Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 14: Blissful Burgundy - 2002 Holiday Celebration Barbie

Glitter - glitter all the way!


Who doesn't love a little glitter on a holiday doll? With her burgundy and red dress, she definitely is going to steal the show. I love the jewelery and the vines going up on the bodice.


And the handbag. The perfect addition! Also the bow around her waist that is the tie for the cape. It's perfect.


The back of the box reads: "Barbie makes her 2002 grand entrance dressed in a velvety shade of burgundy. Her golden hair and rooted lashes are framed by a crimson glitter tulle stole. Adorned like the perfect winter rose, she brings the wish of peace, harmony and good will to all!"

Sorry the bottom got cut off.
These celebration dolls are definitely creating that grand entrance for Barbie. And this picture definitely shows how grandiose the dress it. Love it so much!

See you tomorrow!


Andrea said...

Very nicely designed dress for her. I really love that she has the Mackie mold again. One of the most beautiful molds.

Forestminuet said...

And they continue with that mold in subsequent holiday dolls! Awesome! :)