Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day 12: Glorious Gold - 2000 Celebration Barbie

The last Barbie of the Millennium was a princess and the first Barbie of the new millennium is also a princess. She is not titled like that but she is wearing a crown!


Mattel is after my own heart with another dress of gold, glitter, and faux fur. But they added something they have not added before. Snowflakes! How cute are these! This dress is perfect in every way, the snowflakes, the tulle and glitter, everything.


I love open mouthed Barbie smiles the best. She looks so genuinely happy. It's the first year of the New Millennium so she has every right to be happy.


This doll also came with a keepsake ornament proudly stating the year 2000. How cute!


The back of the box reads: "Celebration Barbie is the first in a new series of dolls that symbolize the holiday spirit of the 21st century. She is stunning in a golden and ivory dress that defines a new elegance for the holiday season. Enjoy this special moment with Barbie!"


Wow, look how long her hair is! You can't tell from inside the box! Another reason this doll captures my heart. (Well, they all capture my heart but you know what I mean.)

Continue to join me and we will see how Barbie captures the holiday spirit of the 21st century.

See you tomorrow!


Andrea said...

Her Hair is awesome and I love the dress. So beautiful.

Her ornament looks a little cheapo though, compared to the crystal ornament of Millennium Princess.

Forestminuet said...

You know, I thought the same way. To me it looked a little like a craft styrofoam ball. But the little snowflakes on it make it cute. :)