Monday, October 8, 2012


Well, I dug to the bottom of the toy bin again. Shoes seem to be my going thing right now at the store. But I did manage to walk away with one doll!

Yeah, no clue. Her back says Mattel (Indonesia). Her nose is a little dirty, hehe. She has a ring on her left thumb and black nail polish.

She also has some blue streaks and some sections of the hair appear to be white and crimped. The first pic shows a little bit of the white if you look by her elbow. She also has not the BIG flat feet, but flat feet with a little bit of high heel shape.

Only one piece of clothing today. WNBA shorts.

Time for the accessories!

Cute little ice blocks. I thought I could use them as a prop for one of my ice skating dolls.

Two crowns. Not sure if they are Barbie or not. I'm sure the pink one on the right is.

A little charm with Glitter Hair Barbie on it.

I like turtles and this was so cute. It's marked 06 Mattel. Didn't some of the mermaid dolls come with little ocean friends?

A blue hand mirror

You cannot believe how excited I was when I found this shoe.

Day to Night Barbie! Did she come with a pink calculator? Looked fun for Barbie so I picked it up too. I picked up the Day to Night jacket like 3 weeks ago. How did I not see the shoe?

And the shoes!!! (and a hair curler casing)

It seems that this time I made only one pair (the pink open toes in the front). The big chunky blue shoe I'm pretty sure I got last time. And what is that thing in front? Sock? Mitten?

The Help! Just an ID on the doll up top and the pink calculator. And the red sock/mitten thing above!

I love digging to the depths of the toy bin. Sometimes I think that something is alive in there (seriously, there was the heel of a french bread today, no joke). But look what I find when I dig!

I'm waiting for a package and when I get it, I'll post up what I got. Can't wait!

~Shoes, a girls best friend~


Andrea said...

The doll is Generation Girl Dance Party Tori. She has the Teen Skipper body.

The shorts belong to WNBA Barbie, she was available as blonde, Hispanic, Asian and African American.

The gold tiara with the red stone could belong to Jewel Princess Snow White. The other one is definitely Mattel, bit it is hard to tell whether it came on a doll or if it was included in a fashion.

No clue on the charm and the cute turtle.

Day to Night Barbie only came with cardboard accessories, besides her hat, briefcase and shoes. May be the calculator came with her office/bedroom playset.

Sooner or later the seconds to these shoes will pop up. I got the light blue chunky ones in a Fashion Fever shoe/accessory set.

Looks like a mitten to me.

Forestminuet said...

My mom bought me an entire bag full of shoes. Some had mates but others did not. I hope maybe I can make some pairs! Especially on the Day to Night Barbie shoes. I love the two colors and would fit perfect with Working Woman Barbie (dressed as Day to Night) :)

I think I will put the turtle with the mermaid Barbie anyway. It's so cute and I love little props.

Another doll with a Skipper body! I really need some clothes. haha

Again, thanks for the help!

Andrea said...

Day to Night Barbie's shoes are my favorite 80ies shoes. They look so classy. I hope you can match a pair of them soon.

Eunice Goh said...

I believe the little pink calculator is from Mattel's Polly Pocket line! It's a cash register I think.

Forestminuet said...

Hi Eunice! Thanks for stopping by :) Thanks for the ID on the cash register. When I found this, there were TONS of Polly Pocket in the toy bin so that's probably where it came from. But seems to fit Day to Night Barbie really well!

Party Heartee said...

Day to Night Barbie came with a little calculator that barbie could hold. It was white plastic with a calculator sticker on it. If you need a pic i may be able to find it in my childhood Barbie stash.