Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 11: Marvelous Millennium - The Millennium Princess

Y2K. Remember when it was a big deal? I recently found a ball pen from PGE (Portland General Electric, the electric company where I lived) and the pen said "OK with Y2K". I wanted our class motto to be "We are Y2K Compliant". It got voted down. I graduated from high school this year and that was exciting enough. But for some reason I was obsessed with anything that said "Year 2000" on it. Candles, napkins, confetti, party hats, party plates. I had a little display in my room of my "Year 2000" stuff. Want to see what was at the center of my display?


She fit the theme quite well.

Here we have another velvet and lace winter dream dress. I think they did perfect with capturing the elegance and excitement that went into the new Millennium.

A crown for a princess.


Mattel brought back the ornament keepsake. There was one with the 1989 and 1990 Happy Holiday dolls. (Can anyone confirm if the 1988 doll had one?)


She is so beautiful. I really don't have any words to describe her. The velvet and silver is just so befitting of a princess.


The back of the box reads: "Barbie looks dazzling as she celebrates the new millennium in grand style! She holds a beautiful keepsake of the year 2000 - - a remembrance of this historic moment in time!"


It really was an awesome moment in time. Remember where you were when the clock hit midnight? I was running up and down the street with noisemakers and Barbie was at the gala dancing the night away.

See you tomorrow!


Andrea said...

Sorry, but Christmas preparations got in the way here.

When she was released, Millennium Princess Barbie AA moved in with me. I got the Caucasian doll NRFB on a fleamarket this year. And both are lovely dolls. getting an ornament again was a nice touch.

My 1988 Holiday Barbie didn't hav an ornament and there was sign she was ever packaged with one (no holes in the liner).

I spent the Millennium on a flight home from Asia.

Forestminuet said...

Good to see you back Andrea! No worries, I have Christmas priorities too. I just type these blogs up ahead of time and they automatically post when I tell them too. Easy!

You have the AA one too? Nice! They are so pretty and I love how you got the NFRB at a fleamarket. Congrats! The ornament is so cute, love it.

Flight home from Asia? That sounds exciting. Glad that Y2K did not mess with the aircraft electronics because if I remember correctly, that was also a cause for concern, lol

Andrea said...

Oh yes, lol, a lot of people warned us of the Y2K bug in computer systems. But I don't think that the airline would have taken the risk, if they didn't have good reason to let the plane start as scheduled. I'm pretty sure they took test runs on all systems to find out if there was a bug or not.