Monday, October 22, 2012

Dance Moves Barbie

So first off, I clothed my Christie doll. :) I looked at her hair and I didn't want to do much to it because most of it was in those perfect little ringlets.

So I just took it out of the regular ponytail and put it in a lower one and kind of tried to hide the straight parts.

Kind of worked...maybe...sorta. ;)

The shirt that I had was her original shirt. I looked online and realized that she was from the 2004 Cali Girl set of dolls because she is scented. She still smells like suntan lotion.

In researching the 2004 set, I found out that this little bikini was on the Lea doll.

So I put it on my Christie.

Looks cute!

Okay, I bet you didn't think that this post would be about Dance Moves Barbie huh? ;) just kidding.

My mom bought some dolls from a yard sale and she was stark naked. But she is in really great condition! I looked her up online and realized that I had the better part of her outfit.

She had all parts right down to the accessories (except the boom box) and the correct shirt. But she needed something so I felt that the lime green would be a nice contrast. A little bit of funky to go with the pink sparkle!

She's pretty.

And she still moves like a charm!

When I first looked at her in the box, I didn't know which doll she was. The articulated legs didn't ring any bells but I found some papers in the box.

That made it real easy for me to tell who she was and now I had the instructions on how to properly make her dance. And I believe that the sticker sheet goes with her too. Can you believe it's complete?

There are no decals on the walkman so I'm thinking that these must be for that. Or maybe this sticker sheet isn't for this doll at all. With the soda and the bird food stickers, i'm not sure.

Well, the moment you've been waiting for. What is in the package with the cute Barbie sticker?


The original shirt for Dance Moves Barbie! I searched and searched eBay and found this one. It was the one that had the least amount of snags. The material is the same as the bodysuit for Day to Night Barbie.

I am so happy that she is complete!

So, another complete doll to add to my 1980's collection!

The Help! First, should I keep the sticker sheet as is? Does it even go to Dance Moves Barbie? Also in the box was the instructions for the "So Much To Do Bedroom Playset" from 1995. Maybe those stickers goes to that?

Also, the shirt I had on Barbie before the awesome original shirt.

Any ideas? I think it would look cute as part of a beach outfit.

Also, anyone have ideas on how to restyle Christie hair? I would love to make the straight parts of the hair in those ringlets but I doubt that will happen without some major work.

So no more exciting mail order items for a while. But thrift store goodies are in store for this week! I did get the Liv doll along with some other goodies! Stay tuned!

~The 80's collection is building, so exciting!~


Andrea said...

Congrats on completing Dance Moves Barbie. She is so cute and her shirt is in pretty good shape too. The last on I saw on a fleamarket was all shreds.

That sticker sheet is an amazig find and I'd keep it intact - at least until you stumble onto the furniture it goes with. Looks to me like stickers for a living room playset, with all that entertainment device stickers.

The green top belongs to this line 1992 Sun Sensation Fashions:

The Scented Cali Girl Beach Dolls are from 2004 according to my Mattel catalogs.

The restyling of the Hair should be easy: wet her hair, detangle it and roll it up in thin strands on thin pipe cleaners as curlers. Just not like you would for a regular curl, but more like for a banana curl. you can bend the ends of the pipe cleaners to fix the hair. Big plus on the pipe cleaners you can bend them to head, just like you would want finished style to look. Pour hot water over her head and let sit until the hair is dry. Then you can carefully unroll the hair and you should be done. Oh, and never use a regular Barbie brush on curls like this, better use a fork comb.

Andrea said...

On the sticker sheet again. There should be a Mattel product number on the sheet, as well as a production year (which is usually a year earlier than the actual release. Just like the box date on dolls).

So you can easily find out where it belongs to.

Forestminuet said...

Yay, Sun Sensation Fashions! In that picture I have the first and the third outfit. I would love to collect them all!

HA! I meant 2004 on the Cali Girls. I had 1994 on the brain with Day to Night Barbie I guess. I changed it :)

Hm, no product number on the sticker set. I do have a couple pieces of the 1995 Bedroom and I have the instructions. On the instructions it shows pictures of the sheets of letters and pictures it comes with, but not that decal set. I'm curious now on what it goes to! The production year says 1994 which makes me go back to the 1995 bedroom playset.

I'll try the Christie hair restyle! Sounds fun!