Thursday, October 11, 2012

Work it, Barbie!

You know, out of all those shoes I bought at the thrift store this week, I made a whole THREE pairs from the ones I found previously. Well, all things considered I guess that's not too bad!

This is a short little post as I don't have much time. I'm leaving for a wonderful weekend to the beach for my birthday! Want to see my gift from my parents?

LOVE! I grew up with re-runs of I Love Lucy and I laughed and laughed at this episode. I opened the box and changed the batteries in the stand so you can now hear the original TV soundtrack (activated by pressing the little black button inside the heart.) This is so wonderful!

But I did want to show you a Barbie that I have on my shelf.

Barbie and exercise bike! Don't you love the outfit? So 80's/Jazzercise.

I don't know what doll she is but I found her at a garage sale YEARS ago. This was the doll that was wearing the black and silver Cher dress I posted last time. But since she is an 80's doll, she fits the outfit nicely.

This exercise bike came with two little pink dumbbells (like the ones that come with gymnast Barbie) and this outfit. The outift was on a cardboard doll. I remember the package but I can't seem to find the exercise bike anywhere online!

The Help! Does anyone remember the specific name of this outfit or playset? Not for any reason other than my own curiosity.

Have a wonderful weekend readers!

~I work out~


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Teresa!

Congrats on Lucy & Ethel. Their faces are so cute and Mattel really did catch the likeness of Lucille Ball very good.

Mattel did not always name outfits during the 80ies and 90ies, some can only be specified by the Mattel item numbers. During the 90ies that excercise bike came with various versions of workout outfits. Dress N' Play was the name of that outfit line - it included various accessories and outfits.

Here is an example pic from ebay:$T2eC16N,!%29!E9s2f!qI8BQZOkI4JWw~~60_57.JPG

Your outfit version is so adorable. It reminds me very much of the first Aerobic TV-Shows.

Remember the PJs and the purple Teddy bear? I just stumbled across this pic:

So the bear did come with that outfit.

I hope you have a great B-day Weekend at the beach!

Forestminuet said...

Nice find on the slumber party set! I love those slippers, I have those too. I have a doll to put the outfit on and she will make a nice addition to my Bedtime Barbie and Starlight Bed set. Am I strange for thinking that the pink pants seem a little odd for this outfit? I think the pants should be purple!

Dress and Play! That's what it is. I wonder how many outfit combinations came with that set.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Andrea said...

Mattel's taste in playline fashions is often disputable, lol. You're right, purple pants would have looked so much nicer.

Today's fashions don't even have the same fabric for the back of the dresses.