onto other fabrics. I will make note of that next time. I am lucky that it has never happened to me. All of the laundry came out pretty much perfect. The Boo-tiful Halloween dress is near perfect. A lot of the dirt came out of it. There are still a couple spots that I missed but I'll get those next time. Can't wait to dress a doll in it. Thanks for the tip on the pleather. I have a pleather jacket that is already disintegrating. I don't really know what to do with it except keep it in a baggie because the flecks get everywhere.

Yeah, I noticed that the shoes are a little small for Working Woman's feet. I have her in a stand so a little of the weight is off of them. Maybe I'll just let the heel fall off and keep them on the toes. :)

I just looked at the Barbie and Kelly Lee Jeans set. So cute, I love all the Barbie and Kelly matching clothes. Adorable.