Sunday, October 7, 2012

Vintage Clothing Showcase and Memories

Sorry for the delay on this post! Internet was on the fritz! Also it's been a few days because it's been a long first week at my new job! I've been learning a lot and since I'm an Excel wiz, I've been getting a lot of special projects. I love projects where I get to think and create. Fun!

My mother called last night and said she had picked up a doll with freckles. I told her I had one and it was my Fashion Fever Drew doll but she does not have the traditional "Barbie" face. She said that this one actually looked like a Barbie. So I'm curious to see what she came up with! I'll get to see her next weekend.

Okay, I've posted a few of my vintage dolls here already. You can check them out here. But there are a few more pieces that I will showcase here today.

First is not a truly vintage but nontheless one of my most favourite dolls ever.

Enchanted Evening Reproduction. My mom had the ORIGINAL. Gah, I wish my Grandmother (well, really my aunt, long story....) wouldn't have sold the Barbie clothes at a garage sale. Just goes to show you will never know what you find at sales!

Memory: I remember dressing up the Barbie at my grandmas house in the *dirty* Enchanted Evening Dress. I was so excited that she had the original and dreamed of having the perfect and clean original. Now I have one. Well, not quite original but close. My mom's dress would have meant more though.

Look who is behind Miss Enchanted Evening!

A non-Mattel doll wearing the 1965 Aboard Ship outfit. She comes with a travel brochure and a camera and I believe the camera was still in my mom's collection at my grandmas house. This outfit actually came with the rare pumps instead of the normal open-toe heels. These are newer pumps because my old ones don't have the toe opening. It was between this outfit and Matinee Fashion of which one to put on the new Bubblecut Barbie I found at the thrift store. This was my mom's favourite outfit.

Next to Aboard Ship

Another one of my favourite reproductions, Solo in the Spotlight. Love her! Next to her....

This is Sandi wearing the 1964 Satin 'n Rose Fashion Pak. (My Really Rosy Barbie is wearing the skirt.) And I even have the heels!

The glitter is coming off (and apparently the hem is starting to fray by the looks of it!) but the heels are overall in good condition.

Memory: This outfit was a staple for my Steffie-faced Wet 'n Wild Teresa doll. I guess I just liked the pink against her dark hair!

I remember getting this doll case at a garage sale when I was little. Mom went to get some of the Barbie clothes from my grandma's house and since she left the doll case she had there, I got this one.

Oh how I wished I had Golden Dream Barbie. I wanted the doll to match the case! (I never got Golden Dream Barbie, maybe later I can get her? :)

In the case we have more vintage goodness! (If you want to see complete sets, google search the names of the outfits and it will bring them right up!)

The dress from the Orange Blossom Wedding Set.

Memory: I remember the white lace over-dress being at my grandmas house. I remember thinking how odd it was that a see-thru dress would be worn for a wedding. I never dressed a doll in it (because this piece was at home!)

The baby doll from the 1959 Sweet Dreams Barbie. I am missing the little shorts underneath. I have the baby blue heels from the set.

Memory: My grandma totally had the clock and the orange that went with this!

Ah, the bodysuit from the teaser post. This is from the 1965 Fun at the Fair outfit.

The skirt that goes with the shirt is red but I always put this skirt with it. I think it's just a generic blue skirt, it does not have any Barbie tags. So I don't know if it's Genuine Barbie or not but it matches!

This cute red tank came from the 1966-1967 Pak of Tailored Tops. The other top that came with was a plain white bodysuit.

Remember when I posted my Sew-Free Fashion Fun outfits? Here is the third one "Day in Town."

Memory: My grandma had the blue dress and the brown belt that went with. I never dressed a doll in the jacket ever. When I was little, I thought the design on the jacket resembled something an indian would wear so this never came out of the case!

This is the cutest hat I've ever seen. This is from the three pack of Glamour Hats from 1966-1967. This is the Reception Line Hat. Cute no? It doesn't quite match the pink on the Satin 'n Rose fashion and Sandi's hair is too big for it to stay on right.

