Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 15: Wonderful White - 2003 Holiday Visions Barbie

I think Mattel was going for a change with this one. I believe it was about this time that the market for dolls was going down and they wanted to put a different spin on the holiday dolls. I introduce to you - Holiday Visions Barbie!


Now you may be asking why I think Mattel was going for a change. Look at the top of the box. It reads "Winter Fantasy, First in a Series." For those of you who have been collecting the holiday dolls in subsequent years, you will know that this was the first and the ONLY in this so called "Winter Fantasy" Series. Not sure why. Maybe people were upset that they changed from the generic "holiday" doll to a "winter" series. Nonetheless, still a gorgeous dress as always.

This box is different as it has a cover on the front of the box. For some reason, the tape was slit. YAY! Deboxed but not deboxed pictures!

I got to touch her hair. Yep, just as I imagined. Hard as a rock. Literally! You cannot move it. This is not the doll for those little girls who want to do Barbie's hair.


This is the second time that Mattel has put out an all white ensemble. The last one was the 1989 Happy Holidays Barbie. She has a much more modern look but no ball gown. I love the floor length coat.


I will say that this is the most elaborate box design yet. Who doesn't love those wintery trees! But this year there is no cute saying on the back of the box. They made it see-thru probably to go along with the "Holiday Visions" theme.


Wait! I stand corrected. There is a saying. I'm not sure if you can see it on the larger pic because the blue on silver is terribly hard to read. I have to pull out the actual doll for this one! It reads: "Introducing Holiday Visions Barbie doll, the first in our newest holiday series. In her Winter Fantasy ensemble, she is as magical as the dawn after a midnight snowfall. Imagine a glistening winter landscape with a sky, brilliant and blue. The sunlight is a gift, transforming snowflakes into gems covering every tree branch and delicate twig. Inspired by such splendor, her gown glistens in white upon gleaming white and shimmer upon shine. The softest velvety skirt gracefully drapers over glitter white mesh. Luxurious faux fur wraps around her shoulders. The tiara atop her cascading curls sparkles as does the silvery belt. She is truly a vision of beauty for the season."

Well, I'll say they outdid themselves with that one! What a lovely write up. 

So let me hear your thoughts. Did you like the change from the traditional "ball gown" or would you have liked to see a more "winter" Holiday Barbie theme?

See you tomorrow!


Andrea said...

She is absolutely brathtaking, as is her outfit and the box.

With the splendid box design she definitely deserves the title Winter Vision and it would have been interesting with what Mattel would have come up next.

On the other hand Holiday Barbie is like a tradition and I want my Holiday Barbie, spoilt little brat that I am.

She is not the first with a less ballroom and more winter tradition gown. Just look at the 1996 Holiday Barbie - she is more of a Christmas Caroler than a ballroom beauty too. I think both fit in well with the Holiday theme.

There is actually a "Wintertraum Steffie Love" by Simba, who has a gown that is almost identical to Holiday Vision's outfit.

Forestminuet said...

Oh my gosh, I just looked up Wintertraum Steffie Love by Simba. I HAVE TO HAVE HER. I love the trees at the bottom of the dress! SO SO cute! Do you have her? I would love to see some pics if you do!

I'm like you. Even if they are not called "Happy Holidays" I say it anyway. Like this year I said "I'm going to get this year's Happy Holidays Barbie." It's just natural like calling all tissue "kleenex" :)

Andrea said...

No, I don't own the Wintertraum Steffie, but I still see her in toy stores around Christmas time, seems like Simba is still producing her.

Forestminuet said...

huh, that's awesome then. More of a chance of me getting her sometime!