Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 9: Rippling Ribbons - 1997 Happy Holidays Barbie

Red and silver? Check.
Red and gold? Check.
Poinsettia? Check.
Holly? Check.
Green velvet? Check.
Gold lame? Check.
Faux fur? Check.

What else is left? Ribbons?


Who would have thought that Barbie could be dressed up like a package. But you know, it works! I love it. It's so different and unique.

One thing that is kind of funny is how far apart her hair is spread. Makes me laugh sometimes! Some of you may remember that I have this doll. I found her at the thrift store this summer. Someone took her out of the box and played with her, good for them! I think the way her hair is packaged makes it bigger when you take it out of the box. Because the one I have, she has really fluffy hair.

Not too crazy about the jewelry but it fits the doll. I think that can be considered a little crown on her head.


What else is different? She's a brunette! I believe that this doll did come in blond but it was only available in another country or by special order or something. Can anyone confirm?

But who would have thought to make the ribbons ripple down the side of the skirt. Just sensational!


The back of the box reads: "Wrapped in red ribbons and delicate lace, Barbie is a portrait of holiday grace!"


They are getting more and more poetic by the year. She is much more flattering out of the box, don't you think? If only the one I bought at the thrift store still had the dress!

See you tomorrow!


Andrea said...

If I remember correctly, then the blonde version was a Collector's Club Exclusive. I like the brunette version much better. There was a vast majority of blonde Barbies in the last two decades, that makes any Barbie in another hair color very special.

Actually her outfit consists of the gown and a shrug, which is the bow around her arms.

They nailed the poor doll so ridiculously to the liner of her box, especially with that hair fanned out, that she would thank anyone freeing her from her cage.

Forestminuet said...

The hair is unique. Usually the dolls with brown hair are the Teresa's so it is a rare treat to get a doll in a brunette.

Did you debox her? Are the front ribbons loose? I think it would look cool when you walk to have the ribbons of the shrug flowing behind her.

Freeing her from the cage, it makes me want to take them all out! But then they would get dusty and unfortunately I live in a dusty place (with an open dust field behind me). Not good for doll dresses and hair!

Andrea said...

Guilty of having two and having freed one. No the front ribbons are sewn and the whole bow shrug ist pretty stiff - no flowing movement possible there.

In a dusty area I wouldn't debos a doll like that neither.

Forestminuet said...

If I had two I would have freed one as well! Yeah, living in the high desert has it's advantages....and disadvantages too. There are so many undeveloped fields left as dirt plots. An effect of the housing market crash.

Mel Frizell said...

This is one of the 2 Holiday Barbie's I have. I found her, still attached to the cardboard but with no box at a goodwill in Lubbock TX. She has everything from stand to shoes. I set her up and love her.
I think I paid $6.

Teresa Brown said...

$6 is a great deal! Good for taking her off the cardboard. That spread apart hair is too much!