Wigs! I love these. I don't think they are from the 1963 "My Favorite Barbie." My mom never had a plastic hair doll and the light blond wig on the right did not come with the set. All the dolls I've looked at have a dark brunette wig.

Memory: As you might be able to tell the light blond wig seems a little messy. That is because my dolls wore this wig all the time. It matched the style and color of my mom's hair and I wanted them to look like her. (awww ;)

This is the purse from the 1969 JCPenney Pink Premier set. It also came with gold gloves.

Memory: My grandma had "Twinkle Lights" Barbie and this was her purse. No other Barbie could have it...ever.

My parents had a friend who went to our church who made this beautiful halter dress and cape for Barbie. Love! I think I will put it on a doll and set it on my shelf.

And the genuine Francie poncho "Corduroy Cape." No boots though. I'm not sure if my grandma had them or not. 

Here are some clothes that I believe are vintage so if someone could help that would be great. I have tried to search but found nothing. None have genuine Barbie tags.

Pink sheer skirt with lace trim

Light yellow bloomers with lace trim

Lace dress with pink skirt. There are no closures in the back. It may be handmade but someone would have to have been an awfully good seamstress to sew the pleats in the skirt!

Tan pant suit. The jacket is just a smige big for Barbie. Pants fit great thought. Could also been handmade.

Yellow swim suit with lace

And I don't think this dress is vintage, in fact, I'm pretty sure it's not. Andrea?

Also, remember the super cute boots I got last time at the thrift store?

Take a look at the Target Glam Jet Paris Barbie
You can see that those are the boots from this doll! Yay! I'm going to find a cute dress and put them on her. Exciting!

I have my weekly run tomorrow to the thrift store. Monday is a good day to go because now that I can wear jeans at work, Monday is the $4 jean day.

I hope you enjoyed my post and trip down memory lane. I've got another post coming up in a couple of days. Hopefully my item comes in so I can show you all what I bought! (unfortunately not Dance Club Barbie. Darn.)

~Vintage Fun~


Andrea said...

How cool to have your Mum's doll clothes, and they are in very good shape - considering two generations of girls playing with them.

The two reproduction dolls are also in my dolldom aka Barbie room.

Be careful with the original vintage OT-shoes, the strap is prone to breaking if a standing doll is wearing them for a longer period.

These wigs came with the vintage Fashion Queen Barbie, but they were also sold seperate as a wig set and wig set with hairdryer. May be they come from one of those sets.

Unfortunately non of your mystery clothes rings a bell here.

The black & white evening dress did ring one instantly it is a Mego Cher doll outfit from 1976.

It's great that you resolved the boots - now I know which ones to hunt for to myke my doll complete.

Andrea said...

Oops, forgot to post the pic link for the Cher outfit:

Forestminuet said...

I wouldn't of even known had I not been looking for the Glam Jet Barbie dress. I was looking for pieces on ebay and happened to notice the boots just by chance.

Thanks for the ID on the Cher outfit!

You know, I still cannot find any pictures of the wig set having a platinum blond wig. All the ones I see have the dark brunette. I'm sure it was a by-itself purchase, probably with the hairdryer. I love the wigs, they are so fun! The only one that they look good on is my mod Barbie head because her hair is short enough that it does not show underneath. Maybe I could change her up weekly!

Andrea said...

Weekly change sounds fun and safe for the doll. Those wigs can melt with the head, if left on over a very long time.

May be the blonde wig is from the Color Change Wigset.

Forestminuet said...

Oh, I had no idea that wigs can melt to the head! I wonder how many vintage dolls have been ruined by that! I'll make sure not to do that. The weekly change sounds like much fun.

Yeah, that blonde wig is definitely a mystery!

I also didn't know about the open toe heels. I would hate for some of the originals to get broken. I think I'll take them off.